Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bicycle no blowout tire increasing the sale of enterprise Katazen Ltd. in Japan on homepage

Katazen (headquarters Aichi Prefecture Obu City bubo town woods new rice field 126-1, U.S. male president of [ka] Kondo, and telephone 0562・43・7311) that works on molding and the processing of the resin parts starts increasing the sale of no blowout tire "E? core fit Inn system" that replaces the tube of air in the tire of the bicycle with a special resin. The net sales are started by its own homepage in the end of May. Moreover, it aims at the delivery of Europe to "Rental bicycle" market through the mediator.

Homepage of Katazen Ltd.

The core fit Inn system (no blowout tire for the bicycle) is e ‐ patent pending.

E-Core Fit-in System explanation PDF

Core fit Inn system (no blowout tire for bicycle)e ‐ mounting instruction

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

..waiting.. [tase] !It is a founder festival in the high ground on invited Hotaka.

The Kamikochi founder festival that reported the sightseeing season to have come to Northern Japanese Alps was held by previous in the water imp bridge that spanned Azusakawa in Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto city Azumi on the 27th. 2500 tourists who had waited for impatiently sounded in a sheeny Hotaka mountain range of the remaining snow and were bouncing the mind to the sound of the extending alp horn.

The person related to local prayed for the drink offering in Azusakawa in the ceremony following Hotaka Shinto shrine Shinto priest's divine service and it prayed for safety in the sink and the mountain. The Kamikochi sightseeing inn union is expecting that 110,000 people visit during Golden Week holidays.

Kamikochi is crowded with the climbing mountain guest and the tourist for seven months or more until the close of a mine type on November 15 is faced.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nagano Zenkoji Temple Gokaicho

Address 〒380-0851
491 Nagano Prefecture Nagano City former good towns

From April 5 in the date to May 31

Gokaicho is that the treasured Buddhist icons and Buddha's ashes are unveiled to public to join hands in prayer. The beginning of the Gokaicho was ancient China.There is the record that the bones of digits of hand of Buddha was opened to hope for the realization of peace and prosperity in Houmonji in November Genna Era 13year (818).

In Japan at 1235, "Meigetsuki" said that the image of Zenkoji was made public and people gathered.

Zenkoji was built by Imperial command in 642, it's 1360years ago. Ever since, Zenkoji was believed in irrespective of age and sex.

The Zenkoji principal image is called as "Ikkousanzon (triad) Amida Nyorai" because of Amitabha Tathagata flanked by standing depictions of two attendants Bodhisattvas, Kannon to Amida's left and Seishi to his right in the scaph-mandorla.

Gakkai, wealthy man, had a daughter, whose name was Princess Nyoze. The only thing he lacks was her. One day, Princess Nyoze became serious ill. Gakkai summoned a famous doctor named Giba, but he could do anything for it and gave up despair. Gakkai made a pilgrimage to Shaka's residence and implored his help in saving his daughter. Though Princess Nyoze had already near-death , she was brought back to life. Gakkai was so profoundly grateful that he went back to the residence of Shaka.

It caused that Shaka and Amida made transform the gold into a living manifestation of Amida and his two attendants by their miracle. This ultimately becomes the main icon of Zenkoji through India and Paekcke. It is also told that the first Buddhist image came to Japan in 552.

In 602, the triad issued an oracle, saying that it would be moved to Imoi Village in Minochi County (Now:Nagano city). Then it has been Hibutsu(secret Buddha), no longer be seen in its shine since 654. It makes unalterable belief to hibutsu, after all, to go and worship at main hall of hibutsu is most gratifying and it becomes a part of life in people. If people can see and worship the icon at any time they wished, the spiritual resonance of this activity would devalued.

In contrast, Maedachi Honzon was made by Yoshimitsu Honda , the Image that stands in front, which was very spiritual and image of the icon of Zenkoji. The doors of Maedachi Honzon are opened every 7th year to reveal the icon in a ceremony called "Gokaicho (opening the curtains)".

