Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is exhaust gas of the thermal power plant and a new technology to the culture Global warming measures as for the euglena.

Biotechnology venture company "[Yu-gurena]" (Tokyo) succeeded in the culture of monad "Euglena" with an intermediate character of the animal and the plant by using the exhaust gas of the thermal power plant including a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). This company seems to be paid to attention as new Global warming measures to make the alternate fuel the development also of the technology that makes the biofuel from the euglena, and after CO2 of exhaust gas is decreased.

The euglena ends in the length about 0.1milli and rice field, etc.It moves by the organ of flagellum ([benmou]) like the animal with the character of the plant that absorbs CO2 by photosynthesis. The photosynthetic capacity height reaches tens of times tropical forests by the feature.

This company constructs a large amount of culture facilities of the euglena of for food possible in the Okinawa Prefecture stone wall city for the first time for 05 years in the world. The health food supplement and the cookie that makes the euglena a material are manufactured, and it sells it. The experiment that blew in the exhaust gas immediately before going out of the chimney to the culture tank of the euglena was done in Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated KIN thermal power plant (Okinawa Prefecture KIN town) in June this year.

This exhaust gas reaches about 15% which the CO2 density is 400 times atmospheric near. The euglena has grown up well though the nutrient medium who put the gas becomes acidity, and it is not possible to live in the greater part of living things. The proliferative rate reached 20 times or less when air was passed. It is thought that photosynthesis is done with abundant CO2 in exhaust gas, and it proliferated.

If there are a lot of lipids in the cell, the cell is broken, and the chemistry is processed, algae such as euglenas become good quality biodiesel fuels. This company makes the biofuel from the cultured euglena, aims at the euglena in power generation etc. again with use and the exhaust gas, and it aims at the development of the circulation system named culture. President Mitsuru Izumo「It was able to be proven that the euglena grew up in the gas of the elevated CO2 concentration. I want to advance the CO2 reduction and the achievement of the carbon cycle type society. 」It makes it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyoto University is a new series quality mouse and an effect on the metabolic syndrome treatment.

It was suppressed that fat was made in the cell, Prof. Uesugi's at Kyoto University et al. team discovered the material with the effect of preventing obesity and fatty liver by the mouse experiment, and it announced to the U.S. science magazine dated the 27th.

It is said that there is a possibility to be able to use as a medicine if it makes it to the compound though it is not easy to be absorbed to the inside of the body as it is. Prof. Uesugi is speaking, "It can be expected it is useful for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome in the future".

The team discovers working of the gene related to the steatogenesis to be obstructed this time though it was understood that it is in the material for an anti-counterfeit. It was named, "[Fatosutachin]". Weight lightens by 12% compared with the case not administered if the appetite doesn't become weak and it administers it to the gene manipulation mouse that keeps always eating food, and the blood sugar level has been improved by 70%.

Working "Statin" is famous in the enzyme as the treatment of the hyperlipemia. [Fatosutachin] suppresses the synthesis of fat at the gene level according to the team to work different.

A joint research of Tokyo University and U.S. Beira Medical College.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The high school student in Osaka not defeated at influenza designs the influenza protective wear.

The third grader two of the private Sakai girls' high schools (Sakai City) makes clothes that make new influenza a theme, and it participates in "Fashion Koshien 2009" that is Aomori Prefecture as a Osaka representative on the 23rd.

In gloves in a white mask, characters of skirt "PANDEMIC" (large ..worldwide.. fashion). A fashionable protective wear appearance was designed.

Infection spread..same school..temporarily..close the time.It aims at the top of 234 nationwide schools , saying that "Aim at the large reversal nine times though it delayed starting".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The saviour and HS250h appearance of Lexus.

Lexus HS250h that had already made style & outline public by Motor Show was formally put on the market. Be not along ..receiving the order.. of 3000 every the sales target 500 units per month already. It is likely to become a beginner nature model for Lexus. What kind of really car is it?

Automobile rank first of all. It only has to be able to image new [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4 as a size of the body. It is one size larger than three series and Benz C classes of BMWs. It images it if it is asked like Japan, "Engine displacement", that is, "It is 2.5-liter class".

The installed power unit is engine +2.4 liter four cylinder 147 horsepower of 150 horsepower motor. It is correct with the engine used for new Prius if it thinks the motor to be a grade improvement by about two turns. I hear that the acceleration performance was equal to three-liter engine.

When you hear the matter of the anxious fuel cost「It is 23km/L that becomes about 2/3 of the Prius by 10.15 mode fuel cost. I think that you only have to think about 2/3 as for practical fuel cost. 」。The fuel cost of new Prius about is 22km/L, a high-speed cruise, and 25km/L in the town.

