Wednesday, August 5, 2009

13 companies such as the hydrogen supply and the Nippon Oil Corp. company and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. for the fuel cell vehicle are the research associatio

13 companies such as Nippon Oil Corp. and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. announced on the fourth that it had established the research association for the practical use of the technology that supplied hydrogen to the fuel-cell car. The proof examination is executed by setting up the hydrogen station in the whole country tens of place. It puts to practical use in around fiscal year 2015, and it aims at the same degree of the supply cost of achievement as gasoline in the future.

"Hydrogen supply and technology used research union" (Tokyo and port) was established, and the [seikutsuro] Yoshida corporate officer of new Nisseki took it to the chief director. Besides, 13 companies in total such as Idemitsu Kosan, Showa Shell Sekiyu, Osaka Gas, Toho Gas, and Iwatani & Co., Ltd. participate. It is said that the automaker also is examining participation.

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