Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kanazawa Hyakumangoku festival

Place Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa city Map
The dateJune, 5th through June, 7th, 2009
Appearance of festival

Hyakumangoku procession
It is a main event of the festival. It was done according to the historical fact on June 14 before, and municipal facilities such as the schools of Kanazawa municipal were the treatments on holiday according to this. However, it is done to invite the tourist widely at present because there are a lot of ages of rain because the rainy season of it, and the tourist was unable to move upward, too on the first Saturday June.

"Tuzumimon" newly established in the Kanazawa station east plaza in 2006 was left, and came the enter a castle from Isyikawamon to Kanawajyo though left Shiyakusho-mae Kanazawa so far, rounded in the city Main Street, and ended with Nagamatikensyukan. The palanquin processions of Tamahime (public advertisement from the girl who is on the register in the kindergarten and the day-care center in the city) follow, and it becomes toshiie Maeda entrance procession following the guide such as the music parades such as schoolchildren in the city and the Kagatobi processions.

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