There were two types, "Igaicho" to be around and "Degaicho"to carry out in the three cities (Edo,Kyoto,Osaka). At present, Igaicho is commonly known as Gokaicho. Gokaicho(=Maedachi Honzon Gokaicho) have popular usage since Tokugawa Period. At that time, Gokaicho was at random times. Gokaicho has every 7th year that has existed since the Meiji Era.

It makes "Seven"significant numbers to look on the phases of the moon and the astrology. There is the custom proper to Nagano to get everything by heart in Gokaicho period.

The main purpose of visiting Gokaicho is to have the honor of seeing Maedachi Honzon ,to "Goimonchoudai"to be presented with the stamp named Houin Sanhan on the forehead that guide to paradise fulfill promise, and to lay a hand on "Ekou Bashira( very symbol of Gokaicho)" to form a connection with Maedachi Honzon tied a string(Zen no Tsuna).

Now Nagano, it was Zenkouji colony with only 250 goku in Edo Period, is the capital city of Nagano prefecture and known throughout the world for Olympic host cities. We say that Zenkoji and its Gokaicho is source of growth of Nagano, because Zenkouji is the temple accessible to anybody and brings a lot of people.

Mr.Shuei Wakaomi, the representative of Zenkoji, gave a complete description of the history and the meaning of Gokaicho(1997). (The article of Shinano Mainichi News which appeared in the April 6th 1997 issue)

Friday, April 24, 2009

4/28 founder in Nagano City Kinasa [okususohana] natural garden festival

About the end of from the middle of May though full-bloomed in May (The founder festival and the Japanese skunk-cabbage festival are schedules of 4/28 in 2009. As for the best time to, everything of the late-May from end of the holiday week is expected) changes depending on the age in the end of April.

Sticking to information

Here and there, there is a marsh where the Japanese skunk-cabbage clusters also in Shinshu though Oze is famous if it is said the Japanese skunk-cabbage. [Okususohana] natural garden blooms especially in a vast marshland of seven hectares 810,000 Japanese skunk-cabbages, and takes pride in the scale called a top of Japan at the time of thaw. As for the flower, eutrophication is lovelier than advanced Oze. 410,000 stocks bloom all over among the trees in "Crowd Japanese skunk-cabbage garden" introduces by "The Japanese skunk-cabbage is seen here" below. It can enjoy both with the bud of a beechen virgin forest.
The divine service is held ahead of the [okususohana] Co. in the event that reports opening a natural garden at time when the Japanese skunk-cabbage starts blooming as for the founder festival and the Shinto music and dancing and the ogress autumn tint drum are dedicated.
Whether one hour when a natural garden is seen and it turnsIt becomes the trekking of four hours. Please the snow must remain in the marshland, too and prepare shoes that are boots or thick and go out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 60th Kyoto Takiginou Advance purchase is being sold.

A large ultra lord is presented, and Noh stage of setting up specially is united to backing, and Nou・Kyougen・komai・simai etc. are presented in the dark and the watch fire. The repertoire is different from both days. Rain postponement.
- Place: Heian Jingu Shrine
- Address: 〒606-8341Kyoto City Sakyo Ward Okazaki Nishitenouji town
- Period: 2009 6/2 (Monday) from 6/1 (Sunday)
- Time: 4,000 yen and advance sale 3,000 yen on that day from 17:30
- Access: City bus 5.100"Kyoto Kaikan museum front"
- Inquiry: 075-771-6114 (Kyoto [nou] society)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Important intangible folk cultural property "Mibu-kyougen" in the country is opened to the public in Mibu-dera in Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward in spring on

Opening important intangible folk cultural property "Mibu-kyougen" in the country in spring to the public started on the 21st in Mibu-dera in Kyoto City Nakagyo Ward. The first is customary "Hourakuwari". The spectator has been shouting with joy to a great scene to which Houraku is dynamically dropped from the stage.

