Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Prius" It is a continuous head position for sailing fast and two new car sales months.

Gas-and-electric-powered car "Prius" of Toyota Motor became a continuous head position for two months because of the synthesis including the light car by the number of new cars sold ranking in July that Japan Automobile Dealers Association etc. had announced on the sixth.

Numbers of sales for Prius are 27,712. It was shown that the gas-and-electric-powered car, the mini-passenger car of low fuel cost, and the compact car occupied the high rank of the ranking, and the eco-friendly car popularity that made the purchase substitution subsidy system and the preferential taxation to the car (eco-friendly car) for the environment a fair wind continued.

The second synthesis place was mini-passenger car "Wagon R" of same SUZUKI as last month (18,140)However, about 3500 differences with the Prius of the head position have extended more than 9572 and last month. Gas-and-electric-powered car "Incite" of Honda (10,210) was the same seventh synthesis place as last month.

Numbers of sales for the entire hybrid car (The bus track is excluded) are 42,359, and the ratio that occupies it to usually and the compact car has risen more than 15.9% and last month by 0.4 points. After April next year, the car delivery seems to be postponed even if the production of the batteries that are the key parts doesn't catch up, and the Prius of Toyota is ordered now. The gas-and-electric-powered car popularity has risen by cannot help decreasing the export of incite also by Honda and turning to the domestic sale.

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