Friday, November 13, 2009

The kitchen knife of Japan is popular in Switzerland. It is a kitchen knife of Japan in cocks' hands.

A high-level kitchen knife made in Japan came to be marketed in Switzerland recently. Is a Swiss army knife and is there a chance of the market entry in the kitchen knife of Japan worldwide in famous Switzerland?

The kitchen knife circumstances of Switzerland were asked to Mr. Michael Bach who explained the goodness of the kitchen knife of Japan to a general consumer of the hobby by the cook and the dish of a young professional in the high-level kitchen articles shop and walked.

Charm as tool

In the department store and the kitchen specialty store in the city in Switzerland, the kitchen knife made in Japan has been exhibited in the showcase of the glass that locks like sharp and feeling of luxury's appealing. The most popular three morality kitchen knives (versatile kitchen knife) in the kitchen knife of Japan that the president and Mr. Bach of "[Seko] (CeCo Ltd)" import in Switzerland are 259 francs (about 22,000 yen). It is a price about twice or more the kitchen knife made in Europe past. Because it is not [hakane], it is not easy to rust, and the kitchen knife of a hard Damascene alloy says to "Consumer who wants to spend money on the thing that can be thought to be my one's double who can have pleasure" by the catchphrase regardless by return with the recession in the blade in 32 [**ne] [ga] layers that it sells.

When the technology of Japan was requested to use a high-tech ceramic for the clock originally as a clock engineer, Mr. Bach met a ceramic kitchen knife. It was a kitchen knife that had not been known in Switzerland yet. When having sold it through the Internet etc. six years ago, it is said that the demand for a high-level kitchen knife was discovered to be besides a ceramic kitchen knife.

「It connected with the image of Samurai's sword. Because it was known to be made to cut the ingredient delicately by a peculiar process of manufacture also to the consumer in Switzerland, it was understood that it was a charm, and I thought that this was a niche market. Now, the kitchen knife of Japan that I import occupies the high-level kitchen knife market that "[Vikutorinokkusu] (Victorinox)" of Switzerland doesn't cover. 」

80 percent is a man the kitchen knife of the Damascene alloy is bought now. It is said to the woman that a ceramic kitchen knife is popular. 「The man is looking as a tool. It ties to the Japanese sword, and the one with high quality is requested. On the other hand, the woman seems to feel the charm in the ceramic that doesn't move to the dish fragrant of iron and the taste of iron when light and cutting it. 」

There is demand for the collector of the sword, too. The kitchen knife that is completely handmade and beautifully appears to the blade the pattern sells to such people. Mr. Bach says that it will sell such 200,000 yen or more and the doing commodities from 50 40 a year.


"It was thought that the European roughly handled the kitchen knife. " according to Mr. Bach who was enchanted the man and the woman to sharpness, and said that it would buy the kitchen knife made in Japan. It is an image that the butcher beats and cuts the beef of each bone with a big kitchen knife. 「For instance, the kitchen knife of Japan can thinly cut the apple. If it is a knife of Europe, the apple is divided completely. 」

The kitchen knife made in Japan is sharpened very thinly compared with the knife of Europe. This is connected with sharp. Mr. Philip [eruzena-] of sharpened "[Eruzena-] cutlery blacksmith (Elsener Messerschmied AG )" trained the kitchen knife of Japan to the specialty for four years in town Solingen of the cutlery of Germany in Switzerland. The history of the kitchen knife of Europe is summed up when having gone out of use along with the industrialization of the kitchen knife manufacturer and it explains though there was a kitchen knife made from the blacksmith in Europe.

「The kitchen knife of Europe cutting cuts. However, hardness is different from the kitchen knife of Japan, and it doesn't cut soon. It might not be thought that it is excluding this when it knows the sharpness of the kitchen knife of Japan. 」

The manufacturer in Japan also solved such respect though only a skilled cook's being able to treat because it sharpened only one side like maintained serious because the taste and fragrant of iron moved to the ingredient, and it was easy to rust, and the fish slicer, etc. was a difficult point though the quality of the kitchen knife of Japan had been evaluated high since before. Thus, the kitchen knife that a general consumer was able also to handle easily came to be sold also in Switzerland.

A cock and a general consumer in Switzerland say that he or she seems to use "The special one is felt in the charm of the manual industry of the kitchen knife of Japan" Mr. [eruzena-].

Mr. Bach admits that the enlightenment of the kitchen knife is necessary for the consumer in Switzerland. 「It is an as usual paring knife that is used by the ordinary family though the kitchen knife that a star cook is using with the TV cooking program is seen. Moreover, a general consumer who comes to the shop buys the meat switching off kitchen knife of Europe to buy a big kitchen knife. However, 80 percent is a vegetable in cutting at home with the kitchen knife. 」

"Tradition" does the charm of the kitchen knife of Japan to cocks that Mr. Bach is young. It came to pay attention to the kitchen knife of Japan as the interest in the dish and Japanese food that made the best use of an original taste and texture of the ingredient rose. The kitchen knife of Japan is being gripped by hands of young cocks in Switzerland that puts excellent results by the world title now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is "The second Prius" SAI of Toyota eco-friendly car assistance and the last purchase?

Toyota Motor announced on the 20th that they put medium sedan "SAI (Sai)" only for the gas-and-electric-powered car on the market on December 7. Toyota accelerates new "Prius" in May, and "HS250h" of luxury brand "Lexus" is put on the market in July, and turning on the car only for the hybrid has been accelerated. It is thought that goods in stock of an early gas-and-electric-powered car are expanded, and the competitor is pulled apart.

The price of [yasu] model of SAI is set to the middle of 3.38 million yen, Prius (2.05 million yen), and HS250h (3.95 million yen). It has the driving performance equal with HS250h. Chief engineer Toru Kato「Composure and fine quality [sawo] were added compared with Prius with a strong utility intention. It aimed at the luxury car that the development philosophy differed and is small with HS250h. 」With the explanation. SAI is sold only domestically. It carefully meets demand from the customer.

The eco-friendly car tax reduction and the purchase substitution assistance system are received, and the good condition continues to the gas-and-electric-powered car. Toyota is 16% every 11% in the whole of a domestic new car sales (light car division [ku]) in September one ? 2009 year. the ratio of the occupied gas-and-electric-powered carsAs for Prius and HS250h, the car delivery became the situation of waiting for about seven months.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exhibition Tokyo Motor Show outline announcement of Fuji Heavy Industries of concept car of HV

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. announced on the 30th that they would exhibit concept car "Subaru hybrid Zarah concept" of hybrid (HV) of original development to Tokyo Motor Show. A newly developed horizontal opposing direct-injection turbocharged engine was combined with the hybrid system. The fuel cost performance rises by 50% compared with a past turbocharged engine. The mileage a fuel liter becomes about 20 kilometers in a simple calculation.

Opening the horizontally-opposed engine of an excellent direct-injection method in the fuel cost performance to the public is the first. The engine displacement is 2000cc. The hybrid system uses two of the output 10 kilowatts (reception desk) and 20 kilowatts (rear) motors. The lithium-ion battery is installed. When running, a rear motor assists the engine usually. It drives only with the motor when the fuel consumption is large and it is low-speed. The regulating system of the motor and the battery was originally developed.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The monument is completed in the town in the 28th iron man Kobe of "Full-scale".

"Full-scale" plastron monument "The iron person No.28" that put the wish for the local revitalization was completed in the park in Kobe City Osada Ward that received damage because of the Great Hanshin Earthquake and a huge imposing figure of about 15 meters in height appeared on the 29th.

The iron man of 50 tons in weight is a powerful pose that straddles, and thrusts out the fist of the right hand to previous as for both feet. Work to remove the work stand and the seat etc. of work with which the iron man was covered started, and an ultramarine body appeared gradually on the morning of the same day.

"The iron man No.28" is cartoonist from Kobe City, and Mr. the late Yokoyama brilliance's most important work. NPO (incorporated nonprofit organization)"KOBE iron man PROJECT" made from the owner of retail stores of the same district planned , saying that "It can be vigor by borrowing iron man's power as for the town".

Friday, September 25, 2009

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. opens novel vehicle "U3-X" to the public.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. opened prototype "U3-X" of an electric monocycle that was able to move to the public right and left and diagonally on around September 24. Compact size installed between person's both feet in vehicle of singles. It operates it by moving weight.

True side and the prototype was completed by diagonally using HOT Drive System of the world first that was able to be moved (all azimuth drive wheel mechanism = Honda Omni Traction Drive System) in addition to the movement before and behind the balance control technology that developed by the robotics research on two-legged robot "ASIMO" of this company. Only weight moves, the speed and the direction can be adjusted, it moves in various directions, it turns, and it stops. For the foot to attach at once when getting on, and to become almost the same line of vision as the pedestrian, the size has been adjusted. The size is 160×315×650mm in height in depth in width, and weight is 10kg or less. It is possible to run for one hour when the lithium-ion battery is made a power supply, and it charges it full.

