Sunday, August 30, 2009

It is exhaust gas of the thermal power plant and a new technology to the culture Global warming measures as for the euglena.

Biotechnology venture company "[Yu-gurena]" (Tokyo) succeeded in the culture of monad "Euglena" with an intermediate character of the animal and the plant by using the exhaust gas of the thermal power plant including a large amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). This company seems to be paid to attention as new Global warming measures to make the alternate fuel the development also of the technology that makes the biofuel from the euglena, and after CO2 of exhaust gas is decreased.

The euglena ends in the length about 0.1milli and rice field, etc.It moves by the organ of flagellum ([benmou]) like the animal with the character of the plant that absorbs CO2 by photosynthesis. The photosynthetic capacity height reaches tens of times tropical forests by the feature.

This company constructs a large amount of culture facilities of the euglena of for food possible in the Okinawa Prefecture stone wall city for the first time for 05 years in the world. The health food supplement and the cookie that makes the euglena a material are manufactured, and it sells it. The experiment that blew in the exhaust gas immediately before going out of the chimney to the culture tank of the euglena was done in Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated KIN thermal power plant (Okinawa Prefecture KIN town) in June this year.

This exhaust gas reaches about 15% which the CO2 density is 400 times atmospheric near. The euglena has grown up well though the nutrient medium who put the gas becomes acidity, and it is not possible to live in the greater part of living things. The proliferative rate reached 20 times or less when air was passed. It is thought that photosynthesis is done with abundant CO2 in exhaust gas, and it proliferated.

If there are a lot of lipids in the cell, the cell is broken, and the chemistry is processed, algae such as euglenas become good quality biodiesel fuels. This company makes the biofuel from the cultured euglena, aims at the euglena in power generation etc. again with use and the exhaust gas, and it aims at the development of the circulation system named culture. President Mitsuru Izumo「It was able to be proven that the euglena grew up in the gas of the elevated CO2 concentration. I want to advance the CO2 reduction and the achievement of the carbon cycle type society. 」It makes it.

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