Mibu-kyougen is assumed that it is a start that Engakujyounin explained teaching France by the gesticulation at the body about 700 years ago. It performs according to the bell and the drum, and "mibusannokaandenden" and the citizens are familiar.
The trick of spring that starts at 1:00PM is dedicated to the principal image as work in daytime. "Hourakuwari" is a story into which it fights over the first ride of the drum sales and the Hourakuuri [riga] branch shop, and the drum sales divide all Houraku. Dust flew up when about 1000 Horaku that those who visited a shrine dedicated at Setsubun of February was dropped one after another and it cracked, the spectator stood up, and it gazed. Until the 29th. Charge.

Paper soap to have shape of petal of cherry blossoms

GEL-Design (14-1 in the Sapporo City west district departure cold) that works on the research and development of the gel material has begun the sale that started sales of new handmade paper soap "Cherry blossoms soap" on April 15 in an online shop etc. since April 15.

One piece a piece has the shape of the petal of cherry blossoms, and this commodity that uses a natural material can be used to wash one's face to say nothing of "It is gentle also to the skin" (this company) and the washroom. 5?10 piece is used in the washroom of one time. This company has handmade produced by the same manufacturing method as crystal paper pattern soap "First snow of the season" of the snow sold by the Hokkaido limitation.

「The petal of delicate cherry blossoms melts and changes into the bubble with [suu] on the palm. It made it from the suitable image beautifully 」President Hiroyuki of [tsushiba] of this company. solving"Cherry blossoms soap" is a part ..wanting to make.. grand prix in the theme "Tokyo Midtown Award 2008 design competition" general as for "New souvenir of Japan", and the audience prize is won.

The [tsushiba] president of this company is [tsushiba] president , saying that "As for the transience at the four seasons, it wants you to use it for the present etc. by all means with the paper soap soap that shows [kanasa]". It speaks with "I can send also to overseas people because it is a commodity of which the theme is a new souvenir of Japan and want to come".

In "Cherry blossoms soap", the paper soap soap of the amount to be able to do the washroom of 10?15 times is in the punnet. It descends, and the price is 1,575 yen (including tax). In Hokkaido, it sells it in [pu] another and the siesta lab (one Sapporo City Chuo Ward south west 15), etc. besides this company [onrainsho].

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gorgeous picture scroll and Hikiyama festival that holds and exceeds time of 270 years, and revives now on the fifth May 4,

Gorgeous, gorgeous, graceful festival boasting of tradition for 270 years with Toyama Prefecture Nanto city Johana for two days, May 5 May 4,An exquisite carving and paint are given, and six floats that put the god parade in whole town. Elaborate "Cell stall" to imitate one power restaurant in Kyoto Gion etc. guides each float, and a peculiar "[Ioriuta]" to Johana where it puts on the tone of the whistle and the samisen and the flow of the Edo edge song is drunk cracks and the song cracks in that.
Reference URL

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20 April 19, Hida Furukawa festival

The midnight, April 19 Hida Furukawa's town can be blown in the storm that can be called a single-minded. This was sung to the whole country as the strange festival 'Okoshidaiko'. Only this day is pierced in the festival that matches Hadakamatsuri to Kenkamatsuri and the town in still Yamakuni swings to an intense war of Hadakakotoko, too.


Appearance of trial-ride fair of JR Kyushu on steam locomotive "SL Hitoyoshi" April 18

In JR Kyushu, is pleasure train "SL Hitoyoshi" that steam locomotive (SL) pulls Kumamoto on April 18?The trial-ride fair for the report and the person related to local was opened ago it from between Hitoyoshi (Kagoshima line and Hisatsu line) the 25th as for the start of driving.

SL is "8620 shape" that was called "[Hachiroku]" and made of 1922 years. A large scale restoration was executed though worn out of the body had retired intensely. The passenger car produces classic atmosphere by using wood for the floor and the wall. The observation lounge can command the place along railway-tracks scenery such as Kuma rivers glazed.
"SL Hitoyoshi" is driven during the weekend, Golden Week, and summer vacation until November 29. The train is all seat specification, and the reserved-seat ticket for 800 yen is necessary besides the ticket. (Kyodo News Service)

Friday, April 17, 2009

hakuyuukumiyunomi(白釉組湯呑) class cup by Syouiti takigawa

It sends it to the rakuten auction.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4000 processions before the gate is opened "Pull it out as shown in cherry blossoms" in Osaka and Mint Bureau.