First of all, the inclination sensor detects the inclination of the body by the weight shift in the mechanism of operation. As a result, in which direction you want to move at the speed of which extent is distinguished, and it moves while doing an exact control that recovers the inclination. The wheel of the heart developed for the first time in the world is shape that makes two or more small wheels transverse and connects it to the row. A diagonal movement became possible by combining two movements because it moved back and forth with the wheel and it was possible to move right and left with a small wheel, too. "U3-X" is scheduled to be exhibited to "The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009" held in Makuhari Messe on October 24.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell by which SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. becomes half the thickness of the cell is developed. --The conversion efficie

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. announced on September 18 that they would develop super-thin type HIT solar battery cell that became a thickness below a past half in the HIT solar battery. It is said that the saving resource and manufacturing from low-cost will become possible.

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell achieves 96 microns in thickness that become half present 200 microns. It is said that HIT solar battery of the highest efficiency in the world 23% announced in May and almost equal conversion efficiency 22.8% will be secured though it is a super-thin type.

It was assumed that the solar battery cell had a decrease in the amount of the photoabsorption and the problem that it was easy to curve so far and reducing the thickness was difficult. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. achieves reducing the thickness by two elemental technologies "High voltage joint technology" and "Improvement of the effect of an optical confinement". It is said that it challenged the maximization of quantities of light absorbed in a thin cell.

The thickness ..96 micron.. reduces the thickness from 200 microns present ..becoming the business card level.. about the copy paper level. As a result, it is said that the installation in a wider place can be expected. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is assuming that it zealously advances the application of super-thin type HIT solar battery cell to mass-produced goods.

It telephones, the television, and it integrates making the digital photo frame multifunctional.

Making the digital photo frame from which the photograph taken with the digital camera is easily seen high performance is advanced. The new item that makes, and improves the telecommunication facility has been turned on one after another so that animation is shown aiming at Respect-for-the-Aged Day and Christmas.

As for the new item of "ALBO" that SANYO Electric markets on October 8, not only the photograph but also animation can be reproduced. The photograph taken with the camera of the cellular phone can be easily forwarded by the infrared date communication. The color prepares pink and brown by the design that wears roundness. The memory of 500MB is built into seven type screen, and the market assumption price is about 15,000 yen.

The digital photo frame can save the printed time, and can enjoy two or more photographs like the slide show. Popularity was early by Europe and America, Sony started selling in full scale last May, and the domestic market was ignited. In the expectation of Sanyo, the domestic market for 09 years ..600,000.. twice of last year expands.

High-level model "DPF?X1000" (market assumption price about 40,000 yen) that Sony marketed in April places the resin between the liquid crystal panel and the glass, and has improved the image quality by the contrast 15 times so far. A new model that improves the design is a turning on schedule at the end of the year. NTT DoCoMo and Softbank have put out the commodity that receives the photograph taken by carrying directly with mail and projects it.

There is a commodity that fuses with other consumer electronics, too. Panasonic puts the portable One Seg television model that can record 40,000 photographs or less on the market in August. When not watching television, the photograph is projected. The screen where the photograph is projected puts the telephone that becomes a touch panel at arrival and departure Makoto on the market to Sharp on the 25th this month.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is possible to choose according to 100 colors. --Small single lens reflex for Pentax and entry「PENTAX K-x」

The HOYA PENTAX imaging system division announced digital SLR camera "PENTAX K-x" for the entry on September 17. It puts it on the market in the middle of October.

What developed based on "PENTAX K-m" put on the market in October, 2008It had a high basic performance that approached the high rank machine of a high-speed continuous shooting etc. of an ultra-high-density image, a hypersensitive taking a picture of about effective for a small body of the size of the postcard that became minimum in the class 12.4 million pixel, and about the height 4.7 scene as a digital SLR camera. Face detection AF function to obtain up to a live view and 16 people or less can be installed, and the HD animation of 24fps (frame/second) take a picture by 1280×720(16:9) pixel.

It is abundant color variations that becoming a further eyeball in addition to the basic performance. Order color order service "PENTAX K-x 100colors,100styles." that was able to be chosen according to each combination of five colors and 100 all kinds in 20 main body of the camera colors and grips began as a new attempt though shop models were 3 colors (white, red, and the black) on the same day. It is possible to buy it by simulating the color with Pentax Online shop.

The price of "PENTAX K-x lens kit" (with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL) is 69,800 yen. "PENTAX K-x double zoom kit")(with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL and smc PENTAX-DA L 55-300mmF4-5.8ED is 89,800 yen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"The liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. "--Next generation liquid crystal panel technology "UV2 A" is developed.

Sharp Corp. developed the next generation liquid crystal panel that adopted "UV2 A" ([yu-buitsu-e-]) technology that achieved 5000:1 compared with the contrast on September 16. It is said that an optical aperture rate is excellent high in the color reproduction power and it has the conservation of energy performance.

Mr. yoshiaki ibuchi in charge of the representative director vice president device business「The LCD TV market has been expanded by the establishment of Sharp Corp. of the ASV liquid-crystal technology. However, an environmental performance is closed up worldwide recently, and a high concern has gathered in the conservation of energy television. To answer the calling of time, our company has started the development of a new liquid-crystal technology that takes the place of the ASV liquid crystal. The technology that has cultivated it by the ASV liquid crystal is concentrated, and new technology UV2 A technology is developed. As a result, the liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. It is thought that the UV2 A technology is a technology that achieves because of Sharp of the liquid crystal. 」Confidence was spoken to a new liquid crystal.

The UV2 A liquid-crystal technology can control the liquid crystal molecule by the technology for the new distribution at the picot level. It is said that "Vivid color reproduction" will be achieved by having improved "..sinking.. black" and the aperture rate by suppressing an optical leakage from the backlight.

As a result, the contrast achieves 5000:1 that becomes 1.6 times compared with the past. I hear that the aperture rate became the improvement of 20% or more. It is said that the response speed will become 4ms or less by the restriction power's for the distribution to the liquid crystal molecule propagated as it knocks down the domino being improved to the overall, uniform response of which all the liquid crystal molecules respond at a time so far.

I hear that the pixel structure secured the high throughput by making it to a simple structure to save the rib and the slit.

I hear that liquid crystal panels that adopted the UV2 A liquid-crystal technology were produced at Osaka, the Sakai factory, and the second factory in Kameyama that operates in October. It had risked at the Sakai factory since the latter six months of the term of fiscal year 2009, and the desire was shown to "It wanted you to expect it" ([**] pool) and an early product launch about the schedule of commercialization at the period when beginning to produce.

I hear that the production panel in the Sakai factory became the one that most adopted the UV2 A technology. It is said that the device will be introduced one by one for the second factory in Kameyama. Sharp assumes the best technology for not only a present LCD TV but also ultra-high-density 4K2K display and 3D television.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daikin Industries, Ltd. Ltd. resolves and 100% removes "New influenza virus" by the specific technology.

Daikin Industries,Ltd. announced on the 15th that they proved the streamer electrical discharge technology of original this company resolved by 100% every four hours and removed "New influenza virus".

This time, the effect of the streamer electrical discharge technology is proven by a joint research with a my doctor of ..Lethe in the Vietnamese national hygiene epidemiologic study place.. Quinn (hereafter, my doctor). "The oxidation resolution is done, and the protein on the surface of the new influenza virus is thought to have obtained this demonstration result by having lost the infectivity by the streamer electrical discharge technology" (this company)It assumes it.

In this company, it is proven that the streamer electrical discharge technology resolves by 100% every three hours and removes "Strong toxicity homo origin bird flu virus" in May, 2009. The effect of inactivation of poisonous substances such as the toxin, the bacillus, and formaldehyde that cause the seasonality influenza virus, the norovirus, and food poisoning is proven.

A my doctor in the Vietnamese national hygiene epidemiologic study place「It was a result as it was an expectation though 100% resoluble in a short time as well as the bird flu had been convinced. It is scheduled that further development of this technology is expected and this demonstration result is announced as a thesis. 」It speaks.

Sharp Corp. puts the virus removal refrigerator on the market.

Sharp Corp. puts six models of the refrigerator that use "High density plasma cluster ion" technology that resolves and removes the virus and mold, etc. on the market one by one on October 10. The high density plasma cluster ion generation device is newly installed in the vegetable room in addition to a past refrigeration room. It is said that miscellaneous germs that adhere to the surface of the vegetable and the fruit by discharging a high density ion also spend about the first and 99.9% can be removed. The route of the cold is made efficiency, and the efficiency of the compressor is improved and the conservation of energy performance is improved. The amount of power consumption has been decreased. The sticker price assumes 270,000 yen from 220,000 yen.

Sanyo Denki puts home network viewer "ALBO" corresponding to the infrared rays reception from the cellular phone on the market.

