Friday, November 13, 2009

The kitchen knife of Japan is popular in Switzerland. It is a kitchen knife of Japan in cocks' hands.

A high-level kitchen knife made in Japan came to be marketed in Switzerland recently. Is a Swiss army knife and is there a chance of the market entry in the kitchen knife of Japan worldwide in famous Switzerland?

The kitchen knife circumstances of Switzerland were asked to Mr. Michael Bach who explained the goodness of the kitchen knife of Japan to a general consumer of the hobby by the cook and the dish of a young professional in the high-level kitchen articles shop and walked.

Charm as tool

In the department store and the kitchen specialty store in the city in Switzerland, the kitchen knife made in Japan has been exhibited in the showcase of the glass that locks like sharp and feeling of luxury's appealing. The most popular three morality kitchen knives (versatile kitchen knife) in the kitchen knife of Japan that the president and Mr. Bach of "[Seko] (CeCo Ltd)" import in Switzerland are 259 francs (about 22,000 yen). It is a price about twice or more the kitchen knife made in Europe past. Because it is not [hakane], it is not easy to rust, and the kitchen knife of a hard Damascene alloy says to "Consumer who wants to spend money on the thing that can be thought to be my one's double who can have pleasure" by the catchphrase regardless by return with the recession in the blade in 32 [**ne] [ga] layers that it sells.

When the technology of Japan was requested to use a high-tech ceramic for the clock originally as a clock engineer, Mr. Bach met a ceramic kitchen knife. It was a kitchen knife that had not been known in Switzerland yet. When having sold it through the Internet etc. six years ago, it is said that the demand for a high-level kitchen knife was discovered to be besides a ceramic kitchen knife.

「It connected with the image of Samurai's sword. Because it was known to be made to cut the ingredient delicately by a peculiar process of manufacture also to the consumer in Switzerland, it was understood that it was a charm, and I thought that this was a niche market. Now, the kitchen knife of Japan that I import occupies the high-level kitchen knife market that "[Vikutorinokkusu] (Victorinox)" of Switzerland doesn't cover. 」

80 percent is a man the kitchen knife of the Damascene alloy is bought now. It is said to the woman that a ceramic kitchen knife is popular. 「The man is looking as a tool. It ties to the Japanese sword, and the one with high quality is requested. On the other hand, the woman seems to feel the charm in the ceramic that doesn't move to the dish fragrant of iron and the taste of iron when light and cutting it. 」

There is demand for the collector of the sword, too. The kitchen knife that is completely handmade and beautifully appears to the blade the pattern sells to such people. Mr. Bach says that it will sell such 200,000 yen or more and the doing commodities from 50 40 a year.


"It was thought that the European roughly handled the kitchen knife. " according to Mr. Bach who was enchanted the man and the woman to sharpness, and said that it would buy the kitchen knife made in Japan. It is an image that the butcher beats and cuts the beef of each bone with a big kitchen knife. 「For instance, the kitchen knife of Japan can thinly cut the apple. If it is a knife of Europe, the apple is divided completely. 」

The kitchen knife made in Japan is sharpened very thinly compared with the knife of Europe. This is connected with sharp. Mr. Philip [eruzena-] of sharpened "[Eruzena-] cutlery blacksmith (Elsener Messerschmied AG )" trained the kitchen knife of Japan to the specialty for four years in town Solingen of the cutlery of Germany in Switzerland. The history of the kitchen knife of Europe is summed up when having gone out of use along with the industrialization of the kitchen knife manufacturer and it explains though there was a kitchen knife made from the blacksmith in Europe.

「The kitchen knife of Europe cutting cuts. However, hardness is different from the kitchen knife of Japan, and it doesn't cut soon. It might not be thought that it is excluding this when it knows the sharpness of the kitchen knife of Japan. 」

The manufacturer in Japan also solved such respect though only a skilled cook's being able to treat because it sharpened only one side like maintained serious because the taste and fragrant of iron moved to the ingredient, and it was easy to rust, and the fish slicer, etc. was a difficult point though the quality of the kitchen knife of Japan had been evaluated high since before. Thus, the kitchen knife that a general consumer was able also to handle easily came to be sold also in Switzerland.

A cock and a general consumer in Switzerland say that he or she seems to use "The special one is felt in the charm of the manual industry of the kitchen knife of Japan" Mr. [eruzena-].

Mr. Bach admits that the enlightenment of the kitchen knife is necessary for the consumer in Switzerland. 「It is an as usual paring knife that is used by the ordinary family though the kitchen knife that a star cook is using with the TV cooking program is seen. Moreover, a general consumer who comes to the shop buys the meat switching off kitchen knife of Europe to buy a big kitchen knife. However, 80 percent is a vegetable in cutting at home with the kitchen knife. 」

"Tradition" does the charm of the kitchen knife of Japan to cocks that Mr. Bach is young. It came to pay attention to the kitchen knife of Japan as the interest in the dish and Japanese food that made the best use of an original taste and texture of the ingredient rose. The kitchen knife of Japan is being gripped by hands of young cocks in Switzerland that puts excellent results by the world title now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is "The second Prius" SAI of Toyota eco-friendly car assistance and the last purchase?

Toyota Motor announced on the 20th that they put medium sedan "SAI (Sai)" only for the gas-and-electric-powered car on the market on December 7. Toyota accelerates new "Prius" in May, and "HS250h" of luxury brand "Lexus" is put on the market in July, and turning on the car only for the hybrid has been accelerated. It is thought that goods in stock of an early gas-and-electric-powered car are expanded, and the competitor is pulled apart.

The price of [yasu] model of SAI is set to the middle of 3.38 million yen, Prius (2.05 million yen), and HS250h (3.95 million yen). It has the driving performance equal with HS250h. Chief engineer Toru Kato「Composure and fine quality [sawo] were added compared with Prius with a strong utility intention. It aimed at the luxury car that the development philosophy differed and is small with HS250h. 」With the explanation. SAI is sold only domestically. It carefully meets demand from the customer.

The eco-friendly car tax reduction and the purchase substitution assistance system are received, and the good condition continues to the gas-and-electric-powered car. Toyota is 16% every 11% in the whole of a domestic new car sales (light car division [ku]) in September one ? 2009 year. the ratio of the occupied gas-and-electric-powered carsAs for Prius and HS250h, the car delivery became the situation of waiting for about seven months.