Monday, May 18, 2009

The superb view such as the multiplication Norikura skyline opening to traffic tourists on May 16 is enjoyed.

The mountain pass and the Norikura skyline in Tkayama city [**] Nyukawa town that runs in Northern Japanese Alps Norikuradake (3,026 meters) open for the first time in on the 15th. There was a opening of a mountain to clim festival in the Tatamidaira parking lot (2,702 meters) in the terminal, too and magnificent scenery where tourists who had visited immediately extended to surroundings was enjoyed.

Traffic's having started at 7:00AM according to schedule : after an interval of three years. The inside, the shuttle bus, the charabanc, and the taxi given to fine weather aimed at [jouhira].

These about 900 days visited. Unemployed [kiriki] [**] Akira (62) in Tarui-cho was speaking, "Northern Japanese Alps may look at the road to an upper high ground that was the destination and came in succession by chance on the day of the opening to traffic of the multiplication saddle, and be looked at though was disappointed in the suspension of traffic".

About 120 people like the person in the city and local related to sightseeing etc. participated in the opening of a mountain to clim festival. Sub-mayor Shinichi Arai : after Shinji. 「204,000 tourists visited last year. I want a person any more to love Norikuradake this year. 」With the greeting. The barrel opening was done against the backdrop of mountains of the inside and the remaining snow that the tourist watched.

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