The SANYO Electric consumer electronics announced home network viewer "ALBO HNV-S70" to which the image and animation were able to receive infrared rays from the cellular phone easily on September 14. It puts it on the market on October 8. The price opens.

ALBO HNV-S70 is a home network viewer equipped with seven type liquid crystal of 800×480 dot display in the body that wore roundness. It prepares in the infrared rays reception function that the image and animation can be forwarded from the cellular phone. In addition, the animation reproduction function for Motion-JPEG that can enjoy the animation of which it takes a picture with the digital camera etc. is adopted. It is said that it will take an active part as family's communications tool by improving happiness and the convenience of the digital photo frame.

Additionally, it equips it with the special effect function that the effect is added when the slide show reproduces the MP3 file reproduction function can the enjoyment of music with the illuminance sensor and the photograph where the display is lit and turned off by the automatic operation in proportion to the remote control that can be operated from a place away and the brightness of the room.

The storage medium corresponds to SD, SDHC card (SD/miniSD/microSD) in addition to a built-in memory of about 500MB, the Memory Stick duo, Memory Stick PRO duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG duo, [memori-sutei;kkumaikuro], and USB thumb drive. Three kinds of colors are the vanilla white, are framboise pink, exist about espresso Brown, and the shop assumption price is about 15,000 yen.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Toyota Motor exhibits plug-in HV concept model in the Motor Show of Germany.

Is Toyota Motor 15 in September?It was announced that concept model "Plug-in Prius hybrid concept" of first plug-in hybrid car (PHV) in this company put on the market at the end of this year would be exhibited to the Frankfurt international Motor Show held in Frankfurt in Germany on the 27th for the tenth. 30 percent or more of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhausted when another running extending by enabling the charge in a domestic power supply up to 20 about ten times usual gas-and-electric-powered car (HV) "Prius" to be selling the distance where it was able to run only by an electric motor now kilos was cut. Therefore, the fuel cost performance improves greatly compared with a gasoline car and usual HV.

The concept model changed the battery from the Ni-MH battery to a more mass lithium-ion battery based on Prius, and enabled an external charge. Toyota sells new model PHV in about 200 and the United States in Japan after the end of the year after it makes further refinements to the concept model and it sells it to about 150 and the corporation in Europe such as about 150 and French British Germany.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tokai University participates in the solar car race of the Australian continental running through 3,000km two holding in October, 2009 by a new solar

"Tokai Challenger" that Tokai University newly developed for the solar car race held in Australia in October was completed and it was announced Shonan inside the campus (Kanagawa Prefecture Hiratsuka City) on the seventh. The race participates in the solar car section (about 3,000 kilos) by "Global green challenge" that competes with the car with a little environmental load such as sunlight and electricity.

The solar car that Tokai University developed is the eighth. It is singles by flat about five meters in the body and the total length. Maximum speed goes out by 150 kilos if a supplementary battery is used together at a speed of 95 kilos per hour when it is only sunlight. In the output 2.5 horsepower, it is top-level in the entered team of this race.

Kenjiro Shinozuka (60) who accomplished the first overall victory in the Japanese in the Dakar rally in 1997 gets on as a driver in Tokai University OB.

The practice run was done on this day, and Mr./Ms. Shinozuka who had gripped the steering wheel said, "It wants to work hard the real thing aiming at the victory stand".

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is exhaust gas of the thermal power plant and a new technology to the culture Global warming measures as for the euglena.

Biotechnology venture company "[Yu-gurena]" (Tokyo) succeeded in the culture of monad "Euglena" with an intermediate character of the animal and the plant by using the exhaust gas of the thermal power plant including a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). This company seems to be paid to attention as new Global warming measures to make the alternate fuel the development also of the technology that makes the biofuel from the euglena, and after CO2 of exhaust gas is decreased.

The euglena ends in the length about 0.1milli and rice field, etc.It moves by the organ of flagellum ([benmou]) like the animal with the character of the plant that absorbs CO2 by photosynthesis. The photosynthetic capacity height reaches tens of times tropical forests by the feature.

This company constructs a large amount of culture facilities of the euglena of for food possible in the Okinawa Prefecture stone wall city for the first time for 05 years in the world. The health food supplement and the cookie that makes the euglena a material are manufactured, and it sells it. The experiment that blew in the exhaust gas immediately before going out of the chimney to the culture tank of the euglena was done in Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated KIN thermal power plant (Okinawa Prefecture KIN town) in June this year.

This exhaust gas reaches about 15% which the CO2 density is 400 times atmospheric near. The euglena has grown up well though the nutrient medium who put the gas becomes acidity, and it is not possible to live in the greater part of living things. The proliferative rate reached 20 times or less when air was passed. It is thought that photosynthesis is done with abundant CO2 in exhaust gas, and it proliferated.

If there are a lot of lipids in the cell, the cell is broken, and the chemistry is processed, algae such as euglenas become good quality biodiesel fuels. This company makes the biofuel from the cultured euglena, aims at the euglena in power generation etc. again with use and the exhaust gas, and it aims at the development of the circulation system named culture. President Mitsuru Izumo「It was able to be proven that the euglena grew up in the gas of the elevated CO2 concentration. I want to advance the CO2 reduction and the achievement of the carbon cycle type society. 」It makes it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyoto University is a new series quality mouse and an effect on the metabolic syndrome treatment.

It was suppressed that fat was made in the cell, Prof. Uesugi's at Kyoto University et al. team discovered the material with the effect of preventing obesity and fatty liver by the mouse experiment, and it announced to the U.S. science magazine dated the 27th.

It is said that there is a possibility to be able to use as a medicine if it makes it to the compound though it is not easy to be absorbed to the inside of the body as it is. Prof. Uesugi is speaking, "It can be expected it is useful for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome in the future".

The team discovers working of the gene related to the steatogenesis to be obstructed this time though it was understood that it is in the material for an anti-counterfeit. It was named, "[Fatosutachin]". Weight lightens by 12% compared with the case not administered if the appetite doesn't become weak and it administers it to the gene manipulation mouse that keeps always eating food, and the blood sugar level has been improved by 70%.

Working "Statin" is famous in the enzyme as the treatment of the hyperlipemia. [Fatosutachin] suppresses the synthesis of fat at the gene level according to the team to work different.

A joint research of Tokyo University and U.S. Beira Medical College.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The high school student in Osaka not defeated at influenza designs the influenza protective wear.

The third grader two of the private Sakai girls' high schools (Sakai City) makes clothes that make new influenza a theme, and it participates in "Fashion Koshien 2009" that is Aomori Prefecture as a Osaka representative on the 23rd.

In gloves in a white mask, characters of skirt "PANDEMIC" (large ..worldwide.. fashion). A fashionable protective wear appearance was designed.

Infection spread..same school..temporarily..close the time.It aims at the top of 234 nationwide schools , saying that "Aim at the large reversal nine times though it delayed starting".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The saviour and HS250h appearance of Lexus.

Lexus HS250h that had already made style & outline public by Motor Show was formally put on the market. Be not along ..receiving the order.. of 3000 every the sales target 500 units per month already. It is likely to become a beginner nature model for Lexus. What kind of really car is it?

Automobile rank first of all. It only has to be able to image new [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4 as a size of the body. It is one size larger than three series and Benz C classes of BMWs. It images it if it is asked like Japan, "Engine displacement", that is, "It is 2.5-liter class".

The installed power unit is engine +2.4 liter four cylinder 147 horsepower of 150 horsepower motor. It is correct with the engine used for new Prius if it thinks the motor to be a grade improvement by about two turns. I hear that the acceleration performance was equal to three-liter engine.

When you hear the matter of the anxious fuel cost「It is 23km/L that becomes about 2/3 of the Prius by 10.15 mode fuel cost. I think that you only have to think about 2/3 as for practical fuel cost. 」。The fuel cost of new Prius about is 22km/L, a high-speed cruise, and 25km/L in the town.

Is it 15km/L, and high-speed cruise 17km/L level in the town when thinking by 2/3 of these numerical values?By the way, in inside 8km/L and high-speed cruise 12km/L in the town when it is [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4. The exhaust amount decrease of carbon dioxide expects it in the user in the traffic circumstance that congestion and the signal waiting are a lot of.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. puts movie camera "Xacti" new model equipped with the "Eye-Fi" synchronization function on the market.

SANYO Electric announces new model "DMX-CG11" of digital movie camera "Xacti ([zakutei;])" that can be taken a picture with the high-definition television movie on the 24th. The sale schedules September 11, and the price opens. The presumption market price is about 30,000 yen.

MX-CG11 is a succession machine of slim high-definition television type "DMX-CG10" announced in January, 2009. Terminal mini-HDMI newly install in basic specs like still picture and about 8.28 million-pixel (HD)/movie of about 10 million pixels (SD) of about effective 10 million pixel, five optics time zoom lens, and the wide liquid crystal monitor etc. of about 230,000 pixel 3.0 type though it is equal so far (Mini HDMI cable is an optional). It is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 for the movie format" is adopted.

