Thursday, September 17, 2009

It is possible to choose according to 100 colors. --Small single lens reflex for Pentax and entry「PENTAX K-x」

The HOYA PENTAX imaging system division announced digital SLR camera "PENTAX K-x" for the entry on September 17. It puts it on the market in the middle of October.

What developed based on "PENTAX K-m" put on the market in October, 2008It had a high basic performance that approached the high rank machine of a high-speed continuous shooting etc. of an ultra-high-density image, a hypersensitive taking a picture of about effective for a small body of the size of the postcard that became minimum in the class 12.4 million pixel, and about the height 4.7 scene as a digital SLR camera. Face detection AF function to obtain up to a live view and 16 people or less can be installed, and the HD animation of 24fps (frame/second) take a picture by 1280×720(16:9) pixel.

It is abundant color variations that becoming a further eyeball in addition to the basic performance. Order color order service "PENTAX K-x 100colors,100styles." that was able to be chosen according to each combination of five colors and 100 all kinds in 20 main body of the camera colors and grips began as a new attempt though shop models were 3 colors (white, red, and the black) on the same day. It is possible to buy it by simulating the color with Pentax Online shop.

The price of "PENTAX K-x lens kit" (with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL) is 69,800 yen. "PENTAX K-x double zoom kit")(with smc PENTAX-DA L 18-55mmF3.5-5.6AL and smc PENTAX-DA L 55-300mmF4-5.8ED is 89,800 yen.

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