Friday, September 11, 2009

Toyota Motor exhibits plug-in HV concept model in the Motor Show of Germany.

Is Toyota Motor 15 in September?It was announced that concept model "Plug-in Prius hybrid concept" of first plug-in hybrid car (PHV) in this company put on the market at the end of this year would be exhibited to the Frankfurt international Motor Show held in Frankfurt in Germany on the 27th for the tenth. 30 percent or more of the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhausted when another running extending by enabling the charge in a domestic power supply up to 20 about ten times usual gas-and-electric-powered car (HV) "Prius" to be selling the distance where it was able to run only by an electric motor now kilos was cut. Therefore, the fuel cost performance improves greatly compared with a gasoline car and usual HV.

The concept model changed the battery from the Ni-MH battery to a more mass lithium-ion battery based on Prius, and enabled an external charge. Toyota sells new model PHV in about 200 and the United States in Japan after the end of the year after it makes further refinements to the concept model and it sells it to about 150 and the corporation in Europe such as about 150 and French British Germany.

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