Moreover, the synchronization function with SD card equipped with wireless LAN function "Eye-Fi card" is installed. "Eye-Fi" in the main body of the camera It also has the mode turned off the setting of automatic transfer function ON/OFF and the access point etc. as the transfer function is automatic according to the battery power.

Besides this, it pulls from the previous model, it continues, and it equips it with various functions such as "Blurring correction function" corresponding to the movie and the still picture taking a picture and "Face detection and pursuit function". It provides with "Reverse continuous shooting function" (2M pixel fixation).

The image sensor is about 10.66 million-pixel primary color CMOS sensor of 1/2.33 types. Information on about 9.1 million pixels taken from the image sensor is installed, and the pixel is interpolated to 12 million considerable pixels and the mode that generates and records the image is installed, too. The record media are the SD/SDHC memory cards, and built-in memories are about 40MB. The power supply is a lithium-ion battery. Available time of the battery is about 180 pieces (CIPA standard conforming), and about 70 minutes (Take a picture really: about 40 minutes) in the movie continuous shooting in the still picture taking a picture. Weight is about 173g (Only the main body :) ..72.0(W) ×112.8(H) ..size of the main body.. ×38.0(D) mm (projection part division [ku]) it...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Toyota Prius top-selling car in Japan for 3 months

TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota's hugely popular Prius hybrid ranked as Japan's top-selling car in July, clinching the spot for the third consecutive month as tax breaks boosted sales of green vehicles, an auto industry group said.

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association said Toyota Motor Corp., the world's No. 1 automaker, sold 27,712 Prius cars in July, up 24 percent from June.

Sales of gas-electric hybrid cars have been surging in Japan despite the global auto slump, helped by government incentives such as making hybrid vehicles tax free.

"The government program is spurring demand for hybrid vehicles like the Prius. Strong sales of the Prius also reflected a trend that consumers were interested in eco-friendly products," said Kentaro Nakata, an association spokesman.

Toyota's rival, Honda Motor Co., also enjoyed brisk sales of the Insight hybrid. Japan's No. 2 automaker sold 10,210 Insight cars in July, up 16.3 percent from June.

The Insight, a hybrid marketed as a cheaper alternative to the Prius, held the No. 4 slot in July auto sales. Honda's popular Fit compact secured the No. 2 spot in July sales.

Toyota's Vitz subcompact, which is marketed overseas as the Yaris, came third in July auto sales, the association said.

Honda, meanwhile, Thursday brushed off claims in Japanese and overseas media that the Insight is a copycat of the Prius.

"We don't think it looks like the Prius at all," said Nobuki Ebisawa, managing director at Honda R&D Co., Honda Motor Co.'s research unit. "There may be some similarities in the roof line, but it is clearly different."

Ebisawa acknowledged considerations for maximizing aerodynamics and placing the hybrid system of electric motor and gas engine may make for similar styling in hybrids cars.

Any similarities between the Prius and Insight are coincidence, he said.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Prius" It is a continuous head position for sailing fast and two new car sales months.

Gas-and-electric-powered car "Prius" of Toyota Motor became a continuous head position for two months because of the synthesis including the light car by the number of new cars sold ranking in July that Japan Automobile Dealers Association etc. had announced on the sixth.

Numbers of sales for Prius are 27,712. It was shown that the gas-and-electric-powered car, the mini-passenger car of low fuel cost, and the compact car occupied the high rank of the ranking, and the eco-friendly car popularity that made the purchase substitution subsidy system and the preferential taxation to the car (eco-friendly car) for the environment a fair wind continued.

The second synthesis place was mini-passenger car "Wagon R" of same SUZUKI as last month (18,140)However, about 3500 differences with the Prius of the head position have extended more than 9572 and last month. Gas-and-electric-powered car "Incite" of Honda (10,210) was the same seventh synthesis place as last month.

Numbers of sales for the entire hybrid car (The bus track is excluded) are 42,359, and the ratio that occupies it to usually and the compact car has risen more than 15.9% and last month by 0.4 points. After April next year, the car delivery seems to be postponed even if the production of the batteries that are the key parts doesn't catch up, and the Prius of Toyota is ordered now. The gas-and-electric-powered car popularity has risen by cannot help decreasing the export of incite also by Honda and turning to the domestic sale.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

13 companies such as the hydrogen supply and the Nippon Oil Corp. company and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. for the fuel cell vehicle are the research associatio

13 companies such as Nippon Oil Corp. and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. announced on the fourth that it had established the research association for the practical use of the technology that supplied hydrogen to the fuel-cell car. The proof examination is executed by setting up the hydrogen station in the whole country tens of place. It puts to practical use in around fiscal year 2015, and it aims at the same degree of the supply cost of achievement as gasoline in the future.

"Hydrogen supply and technology used research union" (Tokyo and port) was established, and the [seikutsuro] Yoshida corporate officer of new Nisseki took it to the chief director. Besides, 13 companies in total such as Idemitsu Kosan, Showa Shell Sekiyu, Osaka Gas, Toho Gas, and Iwatani & Co., Ltd. participate. It is said that the automaker also is examining participation.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robot suit HAL


* 'HAL' (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) is a cyborg type robot of the world first in which bodily functions can be enhanced, and be amplified according to the installation on the body.
* In that case, a slight living body potential signal begins to leak to the skin surface though the neural coding is transmitted from the brain to the muscle through the motor neuron when the person was about to move his muscle, and the musculoskeletal system operates. HAL reads this signal with the sensor put on installation person's skin surface, controls the power unit based on the signal, and moves the joint with the movement of installation person's muscle as one body. As a result, the operation support becomes possible.
* It is a cyborg type robot where two control systems of "[Saibanikku] autonomy control system" that can achieve operation like not only "[Saibanikku] voluntary control system" that detects the living body potential signal, and operates according to man's desire but also man exist together.
* The floor reaction force sensor etc. that detect the position of the angle sensor and center of gravity that measures the joint angle besides the living body potential sensor are installed.
* As for applied field of 'HAL', application in a wide field such as the rescue activity support by the heavy work support such as factories including the independence operation support to there is widely a trouble in bodily functions in welfare and the nursing field and the nursing support and disaster scenes and the entertainments is expected.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Nissan Motor Co. electric vehicle is put on the market inside and outside the country of debut "Reef" next year.

Nissan Motor Co. opened electric vehicle (EV) that would be put on the market next year to the public for the first time on the second. It develops by a design new as a special car, and the car's name is "Reef. "It is sold in the country, North America, and Europe.

The electric vehicle was, and was named "Reef (leaf)" that imaged the environment with the eco-friendly car that did not put out exhaust gas when running.

The reef corresponds to about 1800cc of the gasoline car the size, and is getting on of five people. It is possible to run 160 kilos for one charge. President Carlos Ghosn showed that it was assumed, "Made it to same level of this class as the gasoline car", and examined the lease of the battery part in which it was high priced again about the price.

Moreover, president [go-n] : about the development of the gas-and-electric-powered car that delays starting at the press conference held on the same day. 「It turns it on according to demand. The electric vehicle is abandoned and neither turning on [surukara] nor [i] abandon other technologies. 」It described, and the policy of advancing development was revealed.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nissan Motor Co. secures the EV experimental vehicle and a wide room is secured by the battery of opening to the public miniaturization.

Nissan Motor Co. opened the experimental vehicle of electric vehicle (EV) put on the market in ten to the public on the 27th. It was made to install an efficient motor and a mass lithium-ion battery of original development, and to run in 160K or more by one charge. It gets on by five person miniaturization of the battery and spaciousness at the compact car level is secured. An early spread is attempted by the differentiation with "I?MiEV ([aimi-bu])" etc. made in Mitsubishi Motors EV of a light car base early by sales.

If it is a full charge, and it is a fast charger if it is a domestic power supply of 200 volts in eight hours, it is possible to charge it by 80 percent every 30 minutes. It is said that maximum speed can run smoothly in the expressway by 140K or more.

In addition, a special telecommunication system was used, and the latest information of the charge stand around the area and the destination where it was able to run by the amount of charge of the remainder was displayed on the map of the car navigation. The cheapness of the price of the vehicle besides EV such as [aimi-bu] is opposed in the strong point and it opposes the gas-and-electric-powered car such as "Prius" of Toyota Motor that carries everything before one the eco-friendly car market.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A dream speech translation machine … The telecommunication research mechanism develops a portable system that can translate nine languages.

Independent administrative agency "Telecommunication research mechanism" KEIHANNA laboratory (Kyoto Prefecture Seika-cho) in Kansai Science City succeeded in developing the system between several languages to translate the voice into another word by the automatic operation through a portable terminal that hooked up to the Internet, and announced for the 29th. The translation of the daily conversation used when nine languages like English, Chinese, Thai, a Korean language, and an Indonesian language, etc. besides Japanese travel with the object becomes possible. Use with the cellular phone and the research for the expansion of the object language are advanced, and it aims at the following practical use in 3?5.

