Friday, August 28, 2009

Kyoto University is a new series quality mouse and an effect on the metabolic syndrome treatment.

It was suppressed that fat was made in the cell, Prof. Uesugi's at Kyoto University et al. team discovered the material with the effect of preventing obesity and fatty liver by the mouse experiment, and it announced to the U.S. science magazine dated the 27th.

It is said that there is a possibility to be able to use as a medicine if it makes it to the compound though it is not easy to be absorbed to the inside of the body as it is. Prof. Uesugi is speaking, "It can be expected it is useful for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome in the future".

The team discovers working of the gene related to the steatogenesis to be obstructed this time though it was understood that it is in the material for an anti-counterfeit. It was named, "[Fatosutachin]". Weight lightens by 12% compared with the case not administered if the appetite doesn't become weak and it administers it to the gene manipulation mouse that keeps always eating food, and the blood sugar level has been improved by 70%.

Working "Statin" is famous in the enzyme as the treatment of the hyperlipemia. [Fatosutachin] suppresses the synthesis of fat at the gene level according to the team to work different.

A joint research of Tokyo University and U.S. Beira Medical College.

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