Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tokai University participates in the solar car race of the Australian continental running through 3,000km two holding in October, 2009 by a new solar

"Tokai Challenger" that Tokai University newly developed for the solar car race held in Australia in October was completed and it was announced Shonan inside the campus (Kanagawa Prefecture Hiratsuka City) on the seventh. The race participates in the solar car section (about 3,000 kilos) by "Global green challenge" that competes with the car with a little environmental load such as sunlight and electricity.

The solar car that Tokai University developed is the eighth. It is singles by flat about five meters in the body and the total length. Maximum speed goes out by 150 kilos if a supplementary battery is used together at a speed of 95 kilos per hour when it is only sunlight. In the output 2.5 horsepower, it is top-level in the entered team of this race.

Kenjiro Shinozuka (60) who accomplished the first overall victory in the Japanese in the Dakar rally in 1997 gets on as a driver in Tokai University OB.

The practice run was done on this day, and Mr./Ms. Shinozuka who had gripped the steering wheel said, "It wants to work hard the real thing aiming at the victory stand".

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