Thursday, July 30, 2009

A dream speech translation machine … The telecommunication research mechanism develops a portable system that can translate nine languages.

Independent administrative agency "Telecommunication research mechanism" KEIHANNA laboratory (Kyoto Prefecture Seika-cho) in Kansai Science City succeeded in developing the system between several languages to translate the voice into another word by the automatic operation through a portable terminal that hooked up to the Internet, and announced for the 29th. The translation of the daily conversation used when nine languages like English, Chinese, Thai, a Korean language, and an Indonesian language, etc. besides Japanese travel with the object becomes possible. Use with the cellular phone and the research for the expansion of the object language are advanced, and it aims at the following practical use in 3?5.

This mechanism develops the software of voice recognition, the machine translation, and the voice synthesis in cooperation with research laboratories in each country of Asia. The translated word can flow to another terminal by the machine voice when the word is spoken toward the terminal connected with the server of each organization on the net, and it display it even by the character.

Research representative's this mechanism precedence researcher of Satoshi Nakamura spoke, "If it was this system, the conversation between all the languages might become possible though there was a language of about 6000 in the world".

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Toyota Motor compact car also makes to the hybrid and it puts it on the market in 2011.

Toyota Motor was announced and the car only for the hybrid of the compact car class was announced on July 27 to the plan of the sale in 2011. The gas-and-electric-powered car becomes complete from the doing luxury sedan to 1,000 and millions of yen compact car of one million yen level in all classes by this in Toyota. Toyota a large amount of turns on the inside and HV that the car (eco-friendly car) for various environments such as electric vehicles is developed. It is a strategy placed in the seat of the leading part of the next generation eco-friendly car.

The gas-and-electric-powered car newly marketed uses the engine and the chassis of compact car "Witz". The hybrid system that installs it thinks that it makes it to the newly developed one that can be made smaller and cheaplyer than the one of Prius.

The fuel cost performance aims at 40K or more more than 38 kilos a liter of Prius. The price is expected to be suppressed to about 1.5 million yen for 2.05 million yen of Prius.

Witz's next model's production starts at the end of ten years, and the car only for the hybrid schedules Toyota to turn on the addition at the end of 11 years after one year. There is not only the country but also a possibility of production and the European market turning on in a French factory.

It is because sales increase rapidly it is a rise of an environmental intention that Toyota hurries up "Complete line production" to arrange the gas-and-electric-powered car to all classes.

The third generation of the sale Prius became a hit explosive because of the fair wind of the purchase support plan of the reduction of prices more than old models for about 300,000 yen, and the government in May. In luxury car brand "Lexus", now, the gas-and-electric-powered car is a main force of sales.

The restriction of fuel cost and exhaust gas will be greatly strengthened in Europe and America in the future. Rival's Honda is clarifying the plan to set HV to a compact car fit expecting that the demand for the gas-and-electric-powered car will rise further in ten.

The diesel-powered vehicle has the policy of raising HV to the staple merchandise also in Europe in the main current in Toyota. A large amount of turning on is planned expecting that HV will become the leading part of the eco-friendly car from respect of the price and the cruising range for the time being though the research and development of the electric vehicle and the fuel cell vehicle is advanced.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The JFE Engineering Corporation : the water supply plant to the construction water supply service development in Australia.

It was announced that the JFE Engineering Corporation of the steel major company and the JFE Holdings subsidiary (Kishimoto pure product president) purified rain water on the 23rd and constructed the water supply plant changed into daily life water such as drinking waters in Australia by the end of fiscal year 2010.

It aims at real business development through the demonstrated operation of three years in fiscal year 2014.

Kawasaki City where the recycling base of this company exists offers the knowhows of the water quality volume of water management and the account system, etc.

Consistent water supply service is provided from ..Japanese firm.. first time starting from Australian the JFE Engineering Corporation plant construction in foreign countries for the management of water service.

It is a Queensland region in an Australian east part Brisbane outskirts to construct the plant.

The population increases, and drinking water shortage becomes a problem in the Queensland region in the background of the deterioration of the marine environment because of industrialization etc.

The water supply system of the JFE Engineering Corporation disinfects after the rain water stored is filtered in the plant and supplies it as a drinking water.

In addition, it recycles by processing living drainage , saying that the washing water of the rest room.

It is said that the amount of the water service use in the same place region can reduce the amount of the electric power use by half because 40% can be reduced more than now, and it uses the photovoltaic generation for disinfection etc. if the plant operates full.

