Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The monument is completed in the town in the 28th iron man Kobe of "Full-scale".

"Full-scale" plastron monument "The iron person No.28" that put the wish for the local revitalization was completed in the park in Kobe City Osada Ward that received damage because of the Great Hanshin Earthquake and a huge imposing figure of about 15 meters in height appeared on the 29th.

The iron man of 50 tons in weight is a powerful pose that straddles, and thrusts out the fist of the right hand to previous as for both feet. Work to remove the work stand and the seat etc. of work with which the iron man was covered started, and an ultramarine body appeared gradually on the morning of the same day.

"The iron man No.28" is cartoonist from Kobe City, and Mr. the late Yokoyama brilliance's most important work. NPO (incorporated nonprofit organization)"KOBE iron man PROJECT" made from the owner of retail stores of the same district planned , saying that "It can be vigor by borrowing iron man's power as for the town".

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