Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nissan Motor Co. secures the EV experimental vehicle and a wide room is secured by the battery of opening to the public miniaturization.

Nissan Motor Co. opened the experimental vehicle of electric vehicle (EV) put on the market in ten to the public on the 27th. It was made to install an efficient motor and a mass lithium-ion battery of original development, and to run in 160K or more by one charge. It gets on by five person miniaturization of the battery and spaciousness at the compact car level is secured. An early spread is attempted by the differentiation with "I?MiEV ([aimi-bu])" etc. made in Mitsubishi Motors EV of a light car base early by sales.

If it is a full charge, and it is a fast charger if it is a domestic power supply of 200 volts in eight hours, it is possible to charge it by 80 percent every 30 minutes. It is said that maximum speed can run smoothly in the expressway by 140K or more.

In addition, a special telecommunication system was used, and the latest information of the charge stand around the area and the destination where it was able to run by the amount of charge of the remainder was displayed on the map of the car navigation. The cheapness of the price of the vehicle besides EV such as [aimi-bu] is opposed in the strong point and it opposes the gas-and-electric-powered car such as "Prius" of Toyota Motor that carries everything before one the eco-friendly car market.

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