Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Toyota Motor compact car also makes to the hybrid and it puts it on the market in 2011.

Toyota Motor was announced and the car only for the hybrid of the compact car class was announced on July 27 to the plan of the sale in 2011. The gas-and-electric-powered car becomes complete from the doing luxury sedan to 1,000 and millions of yen compact car of one million yen level in all classes by this in Toyota. Toyota a large amount of turns on the inside and HV that the car (eco-friendly car) for various environments such as electric vehicles is developed. It is a strategy placed in the seat of the leading part of the next generation eco-friendly car.

The gas-and-electric-powered car newly marketed uses the engine and the chassis of compact car "Witz". The hybrid system that installs it thinks that it makes it to the newly developed one that can be made smaller and cheaplyer than the one of Prius.

The fuel cost performance aims at 40K or more more than 38 kilos a liter of Prius. The price is expected to be suppressed to about 1.5 million yen for 2.05 million yen of Prius.

Witz's next model's production starts at the end of ten years, and the car only for the hybrid schedules Toyota to turn on the addition at the end of 11 years after one year. There is not only the country but also a possibility of production and the European market turning on in a French factory.

It is because sales increase rapidly it is a rise of an environmental intention that Toyota hurries up "Complete line production" to arrange the gas-and-electric-powered car to all classes.

The third generation of the sale Prius became a hit explosive because of the fair wind of the purchase support plan of the reduction of prices more than old models for about 300,000 yen, and the government in May. In luxury car brand "Lexus", now, the gas-and-electric-powered car is a main force of sales.

The restriction of fuel cost and exhaust gas will be greatly strengthened in Europe and America in the future. Rival's Honda is clarifying the plan to set HV to a compact car fit expecting that the demand for the gas-and-electric-powered car will rise further in ten.

The diesel-powered vehicle has the policy of raising HV to the staple merchandise also in Europe in the main current in Toyota. A large amount of turning on is planned expecting that HV will become the leading part of the eco-friendly car from respect of the price and the cruising range for the time being though the research and development of the electric vehicle and the fuel cell vehicle is advanced.

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