Now, the water supply object from the plant assumes 1500 families and 5000 person scales.

The dinosaur fully :. "Day trip bus tour"

Nippon Travel is planning day trip bus tour "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui] where it goes by dinosaur bus" where it goes to Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. by bus where dinosaur's illustration is drawn.

The period of the tour execution until July, 20th through August, 31st, 2009

About 80 percent of a domestic dinosaur fossil was produced in Fukui Prefecture, and to raise eminence as "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui]", this tour was planned.

The content experiences the fossil excavation in the forest of the [katsuyama] dinosaur that leaves Nagoya Station, and exists in Fukui Prefecture Katsuyama City. Afterwards, it visits Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. where the frame specimen of meat-eating dinosaur "Fukuiraptor" discovered inside a prefecture has been exhibited.

The dinosaur box lunch is prepared in lunch.

The price is 4500 both yen of the adult and the child.

Application is possible also by the Nippon Travel Nagoya reservation by telephone call center or the Nippon Travel each store.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fuji Photo Film : to the digital camera sale that can take a picture of 3D image.

Fuji Photo Film announced that they put digital camera "Fainpikkusu riaru 3D W1" that was able to take a picture of the photograph and the animation of three-dimensional solid (3D) of the high-resolution on the market on August 8 on July 22. The digital camera that can enjoy 3D image without special glasses is said the first time in the world.

Nissan Motor Co. : to the substitution of platinum reducing by half catalyst development used for the exhaust emission control system.

Nissan Motor Co. starts reducing the amount of platinum used for the diesel particulate filter by half. of nitrogen..exhaust..amount..large reduction..obligate..advanced..each country..exhaust emissions regulations..strengthen..move..extend..inside..soar..platinum..quantity consumed..suppress..purifier..lowering the cost..attempt.

It has been understood to mix the alternative quality of the iron system by a joint research with Nagoya University etc. , and to achieve the effect of the exhaust gas purification even with the catalyst that decreases platinum. It is said that a new catalyst is more excellent than the platinum catalyst with the fault to which the cleaning ability decreases also in durability when years pass. The subsidy of the government is received, and it will aim at the development of the mass production technology in five years through "New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)".

A Walt Disney Japanese corporation: The movie sales Panasonic and it cooperates for the cellular phone terminal.

A Walt Disney Japanese corporation announced on the 22nd that they would sell the movie software for the cellular phone terminal from this autumn in cooperation with Panasonic. The buyer is made to be able to collect the image to micro SD card of an external storage medium, and to enjoy the image even in the destination. Panasonic offers the image compression technique.

Micro SD card that collects the same content is put up to DVD of seven works such as "Monsuta-zu・ink" that Disney puts on the market in November this year. The price will be 3360?4935 yen that is about 1000 yen stronger compared with only past DVD. It will increase it to 50 works by the autumn of next year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bird flu: Prevention and [mekabu] confirm it by effective Riken Vitamin, the Toyama University graduate school, and the test on animals.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. announced on the 21st that they had confirmed in the element of [mekabu], there was an infection prevention action of the bird flu by the test on animals. It announced by the one by a joint research with the Toyama University graduate school at the international conference held in Austria.

It is "Fucoidan one" of stickiness element of [mekabu] that infection prevention action was confirmed. When the bird flu virus of the attenuated virulence is injected into the mouse, and the fucoidan was administered for two weeks after one infected week and one week every day, it is said that the virus multiplication in lungs and the airway was greatly controlled.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. is a food maker known by "Wakame seaweed soup" and "Increasing wakame seaweed [chan]". The research of the fucoidan starts for 01 years, and announces the virucidal effect on influenza and herpes, etc. with the thesis.

[Mekabu] calls the part of "Spore pus" of the fold fold in the place of the foundation of the wakame seaweed "Turnip". The alginic acid, the iodine, and calcium have increased more than the part of the green part and the stalk by as many as 20 percent. Moreover, [mekabuni] is the lipid of 7-8%, and includes a lot of EPA (highly unsaturated fatty acid) necessary for our health in this lipid. The principal ingredient of [numeri] of [mekabu] is an alginic acid, a fucoidan, a called acid polysaccharide, and the fucoidan is especially an element paid attention to recently.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chubu Centrair International Airport: Singles car "i-REAL" of Toyota is introduced.

