Thursday, June 25, 2009

Japan Sumo Association announces the schedule before and behind the Grand Sumo Nagoya Tournament.

Congratulations the sir-reverence of the Nagoya Sumo Tournament (?26 day and Aichi Prefecture gym on July 12) announced the schedule before and behind the [iwo] opening and the place to Japan Sumo Association in the Nagoya city on the 24th.

The main event is as follows.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine dedication parade of wrestlers in the ring * the sixth new younger brother on wrestler association * July 4 of list announcement * the 30th of wrestler Nagoya entering * the 29th June 28,, autumn sumo tournament list organization conference on final stage * the 29th of * the 26th of match organization conference * the 11th of child inspection * the tenth ring festival * first day of the 12th

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The bead development that shines with glucose … The application is expected of the blood sugar level change measurement.

The team such as Tokyo large productive technique laboratories succeeded in making a minute bead that changed strength of light according to the dextrose concentration.

The change in diabetic's blood sugar level is expected of the application to the method of the measurement always.

It announces at the international conference held in the United States on the 21st.

The research team develops the high polymer to which strength of fluorescence increases if it unites with glucose, and processes it like the bead of about 0.1milli in the diameter. It was able to be observed to fluoresce from the skin by injecting glucose after these hundreds of beads had been injected into the hypodermic of mouse's ear.

Day several-time fingers etc. are piercingly, collect blood, and measure the needle so that the diabetic may strictly manage the blood sugar level.

The Masanao Takeuchi associate professor (microfabrication study) in this laboratory is speaking, "It wants to improve safety and the performance, and to develop the device that can measure diabetic's blood sugar level at any time in the future".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is Hanakanzashi in black hair.

MItsuo Sadanaga53 of Hanaknzashi manufacturing sales Kintakedo at the fifth generation for Gionmatsuri in July) doesn't have the be absorded in in the Hanaknzashi making. Maiko's (maiko) black hair is colored until the 28th when MIkokshiarai is done on the tenth when HOkotate starts.

There are two kinds of Hanaknzashi of "Katsuyama" that does [**] in front of "Yokosashi" and the topknot at the left of the forelock. Katsuyama for the festival that the work is different according to maiko's years of experience, debuts, and 2?3 year's maiko uses unites 48 [ginhana] of two centimeters in the diameter to three steps, and treats four butterflies that put a pink double wing on the back side of the wing. A senior maiko adjusts 110 [ginhana] of one centimeter in the diameter to five steps, and the back of butterfly's wing is made light blue.

A different decoration is both sprinkled every year, and moderate three pieces made from the transparent cloth are put this year. The number of Yokosashi is moderate three on a small flower. It is particularly colorful in about 20 kinds of flower ornamental hairpins substituted every month such as cherry blossoms in April, the wistaria in May, the snake lilies, and buttons. Fixed [naga]「Princess way. Men of old times might have thought about the design to feel cool and colorfulness at the sultriest time in Kyoto. 」It guesses.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The high school student is Tanada fashion show in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town.

The fashion show that the student of the height of prefectural Utsunomiya Yang, Bai announced the creation kimono of making by oneself was held in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town known by city planning that made the best use of Tanada as the Tanada owner was recruited from the whole country for scenic preservation on the 20th.

Students who work on the volunteer work of the Tanada reproduction plan , saying that "Let's review it as tourist resources". 18 students of the model post danced green of Tanada in backing in magnificence with "Yang, Bai Tale of Bamboo-Cutter 2009" as the theme and it danced.

12 lamplights, getting, and peculiar kimonos ……. About 100 viewers absent-mindedly : to gorgeous "Heianemaki" that appears suddenly in the country where planting rice ended. The comparison with the charm of Tanada that was original scenery of Japan was enjoyed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

With HAPPOEN with the geisha"Parlor play"

HAPPOEN holds event "2009 platinum UTAGE" to be able to experience "Parlor play" with the geisha in annex "hakuhoukan" in the garden. The date is five times on the 31st 22, 23, 24, and the 30th July, 2009.

Can it talk, and the serving sake be done by the project said that it will enjoy a chic culture of Japan such as "Houkangei" with geisha's dance, "Parlor play", and the drum rice cake while enjoying the real Japanese food dinner course as the geisha and the professional jester.

The price is 15,000 yen a person.

It is said it is popular from can the experience of the geisha play assumed to cost tens of thousands of yen a person in a reasonable price every year though the event receives year third in this year.

