Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hounenm festival of strange festival TagataJinjya of whole country

The festival named Hounenmaturi is held in Tagatajinjya in Aichi Prefecture Komaki City on March 15 every year.
It seems to be very famous for a certain stripe and gathers from many parts of the world by people.
Then, Gosintai of the Tagatajinjya must.
It is this.
Length seeming is about 60cm in the diameter over 2m. leave at once the person who doesn't understand whether it is this shape
I hear consisting of the Japanese cypress.

Hounenmaturi is a festival that dedicates it by Yakuotoko making this every year and by the portable shrine and exist prays for the global peace, the all things promotion, and the fruitful year though says, "Large penis type".

Address Aichi Prefecture Komaki City rice field prefecture town 152 of Tagatajinjya

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