Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Robot suit HAL


* 'HAL' (Hybrid Assistive Limb®) is a cyborg type robot of the world first in which bodily functions can be enhanced, and be amplified according to the installation on the body.
* In that case, a slight living body potential signal begins to leak to the skin surface though the neural coding is transmitted from the brain to the muscle through the motor neuron when the person was about to move his muscle, and the musculoskeletal system operates. HAL reads this signal with the sensor put on installation person's skin surface, controls the power unit based on the signal, and moves the joint with the movement of installation person's muscle as one body. As a result, the operation support becomes possible.
* It is a cyborg type robot where two control systems of "[Saibanikku] autonomy control system" that can achieve operation like not only "[Saibanikku] voluntary control system" that detects the living body potential signal, and operates according to man's desire but also man exist together.
* The floor reaction force sensor etc. that detect the position of the angle sensor and center of gravity that measures the joint angle besides the living body potential sensor are installed.
* As for applied field of 'HAL', application in a wide field such as the rescue activity support by the heavy work support such as factories including the independence operation support to there is widely a trouble in bodily functions in welfare and the nursing field and the nursing support and disaster scenes and the entertainments is expected.

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