Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kitty's eyes are Hartodoctarsherabo announcement events.

Junichi Ishida is Doctarsherabo announcement event and Kitty's eyes are hearts. 「It is lovely.
Eyes were suitable and it throbbed. 」

TV personality Junichi Ishida (54) is a cosmetics maker in Tokyo and Roppongi
on the 26th.
ドクターシーラボ」「It attended the announcement event of the collaboration product with Hello Kitty". When the Kitty appears in the latter half of the event「It is lovely. It bubbled over , saying that Eyes were suitable and it throbbed" because it retrieved one's childish innocence by shaking hands with each other, and clinging.

Junichi Ishida must

Though it is said that it was made remarks, "The immorality is a culture"

There is actually something of love endured from old in Japan .."...

Culture of literature with excellent desire of such a man and woman etc.


It is a euphemistic expression.

The above-mentioned remark : according to the mass communication.

It is a result of telling sensationally. ・・・

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