Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It is opening of the mountaineering season in Oze

Address Gunma Prefecture Tone-gun Katashina-son  map
 The ceremony of the opening of the mountaineering season of "the tail shallows national park" known as the warren of the skunk cabbage was the Oike starting point of a mountain climb of Fukushima hinoki branch Funato village for 20 days. Because there were little some|some snow, according to the village, there is the place where a skunk cabbage has begun to already bloom and says with early about the beginning of June for four or five days from an average year in in full bloom.

 When it "is important I protect the tail shallows of all, and to enjoy", 星光祥村長 of hinoki branch Funato village says hello after safe prayer by the ceremony. Mountaineers enjoyed the tail shallows of the fresh green.

 According to Ministry of the Environment Kanto region environment office, there is the number of the people of climbing a mountain to the tail shallows area in a tendency to recovery for these past several years; is about 356,000 last year. What was appointed in the 29th national park in 2007 is considered to be a factor.

 According to hinoki branch Funato village, 鳩待峠 of the Gunma side entrance carries out car regulation afterwards every day mainly on the weekend until October until the end of July. I am prohibited from traffic other than a bus and a designated car in Numayama Pass of the Fukushima side in whole year.

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