This mechanism develops the software of voice recognition, the machine translation, and the voice synthesis in cooperation with research laboratories in each country of Asia. The translated word can flow to another terminal by the machine voice when the word is spoken toward the terminal connected with the server of each organization on the net, and it display it even by the character.

Research representative's this mechanism precedence researcher of Satoshi Nakamura spoke, "If it was this system, the conversation between all the languages might become possible though there was a language of about 6000 in the world".

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Toyota Motor compact car also makes to the hybrid and it puts it on the market in 2011.

Toyota Motor was announced and the car only for the hybrid of the compact car class was announced on July 27 to the plan of the sale in 2011. The gas-and-electric-powered car becomes complete from the doing luxury sedan to 1,000 and millions of yen compact car of one million yen level in all classes by this in Toyota. Toyota a large amount of turns on the inside and HV that the car (eco-friendly car) for various environments such as electric vehicles is developed. It is a strategy placed in the seat of the leading part of the next generation eco-friendly car.

The gas-and-electric-powered car newly marketed uses the engine and the chassis of compact car "Witz". The hybrid system that installs it thinks that it makes it to the newly developed one that can be made smaller and cheaplyer than the one of Prius.

The fuel cost performance aims at 40K or more more than 38 kilos a liter of Prius. The price is expected to be suppressed to about 1.5 million yen for 2.05 million yen of Prius.

Witz's next model's production starts at the end of ten years, and the car only for the hybrid schedules Toyota to turn on the addition at the end of 11 years after one year. There is not only the country but also a possibility of production and the European market turning on in a French factory.

It is because sales increase rapidly it is a rise of an environmental intention that Toyota hurries up "Complete line production" to arrange the gas-and-electric-powered car to all classes.

The third generation of the sale Prius became a hit explosive because of the fair wind of the purchase support plan of the reduction of prices more than old models for about 300,000 yen, and the government in May. In luxury car brand "Lexus", now, the gas-and-electric-powered car is a main force of sales.

The restriction of fuel cost and exhaust gas will be greatly strengthened in Europe and America in the future. Rival's Honda is clarifying the plan to set HV to a compact car fit expecting that the demand for the gas-and-electric-powered car will rise further in ten.

The diesel-powered vehicle has the policy of raising HV to the staple merchandise also in Europe in the main current in Toyota. A large amount of turning on is planned expecting that HV will become the leading part of the eco-friendly car from respect of the price and the cruising range for the time being though the research and development of the electric vehicle and the fuel cell vehicle is advanced.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The JFE Engineering Corporation : the water supply plant to the construction water supply service development in Australia.

It was announced that the JFE Engineering Corporation of the steel major company and the JFE Holdings subsidiary (Kishimoto pure product president) purified rain water on the 23rd and constructed the water supply plant changed into daily life water such as drinking waters in Australia by the end of fiscal year 2010.

It aims at real business development through the demonstrated operation of three years in fiscal year 2014.

Kawasaki City where the recycling base of this company exists offers the knowhows of the water quality volume of water management and the account system, etc.

Consistent water supply service is provided from ..Japanese firm.. first time starting from Australian the JFE Engineering Corporation plant construction in foreign countries for the management of water service.

It is a Queensland region in an Australian east part Brisbane outskirts to construct the plant.

The population increases, and drinking water shortage becomes a problem in the Queensland region in the background of the deterioration of the marine environment because of industrialization etc.

The water supply system of the JFE Engineering Corporation disinfects after the rain water stored is filtered in the plant and supplies it as a drinking water.

In addition, it recycles by processing living drainage , saying that the washing water of the rest room.

It is said that the amount of the water service use in the same place region can reduce the amount of the electric power use by half because 40% can be reduced more than now, and it uses the photovoltaic generation for disinfection etc. if the plant operates full.

Now, the water supply object from the plant assumes 1500 families and 5000 person scales.

The dinosaur fully :. "Day trip bus tour"

Nippon Travel is planning day trip bus tour "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui] where it goes by dinosaur bus" where it goes to Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. by bus where dinosaur's illustration is drawn.

The period of the tour execution until July, 20th through August, 31st, 2009

About 80 percent of a domestic dinosaur fossil was produced in Fukui Prefecture, and to raise eminence as "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui]", this tour was planned.

The content experiences the fossil excavation in the forest of the [katsuyama] dinosaur that leaves Nagoya Station, and exists in Fukui Prefecture Katsuyama City. Afterwards, it visits Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. where the frame specimen of meat-eating dinosaur "Fukuiraptor" discovered inside a prefecture has been exhibited.

The dinosaur box lunch is prepared in lunch.

The price is 4500 both yen of the adult and the child.

Application is possible also by the Nippon Travel Nagoya reservation by telephone call center or the Nippon Travel each store.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fuji Photo Film : to the digital camera sale that can take a picture of 3D image.

Fuji Photo Film announced that they put digital camera "Fainpikkusu riaru 3D W1" that was able to take a picture of the photograph and the animation of three-dimensional solid (3D) of the high-resolution on the market on August 8 on July 22. The digital camera that can enjoy 3D image without special glasses is said the first time in the world.

Nissan Motor Co. : to the substitution of platinum reducing by half catalyst development used for the exhaust emission control system.

Nissan Motor Co. starts reducing the amount of platinum used for the diesel particulate filter by half. of nitrogen..exhaust..amount..large reduction..obligate..advanced..each country..exhaust emissions regulations..strengthen..move..extend..inside..soar..platinum..quantity consumed..suppress..purifier..lowering the cost..attempt.

It has been understood to mix the alternative quality of the iron system by a joint research with Nagoya University etc. , and to achieve the effect of the exhaust gas purification even with the catalyst that decreases platinum. It is said that a new catalyst is more excellent than the platinum catalyst with the fault to which the cleaning ability decreases also in durability when years pass. The subsidy of the government is received, and it will aim at the development of the mass production technology in five years through "New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)".

A Walt Disney Japanese corporation: The movie sales Panasonic and it cooperates for the cellular phone terminal.

A Walt Disney Japanese corporation announced on the 22nd that they would sell the movie software for the cellular phone terminal from this autumn in cooperation with Panasonic. The buyer is made to be able to collect the image to micro SD card of an external storage medium, and to enjoy the image even in the destination. Panasonic offers the image compression technique.

Micro SD card that collects the same content is put up to DVD of seven works such as "Monsuta-zu・ink" that Disney puts on the market in November this year. The price will be 3360?4935 yen that is about 1000 yen stronger compared with only past DVD. It will increase it to 50 works by the autumn of next year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bird flu: Prevention and [mekabu] confirm it by effective Riken Vitamin, the Toyama University graduate school, and the test on animals.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. announced on the 21st that they had confirmed in the element of [mekabu], there was an infection prevention action of the bird flu by the test on animals. It announced by the one by a joint research with the Toyama University graduate school at the international conference held in Austria.

It is "Fucoidan one" of stickiness element of [mekabu] that infection prevention action was confirmed. When the bird flu virus of the attenuated virulence is injected into the mouse, and the fucoidan was administered for two weeks after one infected week and one week every day, it is said that the virus multiplication in lungs and the airway was greatly controlled.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. is a food maker known by "Wakame seaweed soup" and "Increasing wakame seaweed [chan]". The research of the fucoidan starts for 01 years, and announces the virucidal effect on influenza and herpes, etc. with the thesis.

[Mekabu] calls the part of "Spore pus" of the fold fold in the place of the foundation of the wakame seaweed "Turnip". The alginic acid, the iodine, and calcium have increased more than the part of the green part and the stalk by as many as 20 percent. Moreover, [mekabuni] is the lipid of 7-8%, and includes a lot of EPA (highly unsaturated fatty acid) necessary for our health in this lipid. The principal ingredient of [numeri] of [mekabu] is an alginic acid, a fucoidan, a called acid polysaccharide, and the fucoidan is especially an element paid attention to recently.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chubu Centrair International Airport: Singles car "i-REAL" of Toyota is introduced.

It was announced that Chubu Centrair International Airport introduced four getting on next one generation electric-motor coaches "i-REAL" of Toyota into guard and the guide business of this airport with Toyota Motor on the 27th on the 18th. Being daily used is the first though a real eye has participated in various meetings after the Tokyo Motor Show of 07 years.

Toyota of the big shareholder in this airport offers it free of charge. Three uses it to guide one boarding guest in the lobby for the guard of the airport deck.

