Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. puts movie camera "Xacti" new model equipped with the "Eye-Fi" synchronization function on the market.

SANYO Electric announces new model "DMX-CG11" of digital movie camera "Xacti ([zakutei;])" that can be taken a picture with the high-definition television movie on the 24th. The sale schedules September 11, and the price opens. The presumption market price is about 30,000 yen.

MX-CG11 is a succession machine of slim high-definition television type "DMX-CG10" announced in January, 2009. Terminal mini-HDMI newly install in basic specs like still picture and about 8.28 million-pixel (HD)/movie of about 10 million pixels (SD) of about effective 10 million pixel, five optics time zoom lens, and the wide liquid crystal monitor etc. of about 230,000 pixel 3.0 type though it is equal so far (Mini HDMI cable is an optional). It is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 for the movie format" is adopted.

Moreover, the synchronization function with SD card equipped with wireless LAN function "Eye-Fi card" is installed. "Eye-Fi" in the main body of the camera It also has the mode turned off the setting of automatic transfer function ON/OFF and the access point etc. as the transfer function is automatic according to the battery power.

Besides this, it pulls from the previous model, it continues, and it equips it with various functions such as "Blurring correction function" corresponding to the movie and the still picture taking a picture and "Face detection and pursuit function". It provides with "Reverse continuous shooting function" (2M pixel fixation).

The image sensor is about 10.66 million-pixel primary color CMOS sensor of 1/2.33 types. Information on about 9.1 million pixels taken from the image sensor is installed, and the pixel is interpolated to 12 million considerable pixels and the mode that generates and records the image is installed, too. The record media are the SD/SDHC memory cards, and built-in memories are about 40MB. The power supply is a lithium-ion battery. Available time of the battery is about 180 pieces (CIPA standard conforming), and about 70 minutes (Take a picture really: about 40 minutes) in the movie continuous shooting in the still picture taking a picture. Weight is about 173g (Only the main body :) ..72.0(W) ×112.8(H) ..size of the main body.. ×38.0(D) mm (projection part division [ku]) it...

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