"Pull it out as shown in cherry blossoms" of Mint Bureau (Osaka City Kita Ward) that reported the real thing to Osaka in spring started the 15th. People enjoying the blossoms that were not able to be waited entered the tunnel of the cherry with opening the gate at the inside and 10:00AM to which the going up patch of blue sky extended as for rain from the day before.

126 348 kinds are in full bloom as shown in about 560 meters of Okawa from the this bureau south gate to the north gate it. It is eight blooming this year according to Mint Bureau already. The first day is said that about 4000 people formed a procession to opening the gate as there is a person who queues up at 2:00AM.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tetsugakunomiti of Kyoto City Sakyo Ward where carpet of cherry blossoms is beautiful

Cherry blossoms were able to scatter by Tetsugakunomiti of Kyoto City Sakyo Ward because of rain and the wind on the 14th, and to amuse tourists' eyes by "Carpet of cherry blossoms" where the petal buried ground.

Motogi sunrise of barber who visited sightseeing from Saitama Prefecture by the married couple male (67)「Full-bloomed cherry blossoms are good, and scattering is not bad. There is air, and rain also can be very beautiful the petal that buries ground, and enjoy on and the under. Kyoto doesn't get tired whenever it comes. There may be each occasion goodness by you. 」It spoke with a smile solving.

Rain that had begun to be gotten off at the dawn of the 14th became 12milli until about 3:30PM according to Kyoto Local Meteorological Observatories.

Tetsugakunomiti is a footpath in Kyoto City Sakyo Ward.

Cherry blossoms planted in both shores of Biwakososui are splendid from the vicinity of Nanzenji to Jisyouji(Ginkakuji), and it crowds with a lot of tourists in spring and the autumn of the autumn tint.

It is said that this name was given from contemplating of the philosopher and Kitaro Nishida strolling on this road. It was assumed that the one that had been called "First diameter of meditation" had come to be called "Tetsugakunomi" some day, and became a formal name in 1972. It is a stroll road of road 100 in Japan as which it chooses

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Takakyama festival of spring starts in the lLike Kyoto takayama in Hida

The Takayama festival of the 14th and spring started in Gifu Prefecture Takayama city. It is unfortunate rainy though 12 gorgeous stalls can have shone soon by cherry blossoms that face full-bloomed and it was to have been arranged. Tourists were looking at the stall where the turn was waited in the warehouse from the entrance. The mechanism dedication became an announcement in the warehouse, too and everyone that cooked it had felt admiration for the movement of the doll.

The stall is at night and there is a festival concerning the town at night when the lantern of the decorated remainder by 100 pieces floats at the dark night if rain goes up. The festival : until the 15th. The mechanism dedication on the same day is scheduled two times in the morning and the afternoon.

It expects it according to Gifu Local Meteorological Observatories, that rain continues before dawn of the 15th.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Songs of comfort women by a monk in Kyoto

This temple of the Otani faction Honganzi JYODOSHINSYU (venereal book) (Nishiotani) Higashiyama-ku Kyoto = 17 the night of outdoor live events through the first circle around the temple bridge "border begins today (story) in a disease book," give a . "Buddhist hymn" monk song theme woman worth seeing three people.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Michelin guide: Kyoto and the Osaka version also : to the issue.

It was announced that the Japan Michelin tire (headquarters and Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) issued a Japanese version and an English version of "Kyoto and Michelin guide Osaka 2010" to evaluate the restaurant and the hotel by ranking about "Three-star" etc. in October this year on the 6th.

It is the second bounce in the country following Tokyo. Rucksack [nare] Jean = explained, "Paid attention to the second city and Osaka in Japan where Kyoto where the tradition dish was succeeded to and had been developed and a rich, variegated gastronomic culture were brought up" about a total person in charge of the guide who had had an interview on this day.

The investigation is executed according to this company in the autumn of 07 years. It is said that about 1000 shops will be chosen in the future, and the star putting and the publishing shop are squeezed by July.

