Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do you advance by Kanazawa by the preparation for "Kagayuuzen Tourounagasi"Yuzen writers are paintings.

The painting of Tourou used in "Kagayuuzen Tourounagasi" done on June 5 was done in the Kaga Yuzen-printed kimono color apartment of a housing complex (Kanazawa city Senkouji) in the Kanazawa city on May 24.
As for the Kaga yuzen, the connection of water and the river is deep. The work that was called "Yuuzennagashi" to flush an extra dyestuff and paste in the process of the production of the kimono of the Kaga yuzen before was done in [asanogawa]. Event that throws about 1,000 [hikomo] into clear stream of [asanogawa] at time in evening so that "Kagayuzen Tourounagashi" may comfort soul at the deceased to be involved in Kaga yuzen in appreciation for connection of Kaga yuzen and river called art of water. It is done as a special support event of "Festival by one million Koku in Kanazawa" that is the festival most grandly held in the Kanazawa city every year, and the 35th times in this year are faced.

Tourou is centered parties concerned of the yuzen industry every year and has about 100 pieces made. The young man yuzen writer and the apprentices did the painting, and a graceful handle of the flower bird style moon drawn on silk was usually reproduced on Japanese paper on this day.

The hall is [asanogawa] (Asanogawaoohsi from the Tenjinbasi upstream). The holding time is 19?21 o'clock. Rain postponement.

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