Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The monument is completed in the town in the 28th iron man Kobe of "Full-scale".

"Full-scale" plastron monument "The iron person No.28" that put the wish for the local revitalization was completed in the park in Kobe City Osada Ward that received damage because of the Great Hanshin Earthquake and a huge imposing figure of about 15 meters in height appeared on the 29th.

The iron man of 50 tons in weight is a powerful pose that straddles, and thrusts out the fist of the right hand to previous as for both feet. Work to remove the work stand and the seat etc. of work with which the iron man was covered started, and an ultramarine body appeared gradually on the morning of the same day.

"The iron man No.28" is cartoonist from Kobe City, and Mr. the late Yokoyama brilliance's most important work. NPO (incorporated nonprofit organization)"KOBE iron man PROJECT" made from the owner of retail stores of the same district planned , saying that "It can be vigor by borrowing iron man's power as for the town".

Friday, September 25, 2009

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. opens novel vehicle "U3-X" to the public.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. opened prototype "U3-X" of an electric monocycle that was able to move to the public right and left and diagonally on around September 24. Compact size installed between person's both feet in vehicle of singles. It operates it by moving weight.

True side and the prototype was completed by diagonally using HOT Drive System of the world first that was able to be moved (all azimuth drive wheel mechanism = Honda Omni Traction Drive System) in addition to the movement before and behind the balance control technology that developed by the robotics research on two-legged robot "ASIMO" of this company. Only weight moves, the speed and the direction can be adjusted, it moves in various directions, it turns, and it stops. For the foot to attach at once when getting on, and to become almost the same line of vision as the pedestrian, the size has been adjusted. The size is 160×315×650mm in height in depth in width, and weight is 10kg or less. It is possible to run for one hour when the lithium-ion battery is made a power supply, and it charges it full.

First of all, the inclination sensor detects the inclination of the body by the weight shift in the mechanism of operation. As a result, in which direction you want to move at the speed of which extent is distinguished, and it moves while doing an exact control that recovers the inclination. The wheel of the heart developed for the first time in the world is shape that makes two or more small wheels transverse and connects it to the row. A diagonal movement became possible by combining two movements because it moved back and forth with the wheel and it was possible to move right and left with a small wheel, too. "U3-X" is scheduled to be exhibited to "The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009" held in Makuhari Messe on October 24.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell by which SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. becomes half the thickness of the cell is developed. --The conversion efficie

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. announced on September 18 that they would develop super-thin type HIT solar battery cell that became a thickness below a past half in the HIT solar battery. It is said that the saving resource and manufacturing from low-cost will become possible.

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell achieves 96 microns in thickness that become half present 200 microns. It is said that HIT solar battery of the highest efficiency in the world 23% announced in May and almost equal conversion efficiency 22.8% will be secured though it is a super-thin type.

It was assumed that the solar battery cell had a decrease in the amount of the photoabsorption and the problem that it was easy to curve so far and reducing the thickness was difficult. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. achieves reducing the thickness by two elemental technologies "High voltage joint technology" and "Improvement of the effect of an optical confinement". It is said that it challenged the maximization of quantities of light absorbed in a thin cell.

The thickness ..96 micron.. reduces the thickness from 200 microns present ..becoming the business card level.. about the copy paper level. As a result, it is said that the installation in a wider place can be expected. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is assuming that it zealously advances the application of super-thin type HIT solar battery cell to mass-produced goods.

It telephones, the television, and it integrates making the digital photo frame multifunctional.

Making the digital photo frame from which the photograph taken with the digital camera is easily seen high performance is advanced. The new item that makes, and improves the telecommunication facility has been turned on one after another so that animation is shown aiming at Respect-for-the-Aged Day and Christmas.

As for the new item of "ALBO" that SANYO Electric markets on October 8, not only the photograph but also animation can be reproduced. The photograph taken with the camera of the cellular phone can be easily forwarded by the infrared date communication. The color prepares pink and brown by the design that wears roundness. The memory of 500MB is built into seven type screen, and the market assumption price is about 15,000 yen.

The digital photo frame can save the printed time, and can enjoy two or more photographs like the slide show. Popularity was early by Europe and America, Sony started selling in full scale last May, and the domestic market was ignited. In the expectation of Sanyo, the domestic market for 09 years ..600,000.. twice of last year expands.

High-level model "DPF?X1000" (market assumption price about 40,000 yen) that Sony marketed in April places the resin between the liquid crystal panel and the glass, and has improved the image quality by the contrast 15 times so far. A new model that improves the design is a turning on schedule at the end of the year. NTT DoCoMo and Softbank have put out the commodity that receives the photograph taken by carrying directly with mail and projects it.

