Friday, July 24, 2009

The JFE Engineering Corporation : the water supply plant to the construction water supply service development in Australia.

It was announced that the JFE Engineering Corporation of the steel major company and the JFE Holdings subsidiary (Kishimoto pure product president) purified rain water on the 23rd and constructed the water supply plant changed into daily life water such as drinking waters in Australia by the end of fiscal year 2010.

It aims at real business development through the demonstrated operation of three years in fiscal year 2014.

Kawasaki City where the recycling base of this company exists offers the knowhows of the water quality volume of water management and the account system, etc.

Consistent water supply service is provided from ..Japanese firm.. first time starting from Australian the JFE Engineering Corporation plant construction in foreign countries for the management of water service.

It is a Queensland region in an Australian east part Brisbane outskirts to construct the plant.

The population increases, and drinking water shortage becomes a problem in the Queensland region in the background of the deterioration of the marine environment because of industrialization etc.

The water supply system of the JFE Engineering Corporation disinfects after the rain water stored is filtered in the plant and supplies it as a drinking water.

In addition, it recycles by processing living drainage , saying that the washing water of the rest room.

It is said that the amount of the water service use in the same place region can reduce the amount of the electric power use by half because 40% can be reduced more than now, and it uses the photovoltaic generation for disinfection etc. if the plant operates full.

Now, the water supply object from the plant assumes 1500 families and 5000 person scales.

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