Friday, May 29, 2009

Edo wind bell Workman all of a sweat before real thing summer … Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

Eight ..Yosiharu Shinohara of the master (84 years old).. workmen are run after by "Shinohara Fuurinhonpo" of Edogawa Ward, Tokyo by the production of the Edo wind bell ahead the real thing in summer.

The glass tube where the glass melted in the furnace of about 1320 degrees is called Tomozao is used, swollen, and the shape of the wind bell is made. The part of the ringing mouth is cut down in notches with stone [yasuri], the poppy with the picture and the string are put up from the inside, and it completes it.

Water is soaked and manufacturing is a peak in Mizuuchiwa Gifu.

The revival production is done with Iedashikou of Gifu City in a beautiful, transparent feeling "mizuuchiwa" that calls cool. The flower of the goldfish and the carduus makes and moderate drawn ..about 1000.. makes the hand aiming at summer.
The feature is to use the Ganpi paper of Mino that is of thinning. It was made in a moderate shop in the city ten-odd years ago, and Nagara-gawa River Ugai's viewer obtained it.

Because the Ganpi paper with an exact fiber doesn't tear easily even if it is wet because of water, it is said by the viewers that it soaks in the river water, looks up, and enjoyed elegance. Young men and the citizens of the industry revived about three years ago and popularity was won.

Ieda Paper-craft,inc.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku festival

Place Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city Map
The dateJune, 5th through June, 7th, 2009
Appearance of festival

Hyakumangoku procession
It is a main event of the festival. It was done according to the historical fact on June 14 before, and municipal facilities such as the schools of Kanazawa municipal were the treatments on holiday according to this. However, it is done to invite the tourist widely at present because there are a lot of ages of rain because the rainy season of it, and the tourist was unable to move upward, too on the first Saturday June.

"Tuzumimon" newly established in the Kanazawa station east plaza in 2006 was left, and came the enter a castle from Isyikawamon to Kanawajyo though left Shiyakusho-mae Kanazawa so far, rounded in the city Main Street, and ended with Nagamatikensyukan. The palanquin processions of Tamahime (public advertisement from the girl who is on the register in the kindergarten and the day-care center in the city) follow, and it becomes toshiie Maeda entrance procession following the guide such as the music parades such as schoolchildren in the city and the Kagatobi processions.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you advance by Kanazawa by the preparation for "Kagayuuzen Tourounagasi"Yuzen writers are paintings.

The painting of Tourou used in "Kagayuuzen Tourounagasi" done on June 5 was done in the Kaga Yuzen-printed kimono color apartment of a housing complex (Kanazawa city Senkouji) in the Kanazawa city on May 24.
As for the Kaga yuzen, the connection of water and the river is deep. The work that was called "Yuuzennagashi" to flush an extra dyestuff and paste in the process of the production of the kimono of the Kaga yuzen before was done in [asanogawa]. Event that throws about 1,000 [hikomo] into clear stream of [asanogawa] at time in evening so that "Kagayuzen Tourounagashi" may comfort soul at the deceased to be involved in Kaga yuzen in appreciation for connection of Kaga yuzen and river called art of water. It is done as a special support event of "Festival by one million Koku in Kanazawa" that is the festival most grandly held in the Kanazawa city every year, and the 35th times in this year are faced.

Tourou is centered parties concerned of the yuzen industry every year and has about 100 pieces made. The young man yuzen writer and the apprentices did the painting, and a graceful handle of the flower bird style moon drawn on silk was usually reproduced on Japanese paper on this day.

The hall is [asanogawa] (Asanogawaoohsi from the Tenjinbasi upstream). The holding time is 19?21 o'clock. Rain postponement.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It is opening of the mountaineering season in Oze

Address Gunma Prefecture Tone-gun Katashina-son  map
 The ceremony of the opening of the mountaineering season of "the tail shallows national park" known as the warren of the skunk cabbage was the Oike starting point of a mountain climb of Fukushima hinoki branch Funato village for 20 days. Because there were little some|some snow, according to the village, there is the place where a skunk cabbage has begun to already bloom and says with early about the beginning of June for four or five days from an average year in in full bloom.

 When it "is important I protect the tail shallows of all, and to enjoy", 星光祥村長 of hinoki branch Funato village says hello after safe prayer by the ceremony. Mountaineers enjoyed the tail shallows of the fresh green.

 According to Ministry of the Environment Kanto region environment office, there is the number of the people of climbing a mountain to the tail shallows area in a tendency to recovery for these past several years; is about 356,000 last year. What was appointed in the 29th national park in 2007 is considered to be a factor.

 According to hinoki branch Funato village, 鳩待峠 of the Gunma side entrance carries out car regulation afterwards every day mainly on the weekend until October until the end of July. I am prohibited from traffic other than a bus and a designated car in Numayama Pass of the Fukushima side in whole year.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The superb view such as the multiplication Norikura skyline opening to traffic tourists on May 16 is enjoyed.