Is it 15km/L, and high-speed cruise 17km/L level in the town when thinking by 2/3 of these numerical values?By the way, in inside 8km/L and high-speed cruise 12km/L in the town when it is [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4. The exhaust amount decrease of carbon dioxide expects it in the user in the traffic circumstance that congestion and the signal waiting are a lot of.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. puts movie camera "Xacti" new model equipped with the "Eye-Fi" synchronization function on the market.

SANYO Electric announces new model "DMX-CG11" of digital movie camera "Xacti ([zakutei;])" that can be taken a picture with the high-definition television movie on the 24th. The sale schedules September 11, and the price opens. The presumption market price is about 30,000 yen.

MX-CG11 is a succession machine of slim high-definition television type "DMX-CG10" announced in January, 2009. Terminal mini-HDMI newly install in basic specs like still picture and about 8.28 million-pixel (HD)/movie of about 10 million pixels (SD) of about effective 10 million pixel, five optics time zoom lens, and the wide liquid crystal monitor etc. of about 230,000 pixel 3.0 type though it is equal so far (Mini HDMI cable is an optional). It is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 for the movie format" is adopted.

Moreover, the synchronization function with SD card equipped with wireless LAN function "Eye-Fi card" is installed. "Eye-Fi" in the main body of the camera It also has the mode turned off the setting of automatic transfer function ON/OFF and the access point etc. as the transfer function is automatic according to the battery power.

Besides this, it pulls from the previous model, it continues, and it equips it with various functions such as "Blurring correction function" corresponding to the movie and the still picture taking a picture and "Face detection and pursuit function". It provides with "Reverse continuous shooting function" (2M pixel fixation).

The image sensor is about 10.66 million-pixel primary color CMOS sensor of 1/2.33 types. Information on about 9.1 million pixels taken from the image sensor is installed, and the pixel is interpolated to 12 million considerable pixels and the mode that generates and records the image is installed, too. The record media are the SD/SDHC memory cards, and built-in memories are about 40MB. The power supply is a lithium-ion battery. Available time of the battery is about 180 pieces (CIPA standard conforming), and about 70 minutes (Take a picture really: about 40 minutes) in the movie continuous shooting in the still picture taking a picture. Weight is about 173g (Only the main body :) ..72.0(W) ×112.8(H) ..size of the main body.. ×38.0(D) mm (projection part division [ku]) it...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Toyota Prius top-selling car in Japan for 3 months

TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota's hugely popular Prius hybrid ranked as Japan's top-selling car in July, clinching the spot for the third consecutive month as tax breaks boosted sales of green vehicles, an auto industry group said.

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association said Toyota Motor Corp., the world's No. 1 automaker, sold 27,712 Prius cars in July, up 24 percent from June.

Sales of gas-electric hybrid cars have been surging in Japan despite the global auto slump, helped by government incentives such as making hybrid vehicles tax free.

"The government program is spurring demand for hybrid vehicles like the Prius. Strong sales of the Prius also reflected a trend that consumers were interested in eco-friendly products," said Kentaro Nakata, an association spokesman.

Toyota's rival, Honda Motor Co., also enjoyed brisk sales of the Insight hybrid. Japan's No. 2 automaker sold 10,210 Insight cars in July, up 16.3 percent from June.

The Insight, a hybrid marketed as a cheaper alternative to the Prius, held the No. 4 slot in July auto sales. Honda's popular Fit compact secured the No. 2 spot in July sales.

Toyota's Vitz subcompact, which is marketed overseas as the Yaris, came third in July auto sales, the association said.

Honda, meanwhile, Thursday brushed off claims in Japanese and overseas media that the Insight is a copycat of the Prius.

"We don't think it looks like the Prius at all," said Nobuki Ebisawa, managing director at Honda R&D Co., Honda Motor Co.'s research unit. "There may be some similarities in the roof line, but it is clearly different."

Ebisawa acknowledged considerations for maximizing aerodynamics and placing the hybrid system of electric motor and gas engine may make for similar styling in hybrids cars.

Any similarities between the Prius and Insight are coincidence, he said.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Prius" It is a continuous head position for sailing fast and two new car sales months.

Gas-and-electric-powered car "Prius" of Toyota Motor became a continuous head position for two months because of the synthesis including the light car by the number of new cars sold ranking in July that Japan Automobile Dealers Association etc. had announced on the sixth.

Numbers of sales for Prius are 27,712. It was shown that the gas-and-electric-powered car, the mini-passenger car of low fuel cost, and the compact car occupied the high rank of the ranking, and the eco-friendly car popularity that made the purchase substitution subsidy system and the preferential taxation to the car (eco-friendly car) for the environment a fair wind continued.

