Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell by which SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. becomes half the thickness of the cell is developed. --The conversion efficie

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. announced on September 18 that they would develop super-thin type HIT solar battery cell that became a thickness below a past half in the HIT solar battery. It is said that the saving resource and manufacturing from low-cost will become possible.

Super-thin type HIT solar battery cell achieves 96 microns in thickness that become half present 200 microns. It is said that HIT solar battery of the highest efficiency in the world 23% announced in May and almost equal conversion efficiency 22.8% will be secured though it is a super-thin type.

It was assumed that the solar battery cell had a decrease in the amount of the photoabsorption and the problem that it was easy to curve so far and reducing the thickness was difficult. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. achieves reducing the thickness by two elemental technologies "High voltage joint technology" and "Improvement of the effect of an optical confinement". It is said that it challenged the maximization of quantities of light absorbed in a thin cell.

The thickness ..96 micron.. reduces the thickness from 200 microns present ..becoming the business card level.. about the copy paper level. As a result, it is said that the installation in a wider place can be expected. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is assuming that it zealously advances the application of super-thin type HIT solar battery cell to mass-produced goods.

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