There is a commodity that fuses with other consumer electronics, too. Panasonic puts the portable One Seg television model that can record 40,000 photographs or less on the market in August. When not watching television, the photograph is projected. The screen where the photograph is projected puts the telephone that becomes a touch panel at arrival and departure Makoto on the market to Sharp on the 25th this month.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is possible to choose according to 100 colors. --Small single lens reflex for Pentax and entry「PENTAX K-x」

The HOYA PENTAX imaging system division announced digital SLR camera "PENTAX K-x" for the entry on September 17. It puts it on the market in the middle of October.

What developed based on "PENTAX K-m" put on the market in October, 2008It had a high basic performance that approached the high rank machine of a high-speed continuous shooting etc. of an ultra-high-density image, a hypersensitive taking a picture of about effective for a small body of the size of the postcard that became minimum in the class 12.4 million pixel, and about the height 4.7 scene as a digital SLR camera. Face detection AF function to obtain up to a live view and 16 people or less can be installed, and the HD animation of 24fps (frame/second) take a picture by 1280×720(16:9) pixel.

It is abundant color variations that becoming a further eyeball in addition to the basic performance. Order color order service "PENTAX K-x 100colors,100styles." that was able to be chosen according to each combination of five colors and 100 all kinds in 20 main body of the camera colors and grips began as a new attempt though shop models were 3 colors (white, red, and the black) on the same day. It is possible to buy it by simulating the color with Pentax Online shop.

The price of "PENTAX K-x lens kit" (with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL) is 69,800 yen. "PENTAX K-x double zoom kit")(with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL and smc PENTAX-DA L 55-300mmF4-5.8ED is 89,800 yen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"The liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. "--Next generation liquid crystal panel technology "UV2 A" is developed.

Sharp Corp. developed the next generation liquid crystal panel that adopted "UV2 A" ([yu-buitsu-e-]) technology that achieved 5000:1 compared with the contrast on September 16. It is said that an optical aperture rate is excellent high in the color reproduction power and it has the conservation of energy performance.

Mr. yoshiaki ibuchi in charge of the representative director vice president device business「The LCD TV market has been expanded by the establishment of Sharp Corp. of the ASV liquid-crystal technology. However, an environmental performance is closed up worldwide recently, and a high concern has gathered in the conservation of energy television. To answer the calling of time, our company has started the development of a new liquid-crystal technology that takes the place of the ASV liquid crystal. The technology that has cultivated it by the ASV liquid crystal is concentrated, and new technology UV2 A technology is developed. As a result, the liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. It is thought that the UV2 A technology is a technology that achieves because of Sharp of the liquid crystal. 」Confidence was spoken to a new liquid crystal.

The UV2 A liquid-crystal technology can control the liquid crystal molecule by the technology for the new distribution at the picot level. It is said that "Vivid color reproduction" will be achieved by having improved "..sinking.. black" and the aperture rate by suppressing an optical leakage from the backlight.

As a result, the contrast achieves 5000:1 that becomes 1.6 times compared with the past. I hear that the aperture rate became the improvement of 20% or more. It is said that the response speed will become 4ms or less by the restriction power's for the distribution to the liquid crystal molecule propagated as it knocks down the domino being improved to the overall, uniform response of which all the liquid crystal molecules respond at a time so far.

I hear that the pixel structure secured the high throughput by making it to a simple structure to save the rib and the slit.

I hear that liquid crystal panels that adopted the UV2 A liquid-crystal technology were produced at Osaka, the Sakai factory, and the second factory in Kameyama that operates in October. It had risked at the Sakai factory since the latter six months of the term of fiscal year 2009, and the desire was shown to "It wanted you to expect it" ([**] pool) and an early product launch about the schedule of commercialization at the period when beginning to produce.

I hear that the production panel in the Sakai factory became the one that most adopted the UV2 A technology. It is said that the device will be introduced one by one for the second factory in Kameyama. Sharp assumes the best technology for not only a present LCD TV but also ultra-high-density 4K2K display and 3D television.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daikin Industries, Ltd. Ltd. resolves and 100% removes "New influenza virus" by the specific technology.

Daikin Industries,Ltd. announced on the 15th that they proved the streamer electrical discharge technology of original this company resolved by 100% every four hours and removed "New influenza virus".

This time, the effect of the streamer electrical discharge technology is proven by a joint research with a my doctor of ..Lethe in the Vietnamese national hygiene epidemiologic study place.. Quinn (hereafter, my doctor). "The oxidation resolution is done, and the protein on the surface of the new influenza virus is thought to have obtained this demonstration result by having lost the infectivity by the streamer electrical discharge technology" (this company)It assumes it.