A real eye is a tricycle into which length before and after is changed. It is possible to run by bringing the front wheel and the rear wheel close in a crowded place, making in the state like the standing getting on, and lengthening the body low in a wide place like the car.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The latest model can test in Tokyo Motor Show.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association announced the outline of the Tokyo Motor Show that would open in Makuhari Messe of Chiba City this autumn. The home manufacturer thinks that they execute newest model's trial-ride fair and tie to increases of those who come while the exhibition is put off as the main, overseas manufacturer comes one after another due to the car recession.
Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor Co., Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi Motors prepare about 30 for the trial-ride fair. It is possible to run in the public road (about 2.5 kilos) around the hall. The steering wheel was not able to be gripped in the shape that those who came this multiplied last time. The two-wheeled vehicle can also test in the course in the hall ..six about 30 companies...
It is a topic that Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions sets up the exhibition booth for the first time as a labor union. The parent and child enjoys the construction of the model car that moves by the papercraft and the motor of the car etc. as "I want to make the chance that children for the activation of the market feel the charm of the car" (chairman Koichiro of Nishihara).
23 in October?It holds it on November 4. Entrance is free following the junior high school student. The participating company has decreased from 241 last companies that opened in 07 to 107 companies because of the exhibition seeing off of a part of overseas manufacturer such as domestic tracks and "U.S. BIG THREE".

Pronunciation device ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. examination

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started the examination that the gas-and-electric-powered car that hardly heard something in low speed to move by the motor is equipped with the device that sounded the alarm because of a sound that was smaller than the horn. It is because neither the visually handicapped person, the child nor senior citizens notice even if approaching, and there is an accident risk. "Eco-tax reduction" is ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. good in the fair wind sales. It was judged that it was not safely substituted though "Quietness" was a merit.
"Quietness and danger" of the gas-and-electric-powered car becomes a problem also in foreign countries. The Ministry of Transport in the United States also receives the request of the visually handicapped person group etc. and the investigation begins. It becomes an examination problem also in the car standard harmony world forum of the United Nations. Only the world was not led with HV, there were a lot of dangerous, narrow alleys, and correspondence was urged on Japan.
For instance, when starting and low-speed running, the gas-and-electric-powered car of Toyota Motor starts only by an electric motor. As much as 20 decibels or less of the noise are also lower than that of the engine car, it lacks in the residential area because of a usual life sound, and it is erased. It is said that the complaint and about 60 opinions such as "It wants to approach by the car while it doesn't know and is [ha] and to be making" were sent to Toyota etc. in year of 3?4.
Especially, it is serious in a visually handicapped person. It is said that there is daily a case "It was surprised not to notice until the car approached, and for the horn to be sounded suddenly" according to Japan Federation of The Blind though there was no report of having met with an accident.
In the other investigation of Toyota, the playing child felt whether the pedestrian who did not notice ..*.. suddenly entered the course in * parking lot where the person who was talking standing in the presence of the car did not retreat even if the driver tried also to start, and the pronunciation device about 70 percent thought it was necessary.
The gas-and-electric-powered car from which "Chime sound" always rings while running is made to start for 07 years in this company and the effect is verified. There were a lot of opinions with "The sound is unpleasant" though a constant effect was seen, too. There was a point with "It was not thought that it was a car though it heard of the sound" from the visually handicapped person, too.
The engine operates even if it is low-speed because the method is different from Toyota though Honda also is producing the incite of the gas-and-electric-powered car. This company assumes, "It is necessary to advance development while dealing with the problem of silence in the future" though the problem has not occurred at present.
The diplomatic relation ministry started up the study committee that gathered the specialist and the person related to the industry this month. It pursues the subject in the direction equipped with "The second horn" that emits a moderate sound when the driver felt danger and when it starts. However, there is a possibility that driver's "Forget to sound" develops into liability issues, and is an opinion with "It is necessary to emit the sound always automatically".
All electric vehicles that run by the motor are contained in the object of equipment, too. The sound is verified by the buzzer, the melody, and the pseudoengine sound's, etc. besides the chime using the experiment car as a candidate in August. Directionality will be shown about the kind and the union standard making etc. of making the device an obligation by the law and the sound within the year.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toyota Motor puts the car only for the first hybrid in Lexus on the market.

Toyota announced car HS250h only for the hybrid of a Lexus first brand, and began putting on the market on the same day on the 14th.

HS250h installs the hybrid system that combines Atkinson cycle of 2.4 liters when the expansion ratio is enlarged more than the compression ratio and thermal efficiency was improved engine with the motor and the reduction gear, and has achieved low fuel cost of 23 kilos a liter.

Moreover, the menu that contributes to the social contribution activity according to the point that evaluates driver's ecodrive and gives it is being offered, too.

The Akio Toyota president : in the symposium. 「I want to challenge the running plus environment. It thought about the size feeling suitable for the road in Japan. It is a new challenge of Lexus. 」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

The price : from 3.95 million yen of HS250h to 5.35 million yen of HS250h versionL. It is said that there are already 3000 reservations or more though it aims at 500 sales numbers of moons.

Lexus HS250h

Putting marketing strengthening of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. of ten residence people to China

President Fumio Fujimori who assumed the position of the president of the system Toyota Motor major auto parts manufacturer (Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.) clarified the policy of residing about ten employees in charge of marketing in the locale the growth writing and to develop the country market according to the interview of the Fuji Sankei business eye while was within the year on the 13th. Installing the marketing function in China is the first.

Both parties produce and sales companies though Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. has 19 overseas subsidiaries in China now. Marketing that investigated the market trend etc. of the car including the development function also had gone in Japan. However, president Fujimori described in the interview, "Being able to do all the proposals as a supplier (auto components supplier) was a mission", and showed the policy of installing the marketing function in the locale aiming at the proposal to the local manufacturer. Wide China in the country especially emphasized because the state of the road was large and it differed according to the region, "It was necessary to develop parts standing in the line, and to design with a local ..(Use it).. person ..the same.." (president Fujimori).

Honda: "Fit" and the sports car also : to a hybrid expansion.

After it assumed the position, the Takanobu Ito president of Honda clarified the policy of putting a gas-and-electric-powered car of leading compact car "Fit" and an industry's first new sports hybrid on the market by the end of ten years for the first time according to the interview such as Mainichi Shimbun on the 13th. The Ito president has the policy of the description, "I want to concentrate to expand the hybrid very early", receiving the rise of the hybrid and popularity, and turning on the new model by moving up. The goods in stock expansion was sped up, and the idea of going in rivalry with rival's Toyota Motor was emphasized.

Honda puts hybrid "Incite" on the market in February this year. It is a good condition for the price level by which two million yen is under as the cheapest model to be generated publicity, and for the number of the total sales to reach 40,000 in the sale five months. The Ito president declared, "A hybrid technology of incite is expanded to other models earlier than schedules at first". The idea of positively adopting the hybrid system of the incite type that achieved the miniaturization and the price cutting for other compact cars was chiefly shown by driving with the gasoline engine, and using an electric motor limitedly as supplementary power.

The Ito president points out, "The HV system of Honda is simply excellent in an economic rationality" though new "Prius" of rival's Toyota installs an expensive HV system that uses the motor with a large more output, and types out the fuel cost performance of the world highest level forward. HV of a fit and the new sports car put on the market by the end of ten years suggested the idea of beginning the price attack similar to incite making springboard the cheapness of the cost.

Nissan Motor Co. is to put SUV on the market the first in the skyline.

Nissan Motor Co. put first sports type multipurpose car (SUV) "Skyline crossover" on the market in the skyline on July 13. Is they the engine displacement 3.7 liters, getting on of five people, and the price 4.2 million?4 million 998 thousand yen.
The skyline is put on the market in 1957, and the domestic number of the total sales is a typical brand of [nissankuruma] by about 3.07 million. The SUV type is turned on for the first time following the sedan and the coupe type at the 12th generation, and it aims at the revival among which the skyline is popular.

Wide spaciousness and height united the practicality of SUV like a good driving environment etc. of the prospect high with the maintenance of the crossover of the traveling performance of the coupe such as smooth acceleration feelings and energetic running. Feeling of luxury is produced by using the material of ..fine quality.. [moto] for the interior of the seat etc. compared with past SUV. Addition Toshiyuki Shiga chief operating officer (COO) did "Car of a new genre to make them unite the grace of the coupe to powerful of SUV" and PR to the device etc. that emitted the warning sound in the symposium on the same day when the brake was automatically controlled and the system and the following distance that returned in the lane contracted too much when coming to seem to begin to see from the lane.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thora town forum holding

It aims at the sunlight society.

The next date Monday, August 3, 2009
Opening the doors 13:00, opening a meeting 13:30, and closing a meeting 16:30 (schedule)

Holding hall marubiru hall

Address Chiyoda Ward Marunouchi 2-4-1 The marubiru7 floor

Traffic..Tokyo..Station..Marunouchi..south exit..1 minute on foot..subway..Marunouchi Line..Tokyo..Station..underpass..connect directly.

It is recruiting it by 300 participants.