The photo frame to which NTT DoCoMo can send the photograph by E-mail is put on the market.

When the photograph taken with the cellular phone etc. was E-mailing transmitted on June 18, 2009, NTT DoCoMo announced "Letter photo service" displayed in the digital photo frame (electrophotography setting up) with built-in wireless telecommunications function automatically. If a special digital photo frame is put in a family away, the smile of just taking now can be easily seen.

The photo frame is cut with the cellular phone and the personal computer by "Remote control".

"Letter photo service" that DoCoMo starts on July 1 is communications service of a new type that combined the e-mail functionality of the Internet with the function of the display of the photograph of the digital photo frame. It is a mechanism that the photograph with the message is sent to the photo frame through the relay server when mail that appends the photograph is transmitted from the cellular phone and the personal computer.

The photograph that has been sent is projected onto the liquid crystal screen of eight inches in the form of the slide show. Even an inexperienced person is not worried in an electronic equipment because it is displayed automatically even if it doesn't especially operate it on the photo frame side. For instance, the usage of taking grandchild's photograph by carrying, and sending it to the photo frame in grandparents' houses is thought.

「The main target is a grandpa and a grandma who parts with the grandchild and lives. Need not do a complex operation, the photo frame was designed and it made only the function simple. 」

Ono [tomo**] and the service strategy charge director of NTT DoCoMo research and development center service & solution development department speak. Because the photo frame can be operated remotely with the personal computer and the cellular phone, the photograph is added and it is possible to delete it in place of a family not good at the equipment operation.

The photograph can be transmitted from not only the cellular phone of DoCoMo but also the cellular phone and the personal computer of all careers. It is said that the preservation of about 1000 pieces or less is possible because the photograph to which mail was transmitted is converted into a small size by the server.

"New communications that make photograph chance"

The letter photo service is a commodity of the first bounce that appeared from product development project "Everyone's DoCoMo laboratory" of the user participation type. This laboratory experiences experimental service of DoCoMo by the user, and is an attempt to tie to the development of the new service referring to the opinion. Four experiment services are open to the public after it starts of April, '08, and 10,000 users or more in total are doing the experience use. Because the letter photo service was especially popular, commercialization has been decided.

「100 guests or more actually used the prototype of the photo frame, and various opinions were sent. For instance, the photograph that had been taken by carrying was made to be able to understand the portrait was more, and to correspond also to the length putting though assumed only the photo frame was set to first. 」

With the Ono service strategy charge director. I hear becoming the monitor for own father, and referring to the impression.

「The prototype is put on the parents' family it was popular though the photograph of 'Happy new year' had been presented. The person who doesn't have the chance to call the family either is not usually expecting be to good when the photograph becomes a chance and new communications arise. 」

The special photo frame of the new sale is letter photo panel "Photo panel 01", and the price is 19,800 yen. The order is taken on letter photo special site ( on June 19,'09.

Is the use charge one in July, '09 that is the campaign period though costs packet communication fees of 980 yen (A fixed amount ubiquitous plan: ? upper bound amount 9765 yen at 490 yen a month) if they up to are 210 yen a months, and 100,000 packets as the charge for the photo service use?The charge for the photo service use is free December 31, and the amount of the upper bound of packet communication fees becomes it up to 980 yen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Fusumae]: It is open to the public/Kyoto in "Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart" of the painter and Rosets Nagasawa of the fantastic idea and Ukyo

It is open to the public in Public School Mutual Aid Association Ranzan rest home "Hananoie" in Ukyo Ward whose [fusumae] (sliding door food)"Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart ([cho] meander take up one's pen [zu])" of the painter and Rosetsu Nagasawa (1799 from 1754) in Edo period specified for a Kyoto City specification and material cultural asset in April this year (this Indian ink picture and 4 sheets of paper) is those who own it from June 21st to June 27th. Entrance is free.

Now..Kyoto..City..give birth..yen..mountain..respondent..(..apprentice.It is criticized , saying that "Painter of the fantastic idea" by a unique expression. Calligrapher's Asahi Cho of China and the Tang Dynasty age that appears in "8 [nochuu] [**uta]" of [toho]) is drawn and the appearance in which the brush is spirited toward a large desk ..this figure.. ..Du Fu (.. is drawn.

This rest home is in the residence mark of the wealthy merchant and corner warehouse [shima**] at the beginning of Edo period the career of the work is uncertain though the repair work of 70 years is said use as the sliding door. It was kept in the warehouse, and it turned out a work at Yutaka politics (1801 from 1789) latter term on year of the reed snow in the evening since it constructed in the investigation of the city last year. It is spoken in the rest home, "I would like many people to see on this occasion".

