Monday, August 3, 2009

The Nissan Motor Co. electric vehicle is put on the market inside and outside the country of debut "Reef" next year.

Nissan Motor Co. opened electric vehicle (EV) that would be put on the market next year to the public for the first time on the second. It develops by a design new as a special car, and the car's name is "Reef. "It is sold in the country, North America, and Europe.

The electric vehicle was, and was named "Reef (leaf)" that imaged the environment with the eco-friendly car that did not put out exhaust gas when running.

The reef corresponds to about 1800cc of the gasoline car the size, and is getting on of five people. It is possible to run 160 kilos for one charge. President Carlos Ghosn showed that it was assumed, "Made it to same level of this class as the gasoline car", and examined the lease of the battery part in which it was high priced again about the price.

Moreover, president [go-n] : about the development of the gas-and-electric-powered car that delays starting at the press conference held on the same day. 「It turns it on according to demand. The electric vehicle is abandoned and neither turning on [surukara] nor [i] abandon other technologies. 」It described, and the policy of advancing development was revealed.

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