It was announced that Chubu Centrair International Airport introduced four getting on next one generation electric-motor coaches "i-REAL" of Toyota into guard and the guide business of this airport with Toyota Motor on the 27th on the 18th. Being daily used is the first though a real eye has participated in various meetings after the Tokyo Motor Show of 07 years.

Toyota of the big shareholder in this airport offers it free of charge. Three uses it to guide one boarding guest in the lobby for the guard of the airport deck.

A real eye is a tricycle into which length before and after is changed. It is possible to run by bringing the front wheel and the rear wheel close in a crowded place, making in the state like the standing getting on, and lengthening the body low in a wide place like the car.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The latest model can test in Tokyo Motor Show.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association announced the outline of the Tokyo Motor Show that would open in Makuhari Messe of Chiba City this autumn. The home manufacturer thinks that they execute newest model's trial-ride fair and tie to increases of those who come while the exhibition is put off as the main, overseas manufacturer comes one after another due to the car recession.
Toyota Motor, Nissan Motor Co., Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi Motors prepare about 30 for the trial-ride fair. It is possible to run in the public road (about 2.5 kilos) around the hall. The steering wheel was not able to be gripped in the shape that those who came this multiplied last time. The two-wheeled vehicle can also test in the course in the hall ..six about 30 companies...
It is a topic that Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions sets up the exhibition booth for the first time as a labor union. The parent and child enjoys the construction of the model car that moves by the papercraft and the motor of the car etc. as "I want to make the chance that children for the activation of the market feel the charm of the car" (chairman Koichiro of Nishihara).
23 in October?It holds it on November 4. Entrance is free following the junior high school student. The participating company has decreased from 241 last companies that opened in 07 to 107 companies because of the exhibition seeing off of a part of overseas manufacturer such as domestic tracks and "U.S. BIG THREE".

Pronunciation device ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. examination

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started the examination that the gas-and-electric-powered car that hardly heard something in low speed to move by the motor is equipped with the device that sounded the alarm because of a sound that was smaller than the horn. It is because neither the visually handicapped person, the child nor senior citizens notice even if approaching, and there is an accident risk. "Eco-tax reduction" is ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. good in the fair wind sales. It was judged that it was not safely substituted though "Quietness" was a merit.
"Quietness and danger" of the gas-and-electric-powered car becomes a problem also in foreign countries. The Ministry of Transport in the United States also receives the request of the visually handicapped person group etc. and the investigation begins. It becomes an examination problem also in the car standard harmony world forum of the United Nations. Only the world was not led with HV, there were a lot of dangerous, narrow alleys, and correspondence was urged on Japan.
For instance, when starting and low-speed running, the gas-and-electric-powered car of Toyota Motor starts only by an electric motor. As much as 20 decibels or less of the noise are also lower than that of the engine car, it lacks in the residential area because of a usual life sound, and it is erased. It is said that the complaint and about 60 opinions such as "It wants to approach by the car while it doesn't know and is [ha] and to be making" were sent to Toyota etc. in year of 3?4.
Especially, it is serious in a visually handicapped person. It is said that there is daily a case "It was surprised not to notice until the car approached, and for the horn to be sounded suddenly" according to Japan Federation of The Blind though there was no report of having met with an accident.
In the other investigation of Toyota, the playing child felt whether the pedestrian who did not notice ..*.. suddenly entered the course in * parking lot where the person who was talking standing in the presence of the car did not retreat even if the driver tried also to start, and the pronunciation device about 70 percent thought it was necessary.
The gas-and-electric-powered car from which "Chime sound" always rings while running is made to start for 07 years in this company and the effect is verified. There were a lot of opinions with "The sound is unpleasant" though a constant effect was seen, too. There was a point with "It was not thought that it was a car though it heard of the sound" from the visually handicapped person, too.
The engine operates even if it is low-speed because the method is different from Toyota though Honda also is producing the incite of the gas-and-electric-powered car. This company assumes, "It is necessary to advance development while dealing with the problem of silence in the future" though the problem has not occurred at present.
The diplomatic relation ministry started up the study committee that gathered the specialist and the person related to the industry this month. It pursues the subject in the direction equipped with "The second horn" that emits a moderate sound when the driver felt danger and when it starts. However, there is a possibility that driver's "Forget to sound" develops into liability issues, and is an opinion with "It is necessary to emit the sound always automatically".
All electric vehicles that run by the motor are contained in the object of equipment, too. The sound is verified by the buzzer, the melody, and the pseudoengine sound's, etc. besides the chime using the experiment car as a candidate in August. Directionality will be shown about the kind and the union standard making etc. of making the device an obligation by the law and the sound within the year.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Toyota Motor puts the car only for the first hybrid in Lexus on the market.