Olympus minimum the world and sale in lightest July of single eye digital camera

Olympus puts digital single eye (lens exchange type) camera "Olympus pen E?P1" of world's smallest and lightest on the market on July 3 on June 16. New case "[Maikurofo-sa-zushisutemu]" of the lens exchange type jointly developed with Panasonic is adopted. The small size, lightening, and the price cutting were achieved while a high-resolution not inferior to the single lens reflex digital camera by a newly developed picture processing technique was secured.

Olympus is PR , saying that "The difficult point 'A heavy operation is difficult' of the single lens reflex was solved". It catches up with Canon Inc. and Nikon that occupies the share of about 80 percent in the single lens reflex digital camera market in cooperation with Panasonic.

"Pen E?P1" easily operated it as the shooting mode was able to be changed on the liquid crystal screen where subject had been projected while the size was miniaturized by 40 percent or more compared with a usual single lens reflex digital camera, and weight was lightened by about 12%. About 100,000 yen is assumed with 14?42 milli lens though it is an open price.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Stand in Daiba" The mobile soldier Gundam: The imposing figure is shown about 18 meters.

Address Tokyo Shinagawa Ward east Yashio 1.2 in Shiokaze park  Map


Yurikamome (Shinbashi ? wan morning moon)"Daiba" ..shank's pony.. five-"Fune-no-kagakukan" getting off minute

Capital bus from JR "Hamamatsu-cho" (01 rainbow systems)
It gets off "Daiba" in front of Tele-com Center Station going front of Kokusai-tenjijo Station Tokyo [bikkusaito] taking.. ..going...

Steamship of sightseeing in capital (Fune-no-kagakukan line)"Fune-no-kagakukan" leaving the ship

(, fortune, )Tokyo park society Tokyo waterside line (two countries ? Kasai)"Omi" leaving the ship

Parking lot (charge TEL 5531-0951)

Planned "..original size.. largeness" of 18 meters in height The Gundam image construction comes to an end in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam". The minute paddle work for completion is advanced, and the imposing figure that stands in the woods in the park attracts attention on the site of Tokyo and Odaiba "Shiokaze park".

The Gundam images are about 35 tons in weight. The head says that light and the fog will occur from 50 places (movable [shi] and the body). 11 in July?It is open to the public free of charge on August 31 in this park.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tadpole after fine?In Nanao City and Hakusan City'Fallen.

The truth is a mystery though it ..witnessing.. comes one after another.

It entered June, and the report with "The tadpole has fallen from the sky" come one after another in Nanao City and Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cause is not understood, and the citizens are puzzled.

The start was a parking lot at the Nanao City Nakashima citizens center on the evening of the fourth. Male staff member (52) who happened to be「[Ponponpon] and the sound were heard. It mixes with drizzle when looking up and the tadpole of several centimeters has fallen. About 100 every 200 square meters or more has scattered. 」It testifies. It is said the first experience.

Ten tadpoles were this time dead several on the following six mornings of the day on the second in the parking lot in Hakusan City. Female company employee (47) who is lucky to the car of the corpse「It collapsed as having fallen from a high place. It is yucky. 」It speaks.

There was a rice field where the tadpole ended so that both were also near. There is no high building that can be dropped on by the mischief.

Tornado that it is likely to make fish fall from the sky. It was not a weather condition according to Local Meteorological Observatories Kanazawa to which the tornado occurred. And, it was negative, "It is a doubt that the living thing of other volumes that looked like was not found".

The guess with "The bird that had been holding it in one's mouth spilt it" also : in local. However, Japan Wild-Bird Society (Tokyo) :. 「The tadpole is unpalatable food for the bird. The nutritive value is also low. 」It is negative.

Then, it attaches to the possibility that the tadpole flies over the sky, and [ugo] thing garden (Ishikawa Prefecture Nomi City) is "Naturally, do not fly ..boiling... " only in being. The truth is a mystery.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The concentration electric vehicle of 80 latest eco-friendly cars etc. can test Yokohama.

Eco-friendly car world 2009

"Eco-friendly car world 2009" (the Ministry of the Environment, independent administrative agency environment reproduction maintenance mechanism, and Yokohama City sponsoring) of Yokohama City Nakaku started by [rengapa-ku] on June 6.

