Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"The liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. "--Next generation liquid crystal panel technology "UV2 A" is developed.

Sharp Corp. developed the next generation liquid crystal panel that adopted "UV2 A" ([yu-buitsu-e-]) technology that achieved 5000:1 compared with the contrast on September 16. It is said that an optical aperture rate is excellent high in the color reproduction power and it has the conservation of energy performance.

Mr. yoshiaki ibuchi in charge of the representative director vice president device business「The LCD TV market has been expanded by the establishment of Sharp Corp. of the ASV liquid-crystal technology. However, an environmental performance is closed up worldwide recently, and a high concern has gathered in the conservation of energy television. To answer the calling of time, our company has started the development of a new liquid-crystal technology that takes the place of the ASV liquid crystal. The technology that has cultivated it by the ASV liquid crystal is concentrated, and new technology UV2 A technology is developed. As a result, the liquid crystal of Sharp Corp. changes. It is thought that the UV2 A technology is a technology that achieves because of Sharp of the liquid crystal. 」Confidence was spoken to a new liquid crystal.

The UV2 A liquid-crystal technology can control the liquid crystal molecule by the technology for the new distribution at the picot level. It is said that "Vivid color reproduction" will be achieved by having improved "..sinking.. black" and the aperture rate by suppressing an optical leakage from the backlight.

As a result, the contrast achieves 5000:1 that becomes 1.6 times compared with the past. I hear that the aperture rate became the improvement of 20% or more. It is said that the response speed will become 4ms or less by the restriction power's for the distribution to the liquid crystal molecule propagated as it knocks down the domino being improved to the overall, uniform response of which all the liquid crystal molecules respond at a time so far.

I hear that the pixel structure secured the high throughput by making it to a simple structure to save the rib and the slit.

I hear that liquid crystal panels that adopted the UV2 A liquid-crystal technology were produced at Osaka, the Sakai factory, and the second factory in Kameyama that operates in October. It had risked at the Sakai factory since the latter six months of the term of fiscal year 2009, and the desire was shown to "It wanted you to expect it" ([**] pool) and an early product launch about the schedule of commercialization at the period when beginning to produce.

I hear that the production panel in the Sakai factory became the one that most adopted the UV2 A technology. It is said that the device will be introduced one by one for the second factory in Kameyama. Sharp assumes the best technology for not only a present LCD TV but also ultra-high-density 4K2K display and 3D television.

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