In this company, it is proven that the streamer electrical discharge technology resolves by 100% every three hours and removes "Strong toxicity homo origin bird flu virus" in May, 2009. The effect of inactivation of poisonous substances such as the toxin, the bacillus, and formaldehyde that cause the seasonality influenza virus, the norovirus, and food poisoning is proven.

A my doctor in the Vietnamese national hygiene epidemiologic study place「It was a result as it was an expectation though 100% resoluble in a short time as well as the bird flu had been convinced. It is scheduled that further development of this technology is expected and this demonstration result is announced as a thesis. 」It speaks.

Sharp Corp. puts the virus removal refrigerator on the market.

Sharp Corp. puts six models of the refrigerator that use "High density plasma cluster ion" technology that resolves and removes the virus and mold, etc. on the market one by one on October 10. The high density plasma cluster ion generation device is newly installed in the vegetable room in addition to a past refrigeration room. It is said that miscellaneous germs that adhere to the surface of the vegetable and the fruit by discharging a high density ion also spend about the first and 99.9% can be removed. The route of the cold is made efficiency, and the efficiency of the compressor is improved and the conservation of energy performance is improved. The amount of power consumption has been decreased. The sticker price assumes 270,000 yen from 220,000 yen.

Sanyo Denki puts home network viewer "ALBO" corresponding to the infrared rays reception from the cellular phone on the market.

The SANYO Electric consumer electronics announced home network viewer "ALBO HNV-S70" to which the image and animation were able to receive infrared rays from the cellular phone easily on September 14. It puts it on the market on October 8. The price opens.

ALBO HNV-S70 is a home network viewer equipped with seven type liquid crystal of 800×480 dot display in the body that wore roundness. It prepares in the infrared rays reception function that the image and animation can be forwarded from the cellular phone. In addition, the animation reproduction function for Motion-JPEG that can enjoy the animation of which it takes a picture with the digital camera etc. is adopted. It is said that it will take an active part as family's communications tool by improving happiness and the convenience of the digital photo frame.

Additionally, it equips it with the special effect function that the effect is added when the slide show reproduces the MP3 file reproduction function can the enjoyment of music with the illuminance sensor and the photograph where the display is lit and turned off by the automatic operation in proportion to the remote control that can be operated from a place away and the brightness of the room.

The storage medium corresponds to SD, SDHC card (SD/miniSD/microSD) in addition to a built-in memory of about 500MB, the Memory Stick duo, Memory Stick PRO duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG duo, [memori-sutei;kkumaikuro], and USB thumb drive. Three kinds of colors are the vanilla white, are framboise pink, exist about espresso Brown, and the shop assumption price is about 15,000 yen.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Toyota Motor exhibits plug-in HV concept model in the Motor Show of Germany.

Is Toyota Motor 15 in September?It was announced that concept model "Plug-in Prius hybrid concept" of first plug-in hybrid car (PHV) in this company put on the market at the end of this year would be exhibited to the Frankfurt international Motor Show held in Frankfurt in Germany on the 27th for the tenth. 30 percent or more of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhausted when another running extending by enabling the charge in a domestic power supply up to 20 about ten times usual gas-and-electric-powered car (HV) "Prius" to be selling the distance where it was able to run only by an electric motor now kilos was cut. Therefore, the fuel cost performance improves greatly compared with a gasoline car and usual HV.

The concept model changed the battery from the Ni-MH battery to a more mass lithium-ion battery based on Prius, and enabled an external charge. Toyota sells new model PHV in about 200 and the United States in Japan after the end of the year after it makes further refinements to the concept model and it sells it to about 150 and the corporation in Europe such as about 150 and French British Germany.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tokai University participates in the solar car race of the Australian continental running through 3,000km two holding in October, 2009 by a new solar

"Tokai Challenger" that Tokai University newly developed for the solar car race held in Australia in October was completed and it was announced Shonan inside the campus (Kanagawa Prefecture Hiratsuka City) on the seventh. The race participates in the solar car section (about 3,000 kilos) by "Global green challenge" that competes with the car with a little environmental load such as sunlight and electricity.

The solar car that Tokai University developed is the eighth. It is singles by flat about five meters in the body and the total length. Maximum speed goes out by 150 kilos if a supplementary battery is used together at a speed of 95 kilos per hour when it is only sunlight. In the output 2.5 horsepower, it is top-level in the entered team of this race.

Kenjiro Shinozuka (60) who accomplished the first overall victory in the Japanese in the Dakar rally in 1997 gets on as a driver in Tokai University OB.

The practice run was done on this day, and Mr./Ms. Shinozuka who had gripped the steering wheel said, "It wants to work hard the real thing aiming at the victory stand".