Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ukai: Gifu and Nagara-gawa River where fantasy and summer feature start in the dark of night

Nagara-gawa River Ukai started on the 11th in Nagara-gawa River in Gifu City. 1180 people such as tourists boarded the seeing ship, and it got drunk on the poetic event of summer boasting of the history for 1300 years or more.

Ubune began to come down the river, and 10?12 cormorant was manipulated while calling, "[Houhou]" Usyo that wore clothes of navy blue fishing clothes, the grass skirt, and Kazaoriebosi skillfully at 8:00PM. The watch fire made the cormorant fantastically come to the dark of the night.

The climax queues up in a full width of a river six Uhune, and drives in the sweetfish to the shoal "Sougarami". The shout of joy happened from the spectator with applause.

OzeUkai of Gifu Prefecture Seki City starts on the 11th, too and it continues with Nagara-gawa River Ukai until October 15.

Map of Ukai site

Hotel in Gifu City and Kagamihara City

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