The shop that refused publishing and the store taking a picture request came out one after another in Kyoto, too. However, [nare] spoke, "Put it regardless of the presence of agreement".

Takeshi on the gate of a detailed specialized magazine on cuisine "[Amakara] [techou]" edit superintendence to the gastronomic culture in Kansai is speaking, "It is interesting that a new evaluation axis joins".

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New dolls for the Boy's Festival in 2009

Brand name dolls for the Boy's Festival (白絲縅裾金物付大鎧)
sales companies Kyugetsu
Producer Yoshitaka Saotome

It is a real large armor by master craftsman girl great armored master unique by represent Japan Yoshitaka Saotome .

A small note politely sticks all the genuine leather tailoring and 2500 one piece in total together, and [kabutohachi] puts 16 pieces, and [**] consults and puts undulation on a small note by using the deerskin of this tailoring by [a] [wase] and the blowing return as sticking to the body. It is the highest class blockbuster large exactly armor.

Because Yoshitaka's armor is a genuine intention, the number of production is extremely limited.

2/3 white [****] skirt hardware large armor of latter term of tailoring Kamakura age by Yoshitaka Saotome

High priced commodity sold in Rakuten web shop

Recently, the commodity of high priced was marketed with rakuten who was the originator in the Web shop in Japan.
The marketed commodity marketed the whole village where the Kawauchi Warring States Period village castle had been included.

The offered price is 1 billion 29 million yen.

Please confirm details in the Kawauchi Warring States Period village from the address below.

The seen hill park in writer's Sou Kuramoto, Kyoto prefectural Tango sea, and star is inspected.

Scenario writer Sou Kuramoto (74) spread the activity of "C・C・C Furano natural cram school" (Furano City, Hokkaido) that served as the proprietor of a crammer on the fourth, and to search for the possibility of the natural cram school establishment excluding Furano City, the seen hill park in Kyoto prefectural Tango sea and the star in Miyazu City was inspected.

A natural cram school opens on the site in the golf course in 2006. The history is likened from the birth of the earth to the road of 460 meters for about 4.6 billion years, and various environmental education is programmed "Road in the earth" that traces the history while walking and acting afforestation. This inspection was executed in cooperation with resource recycling company [amita] (Tokyo) that formed a business tie-up with a natural cram school.

Mr. Kuramoto advised, "The program that used a theatrical technique that excited not shape like school lessons but guests was necessary for a natural cram school" etc. in the garden while receiving the explanation of the employee and the park staff of [amita].
It was pointed out, "It was divided into parts on the road and the charm of Tango was wasteful though it was to be near the forest the sea", and spoke, "In the sea and the forest, the local population was the hope of the idea as for related, that is, defended each other".

