Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It telephones, the television, and it integrates making the digital photo frame multifunctional.

Making the digital photo frame from which the photograph taken with the digital camera is easily seen high performance is advanced. The new item that makes, and improves the telecommunication facility has been turned on one after another so that animation is shown aiming at Respect-for-the-Aged Day and Christmas.

As for the new item of "ALBO" that SANYO Electric markets on October 8, not only the photograph but also animation can be reproduced. The photograph taken with the camera of the cellular phone can be easily forwarded by the infrared date communication. The color prepares pink and brown by the design that wears roundness. The memory of 500MB is built into seven type screen, and the market assumption price is about 15,000 yen.

The digital photo frame can save the printed time, and can enjoy two or more photographs like the slide show. Popularity was early by Europe and America, Sony started selling in full scale last May, and the domestic market was ignited. In the expectation of Sanyo, the domestic market for 09 years ..600,000.. twice of last year expands.

High-level model "DPF?X1000" (market assumption price about 40,000 yen) that Sony marketed in April places the resin between the liquid crystal panel and the glass, and has improved the image quality by the contrast 15 times so far. A new model that improves the design is a turning on schedule at the end of the year. NTT DoCoMo and Softbank have put out the commodity that receives the photograph taken by carrying directly with mail and projects it.

There is a commodity that fuses with other consumer electronics, too. Panasonic puts the portable One Seg television model that can record 40,000 photographs or less on the market in August. When not watching television, the photograph is projected. The screen where the photograph is projected puts the telephone that becomes a touch panel at arrival and departure Makoto on the market to Sharp on the 25th this month.

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