Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is it an apoplexy prevention effect in milk?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare research group announced the epidemiology investigation result that the risk of becoming an apoplexy was low to the person with a lot of calcium intakes from meal for the 29th. It has been understood that the person who takes a lot of dairy products doesn't develop easily when examining it according to food.

The main dairy products

* The one that yogurt milk was fermented as it was.

* The one that amount of milkfat of cream milk was taken out. When the milk (After disinfecting the boil) not processed is left, collecting up is cream.

* What takes out solid of cheese milk, and hardens itFermented what is more

* The one that oil was separated from butter-cream. It is only made from the stir of cream. The (?) salinity is added for preservation.

* It is a liquid made when the buttermilk butter is manufactured. It is chiefly processed to the buttermilk powder in Japan because it doesn't become dairy products in the ministerial ordinance though it is a major beverage as it is possible to buy it in the supermarket in Europe and America.

* The one that ghee-butter was refined further. It is removed and it is made because a part of element hardens by heating it at the low temperature and it precipitates. Long-term preservation can be done at the normal temperature just like usual food oil. It is called the refinement butter. The salt is not added unlike butter.

* The brewage only of sake-fermentation (It is a lactic acid fermentation of a similar yogurt) is low the alcohol degree, and used like the yogurt. The distillation sake is drunk like usual sake. There are Sake etc. of Mongolia (The alias is different according to the Irag region). There is a low-malt beer "奶 ..brewing.. 啤 sake" (Nainyampegeu) in China. A small amount of milk shochu fermented with rice is manufactured in Japan.

* Milk fat as industrial material butterfat-chiefly. It is likely to be used for the
raw material etc. of soap.

* It is a milk protein element in the main casein as the industrial material. It is used
for the raw material etc. of the nourishment medicine, the stabilizer, and the stamp.

River fish's Amago

When becoming a season of Bon Festival

The ayu that was able to take it in the Nagara-gawa River main stream in Gujo

Though it has dealings by high price as a Gujo ayu

This ayu is registered in the regional group trademark recently.

There seems to be movement made a brand.

It was possible to take it in the Nagara-gawa River main stream in the vicinity
of Gujo Yahata before.

Though the ayu and the ayu that was able to take it in other branches were

The unification of it and making to the brand also

Is it only me that think please?

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