Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is "The second Prius" SAI of Toyota eco-friendly car assistance and the last purchase?

Toyota Motor announced on the 20th that they put medium sedan "SAI (Sai)" only for the gas-and-electric-powered car on the market on December 7. Toyota accelerates new "Prius" in May, and "HS250h" of luxury brand "Lexus" is put on the market in July, and turning on the car only for the hybrid has been accelerated. It is thought that goods in stock of an early gas-and-electric-powered car are expanded, and the competitor is pulled apart.

The price of [yasu] model of SAI is set to the middle of 3.38 million yen, Prius (2.05 million yen), and HS250h (3.95 million yen). It has the driving performance equal with HS250h. Chief engineer Toru Kato「Composure and fine quality [sawo] were added compared with Prius with a strong utility intention. It aimed at the luxury car that the development philosophy differed and is small with HS250h. 」With the explanation. SAI is sold only domestically. It carefully meets demand from the customer.

The eco-friendly car tax reduction and the purchase substitution assistance system are received, and the good condition continues to the gas-and-electric-powered car. Toyota is 16% every 11% in the whole of a domestic new car sales (light car division [ku]) in September one ? 2009 year. the ratio of the occupied gas-and-electric-powered carsAs for Prius and HS250h, the car delivery became the situation of waiting for about seven months.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Exhibition Tokyo Motor Show outline announcement of Fuji Heavy Industries of concept car of HV

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. announced on the 30th that they would exhibit concept car "Subaru hybrid Zarah concept" of hybrid (HV) of original development to Tokyo Motor Show. A newly developed horizontal opposing direct-injection turbocharged engine was combined with the hybrid system. The fuel cost performance rises by 50% compared with a past turbocharged engine. The mileage a fuel liter becomes about 20 kilometers in a simple calculation.

Opening the horizontally-opposed engine of an excellent direct-injection method in the fuel cost performance to the public is the first. The engine displacement is 2000cc. The hybrid system uses two of the output 10 kilowatts (reception desk) and 20 kilowatts (rear) motors. The lithium-ion battery is installed. When running, a rear motor assists the engine usually. It drives only with the motor when the fuel consumption is large and it is low-speed. The regulating system of the motor and the battery was originally developed.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.