Toyota announced car HS250h only for the hybrid of a Lexus first brand, and began putting on the market on the same day on the 14th.

HS250h installs the hybrid system that combines Atkinson cycle of 2.4 liters when the expansion ratio is enlarged more than the compression ratio and thermal efficiency was improved engine with the motor and the reduction gear, and has achieved low fuel cost of 23 kilos a liter.

Moreover, the menu that contributes to the social contribution activity according to the point that evaluates driver's ecodrive and gives it is being offered, too.

The Akio Toyota president : in the symposium. 「I want to challenge the running plus environment. It thought about the size feeling suitable for the road in Japan. It is a new challenge of Lexus. 」It solved and it talked about eagerness.

The price : from 3.95 million yen of HS250h to 5.35 million yen of HS250h versionL. It is said that there are already 3000 reservations or more though it aims at 500 sales numbers of moons.

Lexus HS250h

Putting marketing strengthening of Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. of ten residence people to China

President Fumio Fujimori who assumed the position of the president of the system Toyota Motor major auto parts manufacturer (Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.) clarified the policy of residing about ten employees in charge of marketing in the locale the growth writing and to develop the country market according to the interview of the Fuji Sankei business eye while was within the year on the 13th. Installing the marketing function in China is the first.

Both parties produce and sales companies though Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. has 19 overseas subsidiaries in China now. Marketing that investigated the market trend etc. of the car including the development function also had gone in Japan. However, president Fujimori described in the interview, "Being able to do all the proposals as a supplier (auto components supplier) was a mission", and showed the policy of installing the marketing function in the locale aiming at the proposal to the local manufacturer. Wide China in the country especially emphasized because the state of the road was large and it differed according to the region, "It was necessary to develop parts standing in the line, and to design with a local ..(Use it).. person ..the same.." (president Fujimori).

Honda: "Fit" and the sports car also : to a hybrid expansion.

After it assumed the position, the Takanobu Ito president of Honda clarified the policy of putting a gas-and-electric-powered car of leading compact car "Fit" and an industry's first new sports hybrid on the market by the end of ten years for the first time according to the interview such as Mainichi Shimbun on the 13th. The Ito president has the policy of the description, "I want to concentrate to expand the hybrid very early", receiving the rise of the hybrid and popularity, and turning on the new model by moving up. The goods in stock expansion was sped up, and the idea of going in rivalry with rival's Toyota Motor was emphasized.

Honda puts hybrid "Incite" on the market in February this year. It is a good condition for the price level by which two million yen is under as the cheapest model to be generated publicity, and for the number of the total sales to reach 40,000 in the sale five months. The Ito president declared, "A hybrid technology of incite is expanded to other models earlier than schedules at first". The idea of positively adopting the hybrid system of the incite type that achieved the miniaturization and the price cutting for other compact cars was chiefly shown by driving with the gasoline engine, and using an electric motor limitedly as supplementary power.

The Ito president points out, "The HV system of Honda is simply excellent in an economic rationality" though new "Prius" of rival's Toyota installs an expensive HV system that uses the motor with a large more output, and types out the fuel cost performance of the world highest level forward. HV of a fit and the new sports car put on the market by the end of ten years suggested the idea of beginning the price attack similar to incite making springboard the cheapness of the cost.

Nissan Motor Co. is to put SUV on the market the first in the skyline.

Nissan Motor Co. put first sports type multipurpose car (SUV) "Skyline crossover" on the market in the skyline on July 13. Is they the engine displacement 3.7 liters, getting on of five people, and the price 4.2 million?4 million 998 thousand yen.
The skyline is put on the market in 1957, and the domestic number of the total sales is a typical brand of [nissankuruma] by about 3.07 million. The SUV type is turned on for the first time following the sedan and the coupe type at the 12th generation, and it aims at the revival among which the skyline is popular.

Wide spaciousness and height united the practicality of SUV like a good driving environment etc. of the prospect high with the maintenance of the crossover of the traveling performance of the coupe such as smooth acceleration feelings and energetic running. Feeling of luxury is produced by using the material of ..fine quality.. [moto] for the interior of the seat etc. compared with past SUV. Addition Toshiyuki Shiga chief operating officer (COO) did "Car of a new genre to make them unite the grace of the coupe to powerful of SUV" and PR to the device etc. that emitted the warning sound in the symposium on the same day when the brake was automatically controlled and the system and the following distance that returned in the lane contracted too much when coming to seem to begin to see from the lane.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thora town forum holding

It aims at the sunlight society.

