Friday, May 29, 2009

Water is soaked and manufacturing is a peak in Mizuuchiwa Gifu.

The revival production is done with Iedashikou of Gifu City in a beautiful, transparent feeling "mizuuchiwa" that calls cool. The flower of the goldfish and the carduus makes and moderate drawn ..about 1000.. makes the hand aiming at summer.
The feature is to use the Ganpi paper of Mino that is of thinning. It was made in a moderate shop in the city ten-odd years ago, and Nagara-gawa River Ugai's viewer obtained it.

Because the Ganpi paper with an exact fiber doesn't tear easily even if it is wet because of water, it is said by the viewers that it soaks in the river water, looks up, and enjoyed elegance. Young men and the citizens of the industry revived about three years ago and popularity was won.

Ieda Paper-craft,inc.

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