Participation application home address

Dissolution on the 21st, and election vote on August 30 of the House of Representatives

The update at 12:43 July 13, 2009: Prime Minister Taro Aso at 13:35 July 13 confers on the government government party report in daytime of the 13th.
The schedule of "The House of Representatives dissolved, and voted between the 21st this month and the 24th on the notification on August 18 and 30 of the same month" was shown about [de] and the House of Representatives [era] for the next term, and the leaders of the ruling party or parties' acknowledgment was obtained.

It is thought that suffering a disastrous defeat of the Tokyo assembly member election is received, many people become the putting off theory in the government party, and the Prime Minister could not help also responding though the Prime Minister stares at the movement of "Aso unloading", and was groping for the schedule of the vote in the beginning of August. The focus of attention to come moves to the whereabouts of the Aso unloading in the Liberal-Democratic Party.

The metropolitan assembly member election is not that the Prime Minister ..".. relates directly to national administration by this liaison conference in the regional election.

However, it is incontrovertible to have given the influence that the hurly-burly in the Liberal-Democratic Party is bad for the citizen of Tokyo's judgment.

It was described, I said very much as Liberal Democratic Party President and it thought for two pins".

On that「I want to do my best to the approval of an important bill of the Organ Transplant Law amendment bill and the freight inspection special measures bill this week. It wants to dissolve the House of Representatives the starting week and early on the 21st this month and to ask Makoto. I think that August 30 is the best of the polling day. 」The policy was shown, and the objection did not go out. Representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito emphasized, "Let's did the agreement cooperation in Komeito as the Liberal-Democratic Party and worked hard".

The Prime Minister Aso shortly told the judgment to leaders of the faction dissolution.

Prime Minister Taro Aso called leaders of LDP executive and the each party faction on the night of the 12th, and told, "I want shortly to judge dissolution". There is a schedule of the House of Representatives election vote in the beginning of August in Prime Minister's mind. However, leaders of the faction have the voice that it is necessary to put off the election at the end of August deep-rooted, Komeito also is repulsing, and it is fluid whether the Prime Minister can launch out into dissolution in the vicinity.

The Prime Minister described to Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura on the morning of the 13th, "The change was not in the decision, and the judgment from an own hand". The surrounding of the Prime Minister is a morning of the same day. 「Heavily if the censure resolution is passed in the House of Councilors. It makes this sure and a very limit decision is urged on the government. 」It was assumed that the Prime Minister launched out into dissolution if it described, the vote of censure was submitted to the House of Councilors the opposition party, and it was passed.

The reaction when the Prime Minister tells party executives the intention of dissolution on the night of the 12th : according to the surrounding of the Prime Minister. 「It was various. It was a person and in halves by the insistence on the election in the beginning of September at the end of August. 」It says. One of the leaders of the faction said, "The Prime Minister did not say the time of dissolution".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gujyou dance beginning

The Gujo dance preservation member and the city officer put out the dance shop type used for the growing performance from the storage warehouse, and moved the Gujo dance beginning on the 11th to the vicinity of the turn point of "Cradle festival" at the first day on the fifth in the near future.

About 30 people participate in work. After it brushed away the dust in the storage warehouse in the Sakyo-cho and it polished, even the real thing of the dance was moved to the side of the parking lot of the standby [saseteoku] [kudahiyoshi]-cho.

There is "Dance sink" that moves while growing the Gujo Yahata old public office building memorial front since 7:30PM of the 11th. The dancer dances with [yakatachi] and it walks. The real thing of the dance : in front of the same memorial at 8:00PM. This [yakatachi] is used 32 nights for the period almost at the fair (dance the date) until September 5.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Japan Sumo Association announces the schedule before and behind the Grand Sumo Nagoya Tournament.

Congratulations the sir-reverence of the Nagoya Sumo Tournament (?26 day and Aichi Prefecture gym on July 12) announced the schedule before and behind the [iwo] opening and the place to Japan Sumo Association in the Nagoya city on the 24th.

The main event is as follows.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine dedication parade of wrestlers in the ring * the sixth new younger brother on wrestler association * July 4 of list announcement * the 30th of wrestler Nagoya entering * the 29th June 28,, autumn sumo tournament list organization conference on final stage * the 29th of * the 26th of match organization conference * the 11th of child inspection * the tenth ring festival * first day of the 12th

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The bead development that shines with glucose … The application is expected of the blood sugar level change measurement.

The team such as Tokyo large productive technique laboratories succeeded in making a minute bead that changed strength of light according to the dextrose concentration.

The change in diabetic's blood sugar level is expected of the application to the method of the measurement always.

It announces at the international conference held in the United States on the 21st.

The research team develops the high polymer to which strength of fluorescence increases if it unites with glucose, and processes it like the bead of about 0.1milli in the diameter. It was able to be observed to fluoresce from the skin by injecting glucose after these hundreds of beads had been injected into the hypodermic of mouse's ear.

Day several-time fingers etc. are piercingly, collect blood, and measure the needle so that the diabetic may strictly manage the blood sugar level.

The Masanao Takeuchi associate professor (microfabrication study) in this laboratory is speaking, "It wants to improve safety and the performance, and to develop the device that can measure diabetic's blood sugar level at any time in the future".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is Hanakanzashi in black hair.

MItsuo Sadanaga53 of Hanaknzashi manufacturing sales Kintakedo at the fifth generation for Gionmatsuri in July) doesn't have the be absorded in in the Hanaknzashi making. Maiko's (maiko) black hair is colored until the 28th when MIkokshiarai is done on the tenth when HOkotate starts.

There are two kinds of Hanaknzashi of "Katsuyama" that does [**] in front of "Yokosashi" and the topknot at the left of the forelock. Katsuyama for the festival that the work is different according to maiko's years of experience, debuts, and 2?3 year's maiko uses unites 48 [ginhana] of two centimeters in the diameter to three steps, and treats four butterflies that put a pink double wing on the back side of the wing. A senior maiko adjusts 110 [ginhana] of one centimeter in the diameter to five steps, and the back of butterfly's wing is made light blue.

A different decoration is both sprinkled every year, and moderate three pieces made from the transparent cloth are put this year. The number of Yokosashi is moderate three on a small flower. It is particularly colorful in about 20 kinds of flower ornamental hairpins substituted every month such as cherry blossoms in April, the wistaria in May, the snake lilies, and buttons. Fixed [naga]「Princess way. Men of old times might have thought about the design to feel cool and colorfulness at the sultriest time in Kyoto. 」It guesses.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

The high school student is Tanada fashion show in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town.

The fashion show that the student of the height of prefectural Utsunomiya Yang, Bai announced the creation kimono of making by oneself was held in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town known by city planning that made the best use of Tanada as the Tanada owner was recruited from the whole country for scenic preservation on the 20th.

Students who work on the volunteer work of the Tanada reproduction plan , saying that "Let's review it as tourist resources". 18 students of the model post danced green of Tanada in backing in magnificence with "Yang, Bai Tale of Bamboo-Cutter 2009" as the theme and it danced.

12 lamplights, getting, and peculiar kimonos ……. About 100 viewers absent-mindedly : to gorgeous "Heianemaki" that appears suddenly in the country where planting rice ended. The comparison with the charm of Tanada that was original scenery of Japan was enjoyed.

Friday, June 19, 2009

With HAPPOEN with the geisha"Parlor play"

HAPPOEN holds event "2009 platinum UTAGE" to be able to experience "Parlor play" with the geisha in annex "hakuhoukan" in the garden. The date is five times on the 31st 22, 23, 24, and the 30th July, 2009.

Can it talk, and the serving sake be done by the project said that it will enjoy a chic culture of Japan such as "Houkangei" with geisha's dance, "Parlor play", and the drum rice cake while enjoying the real Japanese food dinner course as the geisha and the professional jester.

The price is 15,000 yen a person.

It is said it is popular from can the experience of the geisha play assumed to cost tens of thousands of yen a person in a reasonable price every year though the event receives year third in this year.

The photo frame to which NTT DoCoMo can send the photograph by E-mail is put on the market.

When the photograph taken with the cellular phone etc. was E-mailing transmitted on June 18, 2009, NTT DoCoMo announced "Letter photo service" displayed in the digital photo frame (electrophotography setting up) with built-in wireless telecommunications function automatically. If a special digital photo frame is put in a family away, the smile of just taking now can be easily seen.

The photo frame is cut with the cellular phone and the personal computer by "Remote control".

"Letter photo service" that DoCoMo starts on July 1 is communications service of a new type that combined the e-mail functionality of the Internet with the function of the display of the photograph of the digital photo frame. It is a mechanism that the photograph with the message is sent to the photo frame through the relay server when mail that appends the photograph is transmitted from the cellular phone and the personal computer.

The photograph that has been sent is projected onto the liquid crystal screen of eight inches in the form of the slide show. Even an inexperienced person is not worried in an electronic equipment because it is displayed automatically even if it doesn't especially operate it on the photo frame side. For instance, the usage of taking grandchild's photograph by carrying, and sending it to the photo frame in grandparents' houses is thought.