The second synthesis place was mini-passenger car "Wagon R" of same SUZUKI as last month (18,140)However, about 3500 differences with the Prius of the head position have extended more than 9572 and last month. Gas-and-electric-powered car "Incite" of Honda (10,210) was the same seventh synthesis place as last month.

Numbers of sales for the entire hybrid car (The bus track is excluded) are 42,359, and the ratio that occupies it to usually and the compact car has risen more than 15.9% and last month by 0.4 points. After April next year, the car delivery seems to be postponed even if the production of the batteries that are the key parts doesn't catch up, and the Prius of Toyota is ordered now. The gas-and-electric-powered car popularity has risen by cannot help decreasing the export of incite also by Honda and turning to the domestic sale.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

13 companies such as the hydrogen supply and the Nippon Oil Corp. company and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. for the fuel cell vehicle are the research associatio

13 companies such as Nippon Oil Corp. and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. announced on the fourth that it had established the research association for the practical use of the technology that supplied hydrogen to the fuel-cell car. The proof examination is executed by setting up the hydrogen station in the whole country tens of place. It puts to practical use in around fiscal year 2015, and it aims at the same degree of the supply cost of achievement as gasoline in the future.

"Hydrogen supply and technology used research union" (Tokyo and port) was established, and the [seikutsuro] Yoshida corporate officer of new Nisseki took it to the chief director. Besides, 13 companies in total such as Idemitsu Kosan, Showa Shell Sekiyu, Osaka Gas, Toho Gas, and Iwatani & Co., Ltd. participate. It is said that the automaker also is examining participation.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robot suit HAL


* 'HAL' (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) is a cyborg type robot of the world first in which bodily functions can be enhanced, and be amplified according to the installation on the body.
* In that case, a slight living body potential signal begins to leak to the skin surface though the neural coding is transmitted from the brain to the muscle through the motor neuron when the person was about to move his muscle, and the musculoskeletal system operates. HAL reads this signal with the sensor put on installation person's skin surface, controls the power unit based on the signal, and moves the joint with the movement of installation person's muscle as one body. As a result, the operation support becomes possible.
* It is a cyborg type robot where two control systems of "[Saibanikku] autonomy control system" that can achieve operation like not only "[Saibanikku] voluntary control system" that detects the living body potential signal, and operates according to man's desire but also man exist together.
* The floor reaction force sensor etc. that detect the position of the angle sensor and center of gravity that measures the joint angle besides the living body potential sensor are installed.
* As for applied field of 'HAL', application in a wide field such as the rescue activity support by the heavy work support such as factories including the independence operation support to there is widely a trouble in bodily functions in welfare and the nursing field and the nursing support and disaster scenes and the entertainments is expected.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Nissan Motor Co. electric vehicle is put on the market inside and outside the country of debut "Reef" next year.

Nissan Motor Co. opened electric vehicle (EV) that would be put on the market next year to the public for the first time on the second. It develops by a design new as a special car, and the car's name is "Reef. "It is sold in the country, North America, and Europe.

The electric vehicle was, and was named "Reef (leaf)" that imaged the environment with the eco-friendly car that did not put out exhaust gas when running.

The reef corresponds to about 1800cc of the gasoline car the size, and is getting on of five people. It is possible to run 160 kilos for one charge. President Carlos Ghosn showed that it was assumed, "Made it to same level of this class as the gasoline car", and examined the lease of the battery part in which it was high priced again about the price.

Moreover, president [go-n] : about the development of the gas-and-electric-powered car that delays starting at the press conference held on the same day. 「It turns it on according to demand. The electric vehicle is abandoned and neither turning on [surukara] nor [i] abandon other technologies. 」It described, and the policy of advancing development was revealed.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nissan Motor Co. secures the EV experimental vehicle and a wide room is secured by the battery of opening to the public miniaturization.

Nissan Motor Co. opened the experimental vehicle of electric vehicle (EV) put on the market in ten to the public on the 27th. It was made to install an efficient motor and a mass lithium-ion battery of original development, and to run in 160K or more by one charge. It gets on by five person miniaturization of the battery and spaciousness at the compact car level is secured. An early spread is attempted by the differentiation with "I?MiEV ([aimi-bu])" etc. made in Mitsubishi Motors EV of a light car base early by sales.

If it is a full charge, and it is a fast charger if it is a domestic power supply of 200 volts in eight hours, it is possible to charge it by 80 percent every 30 minutes. It is said that maximum speed can run smoothly in the expressway by 140K or more.

In addition, a special telecommunication system was used, and the latest information of the charge stand around the area and the destination where it was able to run by the amount of charge of the remainder was displayed on the map of the car navigation. The cheapness of the price of the vehicle besides EV such as [aimi-bu] is opposed in the strong point and it opposes the gas-and-electric-powered car such as "Prius" of Toyota Motor that carries everything before one the eco-friendly car market.