Thursday, July 30, 2009

A dream speech translation machine … The telecommunication research mechanism develops a portable system that can translate nine languages.

Independent administrative agency "Telecommunication research mechanism" KEIHANNA laboratory (Kyoto Prefecture Seika-cho) in Kansai Science City succeeded in developing the system between several languages to translate the voice into another word by the automatic operation through a portable terminal that hooked up to the Internet, and announced for the 29th. The translation of the daily conversation used when nine languages like English, Chinese, Thai, a Korean language, and an Indonesian language, etc. besides Japanese travel with the object becomes possible. Use with the cellular phone and the research for the expansion of the object language are advanced, and it aims at the following practical use in 3?5.

This mechanism develops the software of voice recognition, the machine translation, and the voice synthesis in cooperation with research laboratories in each country of Asia. The translated word can flow to another terminal by the machine voice when the word is spoken toward the terminal connected with the server of each organization on the net, and it display it even by the character.

Research representative's this mechanism precedence researcher of Satoshi Nakamura spoke, "If it was this system, the conversation between all the languages might become possible though there was a language of about 6000 in the world".

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