The next date Monday, August 3, 2009
Opening the doors 13:00, opening a meeting 13:30, and closing a meeting 16:30 (schedule)

Holding hall marubiru hall

Address Chiyoda Ward Marunouchi 2-4-1 The marubiru7 floor

Traffic..Tokyo..Station..Marunouchi..south exit..1 minute on foot..subway..Marunouchi Line..Tokyo..Station..underpass..connect directly.

It is recruiting it by 300 participants.

Participation application home address

Dissolution on the 21st, and election vote on August 30 of the House of Representatives

The update at 12:43 July 13, 2009: Prime Minister Taro Aso at 13:35 July 13 confers on the government government party report in daytime of the 13th.
The schedule of "The House of Representatives dissolved, and voted between the 21st this month and the 24th on the notification on August 18 and 30 of the same month" was shown about [de] and the House of Representatives [era] for the next term, and the leaders of the ruling party or parties' acknowledgment was obtained.

It is thought that suffering a disastrous defeat of the Tokyo assembly member election is received, many people become the putting off theory in the government party, and the Prime Minister could not help also responding though the Prime Minister stares at the movement of "Aso unloading", and was groping for the schedule of the vote in the beginning of August. The focus of attention to come moves to the whereabouts of the Aso unloading in the Liberal-Democratic Party.

The metropolitan assembly member election is not that the Prime Minister ..".. relates directly to national administration by this liaison conference in the regional election.

However, it is incontrovertible to have given the influence that the hurly-burly in the Liberal-Democratic Party is bad for the citizen of Tokyo's judgment.

It was described, I said very much as Liberal Democratic Party President and it thought for two pins".

On that「I want to do my best to the approval of an important bill of the Organ Transplant Law amendment bill and the freight inspection special measures bill this week. It wants to dissolve the House of Representatives the starting week and early on the 21st this month and to ask Makoto. I think that August 30 is the best of the polling day. 」The policy was shown, and the objection did not go out. Representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito emphasized, "Let's did the agreement cooperation in Komeito as the Liberal-Democratic Party and worked hard".

The Prime Minister Aso shortly told the judgment to leaders of the faction dissolution.

Prime Minister Taro Aso called leaders of LDP executive and the each party faction on the night of the 12th, and told, "I want shortly to judge dissolution". There is a schedule of the House of Representatives election vote in the beginning of August in Prime Minister's mind. However, leaders of the faction have the voice that it is necessary to put off the election at the end of August deep-rooted, Komeito also is repulsing, and it is fluid whether the Prime Minister can launch out into dissolution in the vicinity.

The Prime Minister described to Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura on the morning of the 13th, "The change was not in the decision, and the judgment from an own hand". The surrounding of the Prime Minister is a morning of the same day. 「Heavily if the censure resolution is passed in the House of Councilors. It makes this sure and a very limit decision is urged on the government. 」It was assumed that the Prime Minister launched out into dissolution if it described, the vote of censure was submitted to the House of Councilors the opposition party, and it was passed.

The reaction when the Prime Minister tells party executives the intention of dissolution on the night of the 12th : according to the surrounding of the Prime Minister. 「It was various. It was a person and in halves by the insistence on the election in the beginning of September at the end of August. 」It says. One of the leaders of the faction said, "The Prime Minister did not say the time of dissolution".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gujyou dance beginning

The Gujo dance preservation member and the city officer put out the dance shop type used for the growing performance from the storage warehouse, and moved the Gujo dance beginning on the 11th to the vicinity of the turn point of "Cradle festival" at the first day on the fifth in the near future.

About 30 people participate in work. After it brushed away the dust in the storage warehouse in the Sakyo-cho and it polished, even the real thing of the dance was moved to the side of the parking lot of the standby [saseteoku] [kudahiyoshi]-cho.

There is "Dance sink" that moves while growing the Gujo Yahata old public office building memorial front since 7:30PM of the 11th. The dancer dances with [yakatachi] and it walks. The real thing of the dance : in front of the same memorial at 8:00PM. This [yakatachi] is used 32 nights for the period almost at the fair (dance the date) until September 5.