Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The saviour and HS250h appearance of Lexus.

Lexus HS250h that had already made style & outline public by Motor Show was formally put on the market. Be not along ..receiving the order.. of 3000 every the sales target 500 units per month already. It is likely to become a beginner nature model for Lexus. What kind of really car is it?

Automobile rank first of all. It only has to be able to image new [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4 as a size of the body. It is one size larger than three series and Benz C classes of BMWs. It images it if it is asked like Japan, "Engine displacement", that is, "It is 2.5-liter class".

The installed power unit is engine +2.4 liter four cylinder 147 horsepower of 150 horsepower motor. It is correct with the engine used for new Prius if it thinks the motor to be a grade improvement by about two turns. I hear that the acceleration performance was equal to three-liter engine.

When you hear the matter of the anxious fuel cost「It is 23km/L that becomes about 2/3 of the Prius by 10.15 mode fuel cost. I think that you only have to think about 2/3 as for practical fuel cost. 」。The fuel cost of new Prius about is 22km/L, a high-speed cruise, and 25km/L in the town.

Is it 15km/L, and high-speed cruise 17km/L level in the town when thinking by 2/3 of these numerical values?By the way, in inside 8km/L and high-speed cruise 12km/L in the town when it is [regashii;] B4 and Audi A4. The exhaust amount decrease of carbon dioxide expects it in the user in the traffic circumstance that congestion and the signal waiting are a lot of.

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