Friday, July 24, 2009

The dinosaur fully :. "Day trip bus tour"

Nippon Travel is planning day trip bus tour "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui] where it goes by dinosaur bus" where it goes to Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. by bus where dinosaur's illustration is drawn.

The period of the tour execution until July, 20th through August, 31st, 2009

About 80 percent of a domestic dinosaur fossil was produced in Fukui Prefecture, and to raise eminence as "Dinosaur kingdom [fukui]", this tour was planned.

The content experiences the fossil excavation in the forest of the [katsuyama] dinosaur that leaves Nagoya Station, and exists in Fukui Prefecture Katsuyama City. Afterwards, it visits Fukui prefectural dinosaur museum etc. where the frame specimen of meat-eating dinosaur "Fukuiraptor" discovered inside a prefecture has been exhibited.

The dinosaur box lunch is prepared in lunch.

The price is 4500 both yen of the adult and the child.

Application is possible also by the Nippon Travel Nagoya reservation by telephone call center or the Nippon Travel each store.

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