Saturday, May 9, 2009

Like Kyoto Gujyohatiman of Okumino

Gujyoodori known by lyrics of "Gujyonohatiman Deteyukutokiha,Amemohuranuni Sodesiboru" became active being encouraged to attempt the harmony of [shinoukouakina] originally in Edo period by the one that it had been continued to sing for 400 years and to dance.
Therefore, there is happiness that forms a ring the tourist and one local and is danced. There is a reason why the Gujo dance is said here, no "Seen dance" it and "Danced dance".
Is the dance the middle of July?It is done for about 30 nights until the beginning of September. This is the one done here and there of the town as a fair festival.
There are ten in all, and the tune is performed mixing a tune with a quick tempo and a voluminous tune. About 300,000 dancers or more sound clogs and gather from the whole country in the yukata appearance without reference to age or sex every year.

Map of Gujyohatiman

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