「The main target is a grandpa and a grandma who parts with the grandchild and lives. Need not do a complex operation, the photo frame was designed and it made only the function simple. 」

Ono [tomo**] and the service strategy charge director of NTT DoCoMo research and development center service & solution development department speak. Because the photo frame can be operated remotely with the personal computer and the cellular phone, the photograph is added and it is possible to delete it in place of a family not good at the equipment operation.

The photograph can be transmitted from not only the cellular phone of DoCoMo but also the cellular phone and the personal computer of all careers. It is said that the preservation of about 1000 pieces or less is possible because the photograph to which mail was transmitted is converted into a small size by the server.

"New communications that make photograph chance"

The letter photo service is a commodity of the first bounce that appeared from product development project "Everyone's DoCoMo laboratory" of the user participation type. This laboratory experiences experimental service of DoCoMo by the user, and is an attempt to tie to the development of the new service referring to the opinion. Four experiment services are open to the public after it starts of April, '08, and 10,000 users or more in total are doing the experience use. Because the letter photo service was especially popular, commercialization has been decided.

「100 guests or more actually used the prototype of the photo frame, and various opinions were sent. For instance, the photograph that had been taken by carrying was made to be able to understand the portrait was more, and to correspond also to the length putting though assumed only the photo frame was set to first. 」

With the Ono service strategy charge director. I hear becoming the monitor for own father, and referring to the impression.

「The prototype is put on the parents' family it was popular though the photograph of 'Happy new year' had been presented. The person who doesn't have the chance to call the family either is not usually expecting be to good when the photograph becomes a chance and new communications arise. 」

The special photo frame of the new sale is letter photo panel "Photo panel 01", and the price is 19,800 yen. The order is taken on letter photo special site ( on June 19,'09.

Is the use charge one in July, '09 that is the campaign period though costs packet communication fees of 980 yen (A fixed amount ubiquitous plan: ? upper bound amount 9765 yen at 490 yen a month) if they up to are 210 yen a months, and 100,000 packets as the charge for the photo service use?The charge for the photo service use is free December 31, and the amount of the upper bound of packet communication fees becomes it up to 980 yen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Fusumae]: It is open to the public/Kyoto in "Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart" of the painter and Rosets Nagasawa of the fantastic idea and Ukyo

It is open to the public in Public School Mutual Aid Association Ranzan rest home "Hananoie" in Ukyo Ward whose [fusumae] (sliding door food)"Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart ([cho] meander take up one's pen [zu])" of the painter and Rosetsu Nagasawa (1799 from 1754) in Edo period specified for a Kyoto City specification and material cultural asset in April this year (this Indian ink picture and 4 sheets of paper) is those who own it from June 21st to June 27th. Entrance is free.

Now..Kyoto..City..give birth..yen..mountain..respondent..(..apprentice.It is criticized , saying that "Painter of the fantastic idea" by a unique expression. Calligrapher's Asahi Cho of China and the Tang Dynasty age that appears in "8 [nochuu] [**uta]" of [toho]) is drawn and the appearance in which the brush is spirited toward a large desk ..this figure.. ..Du Fu (.. is drawn.

This rest home is in the residence mark of the wealthy merchant and corner warehouse [shima**] at the beginning of Edo period the career of the work is uncertain though the repair work of 70 years is said use as the sliding door. It was kept in the warehouse, and it turned out a work at Yutaka politics (1801 from 1789) latter term on year of the reed snow in the evening since it constructed in the investigation of the city last year. It is spoken in the rest home, "I would like many people to see on this occasion".

Olympus minimum the world and sale in lightest July of single eye digital camera

Olympus puts digital single eye (lens exchange type) camera "Olympus pen E?P1" of world's smallest and lightest on the market on July 3 on June 16. New case "[Maikurofo-sa-zushisutemu]" of the lens exchange type jointly developed with Panasonic is adopted. The small size, lightening, and the price cutting were achieved while a high-resolution not inferior to the single lens reflex digital camera by a newly developed picture processing technique was secured.

Olympus is PR , saying that "The difficult point 'A heavy operation is difficult' of the single lens reflex was solved". It catches up with Canon Inc. and Nikon that occupies the share of about 80 percent in the single lens reflex digital camera market in cooperation with Panasonic.

"Pen E?P1" easily operated it as the shooting mode was able to be changed on the liquid crystal screen where subject had been projected while the size was miniaturized by 40 percent or more compared with a usual single lens reflex digital camera, and weight was lightened by about 12%. About 100,000 yen is assumed with 14?42 milli lens though it is an open price.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Stand in Daiba" The mobile soldier Gundam: The imposing figure is shown about 18 meters.

Address Tokyo Shinagawa Ward east Yashio 1.2 in Shiokaze park  Map


Yurikamome (Shinbashi ? wan morning moon)"Daiba" ..shank's pony.. five-"Fune-no-kagakukan" getting off minute

Capital bus from JR "Hamamatsu-cho" (01 rainbow systems)
It gets off "Daiba" in front of Tele-com Center Station going front of Kokusai-tenjijo Station Tokyo [bikkusaito] taking.. ..going...

Steamship of sightseeing in capital (Fune-no-kagakukan line)"Fune-no-kagakukan" leaving the ship

(, fortune, )Tokyo park society Tokyo waterside line (two countries ? Kasai)"Omi" leaving the ship

Parking lot (charge TEL 5531-0951)

Planned "..original size.. largeness" of 18 meters in height The Gundam image construction comes to an end in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam". The minute paddle work for completion is advanced, and the imposing figure that stands in the woods in the park attracts attention on the site of Tokyo and Odaiba "Shiokaze park".

The Gundam images are about 35 tons in weight. The head says that light and the fog will occur from 50 places (movable [shi] and the body). 11 in July?It is open to the public free of charge on August 31 in this park.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tadpole after fine?In Nanao City and Hakusan City'Fallen.

The truth is a mystery though it ..witnessing.. comes one after another.

It entered June, and the report with "The tadpole has fallen from the sky" come one after another in Nanao City and Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cause is not understood, and the citizens are puzzled.

The start was a parking lot at the Nanao City Nakashima citizens center on the evening of the fourth. Male staff member (52) who happened to be「[Ponponpon] and the sound were heard. It mixes with drizzle when looking up and the tadpole of several centimeters has fallen. About 100 every 200 square meters or more has scattered. 」It testifies. It is said the first experience.

Ten tadpoles were this time dead several on the following six mornings of the day on the second in the parking lot in Hakusan City. Female company employee (47) who is lucky to the car of the corpse「It collapsed as having fallen from a high place. It is yucky. 」It speaks.

There was a rice field where the tadpole ended so that both were also near. There is no high building that can be dropped on by the mischief.

Tornado that it is likely to make fish fall from the sky. It was not a weather condition according to Local Meteorological Observatories Kanazawa to which the tornado occurred. And, it was negative, "It is a doubt that the living thing of other volumes that looked like was not found".

The guess with "The bird that had been holding it in one's mouth spilt it" also : in local. However, Japan Wild-Bird Society (Tokyo) :. 「The tadpole is unpalatable food for the bird. The nutritive value is also low. 」It is negative.

Then, it attaches to the possibility that the tadpole flies over the sky, and [ugo] thing garden (Ishikawa Prefecture Nomi City) is "Naturally, do not fly ..boiling... " only in being. The truth is a mystery.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The concentration electric vehicle of 80 latest eco-friendly cars etc. can test Yokohama.

Eco-friendly car world 2009

"Eco-friendly car world 2009" (the Ministry of the Environment, independent administrative agency environment reproduction maintenance mechanism, and Yokohama City sponsoring) of Yokohama City Nakaku started by [rengapa-ku] on June 6.

The latest about 80 eco-friendly cars such as the electric vehicle, fuel-cell cars, and the hybrid-power cars can queue up, and it hear a presentation from the staff of the manufacturer. It not only exhibits but also both of the about ten test rides including electric vehicle "[Aimi-bu]" (Mitsubishi Motors) and "Plug-in Stella" (Fuji Heavy Industries) of the sale schedule can be done in July. Until 4:00PM of the seventh. Entrance is free.

It is Kamikochi and the 63rd Weston festival.

Address Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto city Azumi Kamikouchi

The Japan Alpine Club Shinano branch opened "The 63rd Weston festival" filled with distinguished services of Walter Weston of missionary British who introduced Japan Alps to the world in front of Kamikochi and the Weston stone monument of the Matsumoto city on June 7. The child at the Azumi elementary school that cleared completely in the blue heavens in local sounded the singing voice, and about 350 people such as climbers confirmed the importance of nature conservation each other.
Mr. (61) Miyahara Yayoi in Ueda city Koaso that visits at the ordinary year「The alpine roses flower is really beautiful this time. I want to value nature with the mind filled with the mountain. 」It spoke.