Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honda: "Fit" and the sports car also : to a hybrid expansion.

After it assumed the position, the Takanobu Ito president of Honda clarified the policy of putting a gas-and-electric-powered car of leading compact car "Fit" and an industry's first new sports hybrid on the market by the end of ten years for the first time according to the interview such as Mainichi Shimbun on the 13th. The Ito president has the policy of the description, "I want to concentrate to expand the hybrid very early", receiving the rise of the hybrid and popularity, and turning on the new model by moving up. The goods in stock expansion was sped up, and the idea of going in rivalry with rival's Toyota Motor was emphasized.

Honda puts hybrid "Incite" on the market in February this year. It is a good condition for the price level by which two million yen is under as the cheapest model to be generated publicity, and for the number of the total sales to reach 40,000 in the sale five months. The Ito president declared, "A hybrid technology of incite is expanded to other models earlier than schedules at first". The idea of positively adopting the hybrid system of the incite type that achieved the miniaturization and the price cutting for other compact cars was chiefly shown by driving with the gasoline engine, and using an electric motor limitedly as supplementary power.

The Ito president points out, "The HV system of Honda is simply excellent in an economic rationality" though new "Prius" of rival's Toyota installs an expensive HV system that uses the motor with a large more output, and types out the fuel cost performance of the world highest level forward. HV of a fit and the new sports car put on the market by the end of ten years suggested the idea of beginning the price attack similar to incite making springboard the cheapness of the cost.

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