The latest about 80 eco-friendly cars such as the electric vehicle, fuel-cell cars, and the hybrid-power cars can queue up, and it hear a presentation from the staff of the manufacturer. It not only exhibits but also both of the about ten test rides including electric vehicle "[Aimi-bu]" (Mitsubishi Motors) and "Plug-in Stella" (Fuji Heavy Industries) of the sale schedule can be done in July. Until 4:00PM of the seventh. Entrance is free.

It is Kamikochi and the 63rd Weston festival.

Address Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto city Azumi Kamikouchi

The Japan Alpine Club Shinano branch opened "The 63rd Weston festival" filled with distinguished services of Walter Weston of missionary British who introduced Japan Alps to the world in front of Kamikochi and the Weston stone monument of the Matsumoto city on June 7. The child at the Azumi elementary school that cleared completely in the blue heavens in local sounded the singing voice, and about 350 people such as climbers confirmed the importance of nature conservation each other.
Mr. (61) Miyahara Yayoi in Ueda city Koaso that visits at the ordinary year「The alpine roses flower is really beautiful this time. I want to value nature with the mind filled with the mountain. 」It spoke.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It puts it on the market in the end of July of electric vehicle "AI・Mi-Bu”the mass production model whom Mitsubishi Motors can charge with in a domest

Mitsubishi Motors announced on the fifth that they put the first mass production model electric vehicle (EV) "Ai・Mi-Bu" (four-seater) domestically on the market in the end of July.

It is possible to run 160 kilometers at most by one charge, and max power is 64 horsepower. The purchase price is about 3.2 million yen though the price is 4 million 599 thousand yen. subtract the bounty from the Government

It takes about seven hours by 200 volts to charge it full in a domestic power supply and it takes about 14 hours by 100 volts. 1400 is scheduled to be sold to the corporation at current year, and personal is accepted in the end of July, and sold in April, 2010.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The prize is a dirk made of the solid gold. Dirk Strike Championship is opened by Iga for four days October, 2009.

Homepage of Iga style art of invisibility museum

The dirk made of the solid gold of 150,000 considerable yen was prepared for the prize of "Dirk Strike Championships" in which the Iga style art of invisibility museum in the Mie Prefecture Iga city opened at the first time.

Dirk Strike is military arts cradled to Muromachi Period. The score that throws out the dirk to the target five times based on the rule that those who researched the art of invisibility reproduced competes with an accurate sheath graceful of operation in the rally.

The solid gold dirk is presented to the winner, and a silver dirk of 35,000 considerable yen is presented to 2nd place as a commodity.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Gifu lantern" of the tradition and the production climax … It is popular also among the interior.

The production of traditional craft goods "Gifu lantern" of Gifu City has received the season in real summer.

Flower and bird etc. are drawn and raised to a thin, ..established business house "Ozeki" (Gifu City Oguma-cho) of the establishment in 1891.. strong Mino Japanese paper by the caligraphy with a delicate workman.

It is sold from grace to think of the Japanese style painting as an interior also at the department store in Tokyo though it is chiefly decorated as a tray lantern.

Homepage of Ozeki Ltd.

The shrine maiden on June 2, 2009 is Umechigiri Dazaifu Temmangu.

Dazaifu Temmangu homepage

"Umechigiri" that harvested the truth of god tree "Tobiume" assumed to be a flight from the capital adoring the festival god and the Sugawara true public road that had been relegated to Kyushu in Dazaifu Temmangu in Dazaifu City on the first was done.

The truth that the Shinto priest shook his branch with the bamboo pole after the divine service and diameter 2?3 centimeter is blue was dropped, and five shrine maidens (shrine maiden) gleaned it. Harvests on this day are 105 pieces. 136 pieces in total were dedicated to the main shrine with 31 pieces collected beforehand. It is said recently the harvest of many according to Tenmangu Shrine. After only the seed is actually taken out and the sun is dried, it guards.

It is suzumidonomaturi in Grand Shrine of Izumo.

Festival connected to tradition that large country lord's command of [matsukami] took cool from precincts to the east with Izumonomori of about 200 meters. It advanced while firmly stepping on gramineous perennial "[Makomo]" on the way of Mitarai in precincts where the sand of purification had been piled up after the chief priest of a shrine of [touto**] Senke who had worn the pall of [asachi] for summer on this day had read out the congratulatory address under [mukunoki] of the forest.

When this [makomo] was taken home, it transmitted in summer when be able the keep well, and parishioners fought and were picking up ahead.

Grand Shrine of Izumo homepage