The mountain pass and the Norikura skyline in Tkayama city [**] Nyukawa town that runs in Northern Japanese Alps Norikuradake (3,026 meters) open for the first time in on the 15th. There was a opening of a mountain to clim festival in the Tatamidaira parking lot (2,702 meters) in the terminal, too and magnificent scenery where tourists who had visited immediately extended to surroundings was enjoyed.

Traffic's having started at 7:00AM according to schedule : after an interval of three years. The inside, the shuttle bus, the charabanc, and the taxi given to fine weather aimed at [jouhira].

These about 900 days visited. Unemployed [kiriki] [**] Akira (62) in Tarui-cho was speaking, "Northern Japanese Alps may look at the road to an upper high ground that was the destination and came in succession by chance on the day of the opening to traffic of the multiplication saddle, and be looked at though was disappointed in the suspension of traffic".

About 120 people like the person in the city and local related to sightseeing etc. participated in the opening of a mountain to clim festival. Sub-mayor Shinichi Arai : after Shinji. 「204,000 tourists visited last year. I want a person any more to love Norikuradake this year. 」With the greeting. The barrel opening was done against the backdrop of mountains of the inside and the remaining snow that the tourist watched.


Site Iwate Prefecture Iwate-gun Takisawa-son Ukai Sotokubo map

Festival that represents early summer of Morioka in which it marches to Moriokahatimangu in way of 15 kilos spending about four time during the second Saturday June every year. The nearby horse dresses up colorfully and colorfully by 100, and it advances while sounding the tinkling of a bell.
The horse only in Michinoku that is deeply related with the horse is leading part's unusual event. This [chaguchagu] horse piece will within the country not be an exaggeration to say the festival of the horse of the top of Japan though is other horses' festivals. It was chosen as "Intangible folk customs cultural asset that had to lecture on the measures such as the record making" by the country, and the tinkling of a bell was chosen as "Soundscape best 100 of Japan that wanted to leave it" by Environment Agency in 1996 in 1978.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aoi Matsuri drawn also in The Tale of Genji that receives the millennium is unfolded in the Kyoto city on May 15.

Aoi Matsuri is one of the Kyoto three major festivals, and the annual festival of the [kamoryoukami] under Kamigamo Co.. It is formally said Kamo Matsuri, and the origin goes back 1400 years ago. In The Tale of Genji, the scene of the car duel is famous. The procession on the way is called, the divine service in "Tadashi with the road head" and the Ryokami company is "Tadashi with the company head".

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ukai: Gifu and Nagara-gawa River where fantasy and summer feature start in the dark of night

Nagara-gawa River Ukai started on the 11th in Nagara-gawa River in Gifu City. 1180 people such as tourists boarded the seeing ship, and it got drunk on the poetic event of summer boasting of the history for 1300 years or more.

Ubune began to come down the river, and 10?12 cormorant was manipulated while calling, "[Houhou]" Usyo that wore clothes of navy blue fishing clothes, the grass skirt, and Kazaoriebosi skillfully at 8:00PM. The watch fire made the cormorant fantastically come to the dark of the night.

The climax queues up in a full width of a river six Uhune, and drives in the sweetfish to the shoal "Sougarami". The shout of joy happened from the spectator with applause.

OzeUkai of Gifu Prefecture Seki City starts on the 11th, too and it continues with Nagara-gawa River Ukai until October 15.

Map of Ukai site

Hotel in Gifu City and Kagamihara City

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Like Kyoto Gujyohatiman of Okumino

Gujyoodori known by lyrics of "Gujyonohatiman Deteyukutokiha,Amemohuranuni Sodesiboru" became active being encouraged to attempt the harmony of [shinoukouakina] originally in Edo period by the one that it had been continued to sing for 400 years and to dance.
Therefore, there is happiness that forms a ring the tourist and one local and is danced. There is a reason why the Gujo dance is said here, no "Seen dance" it and "Danced dance".
Is the dance the middle of July?It is done for about 30 nights until the beginning of September. This is the one done here and there of the town as a fair festival.
There are ten in all, and the tune is performed mixing a tune with a quick tempo and a voluminous tune. About 300,000 dancers or more sound clogs and gather from the whole country in the yukata appearance without reference to age or sex every year.

Map of Gujyohatiman

Friday, May 8, 2009

The 58th Kanazawa Hyakumangoku festival Hyakumangoku procession Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Hyakumangoku procession" unfolded for about four hours as a main event of brave, magnificent festival "Kanazawa hyakumangoku festival" of bourg Kanazawa is the one that the enter a castle of the Sir [denrike] before the founder during positive 11-heaven year (1583) to the Kanazawa castle, recalls the great achievement that builds the foundation of Kanazawa, and is held, and 1 gorgeous large pageant that colors the tradition and the culture of Kagahyakumangoku. It starts the Kanazawa station east previous plaza at 14:20 Saturday, June 6, and the enter a castle to the Kanazawa castle park of the hyakumangoku procession.

Hotel in Kanazawa city