Monday, May 18, 2009


Site Iwate Prefecture Iwate-gun Takisawa-son Ukai Sotokubo map

Festival that represents early summer of Morioka in which it marches to Moriokahatimangu in way of 15 kilos spending about four time during the second Saturday June every year. The nearby horse dresses up colorfully and colorfully by 100, and it advances while sounding the tinkling of a bell.
The horse only in Michinoku that is deeply related with the horse is leading part's unusual event. This [chaguchagu] horse piece will within the country not be an exaggeration to say the festival of the horse of the top of Japan though is other horses' festivals. It was chosen as "Intangible folk customs cultural asset that had to lecture on the measures such as the record making" by the country, and the tinkling of a bell was chosen as "Soundscape best 100 of Japan that wanted to leave it" by Environment Agency in 1996 in 1978.

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