Brief history of Sou Kuramoto
* Tokyo Prefecture (present and Tokyo) coming from.
* Father and Taro Yamatani (1899- 1952) were haiku poets who had the haiku title of tide in spring, and 'Wild bird glossary of seasonal terms for haiku composers' (1943) was left.
* Azabu junior high school, high school, and aesthetics of Department of Literature at The University of Tokyo department graduation.
* It becomes a scenario writer through the producer of Nippon Broadcasting System. Theater people in Japan handle the scenario and production alone.
* Reluctance is piercing the problem over right or wrong of the production participation of the scenario writer became complicated when NHK Taiga Drama 'Kaishu Katsu' is produced, and it removes to Sapporo City, Hokkaido in 1973 though it became a free scenario writer in Tokyo after it leaves the office of Nippon Broadcasting System. In addition, it removed to Furano City, Hokkaido in 1978.
* It returned with NHK by 'God of the toy' in 1999 though it was in the insulating state from the trouble over above-mentioned 'Kaishu Katsu' [oroita] for 20 years or more.
* It is generated publicity by the family drama 'From northern climes' in Furano in 1981. Even a lot of by make Hokkaido a stage dramas such as Original Story of the TV drama 'Gentle time' that draws the rupture and the reproduction of father and son's bonds in Screenplay of '[**waka] yesterday' and Furano ..Utashinai City and the Kamisunagawa-cho.. ..staging and wanting to make.. besides are famous. A stone literary prize is won by 'From northern climes' novel version in 1982 about three [yamamotoyuu] commemoration roadside.
* Purple Ribbon Medal and receiving in 2000
* The 21st Kuniko Mukaida prize was won by '2002 wills of the north from the country' in 2002.
* "Furano cram school" is established in same city [nunoreiwaka] in Furano City for the training of young man's actor and scenario writer in 1984, and it presides. The fee of ..juku student.. attending a lecture lives together for two years free of charge, Nokyo in local and cooperation of the farmer etc. are received, the help juku student oneself of field labor begins to work for one's keep in summer, and the practice for the done theatrical is done at another and the [furano] play factory of the immersion program etc. in winter. It is known by a unique art of training such as installing a primitive day (event that so-called primitive life that doesn't rely on electricity, water service, and the gas is experienced), and scenario writer Kiko Yoshida (the second stage) and actor's [hisashi] Kato (the fourth stage) and Satoru Nikaido (the sixth stage) et al. have been sent off once a year so far. Moreover, it is deeply related also to the incorporated nonprofit organization and [no] play atelier established by the receiving citizens of the activity of the Furano cram school ..falling.., and greatly contributes to the built theater and [no] play factory ..falling.. in the same city. Trees is planAted in closed Furano Prince Hotel golf links, an incorporated nonprofit organization and C・C・C Furano natural cram school where it tries to return the same place to the forest of nature are established, and it assumes the position of the proprietor of a crammer in 2005. The Furano cram school was announced by the [sotsujuku] type at ..closed cram school [surukoto].. the end of March in 2007 at the end of March in 2010.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 60th Kyo Odori holding

The festival was Miyakawa-cho Kaburenjo in Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward on the third at the previous night of "The 60th Kyo Odori" that began on April 4, and the art maiko who had worn colorful clothes announced the dance like the real thing to invited guests.

The repertoire is "Elegant Teru [**] of capital [hana**] ([hanazo] of seeing and [kofuuryuukiyou])" in which seven all [**] develops speedily.

In the second [**], daughters who played in the rape blossoms field where four geishas bloomed in Sagano were expressed by graceful conduct of the Wakayanagi style, and the dancer who was excrement [shi] boiled the seat to the frog and the rabbit as for the third [**] covered from the birds and beasts character caricature of the national treasure by funny movement. Eight maikoes showed the fly gregariously for which the breath was suitable to the sixth [**] that drew [yama] of Gion Matsuri.
Geishas of full dress are reverent in commemoration of the turning point of 60 times and the act that gives a message also : during the dance. The end was finished off by "Miyakawa initiative" in which 40 art maikoes unfolded a total dancing. Until the 19th. Performance. three times a day

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kyoto City Sakyo Ward Okazaki canal cherry blossoms light 2009

Place In Kyoto City Sakyo Ward Okazaki Park
Date 2009/4/3 (Friday) ~4/5 (Sunday) 19:00?21:30
The subway: It is city bus on foot from Tozai Line "Higashiyama Station" for about eight minutes.
From Kyoto Station
"Article 2 in Higashiyama" getting off of 206 "Kyoto Kaikan museum front" getting off 5,100 city bus systems city bus systems
From Kawaramachi Shijo
"Article 2 in Higashiyama" getting off of 31,201,203 "Kyoto Kaikan museum front" getting off 5, 32, and 46 city bus systems city bus systems
From Keihan Sanjo
"Kyoto Kaikan museum front" getting off of five city bus systems

Homepage seeing and [komesse]

Seven Toyota new wish announcement people get on and a small minivan (4/2).

Toyota Motor announced that they restyled a small minivan and the wish of getting on of seven people and put it on the market on the second. A new engine that unites a high environmental performance to the power performance is both installed in a new wish by 1.8 liters and 2 liters. It is said the improvement of fuel cost CVT-i of the no stage gear-change is combined with the FF car of 1.8 liters by 15% or less compared with 16 kilos and previous models per liter.