Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The bird flu: Prevention and [mekabu] confirm it by effective Riken Vitamin, the Toyama University graduate school, and the test on animals.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. announced on the 21st that they had confirmed in the element of [mekabu], there was an infection prevention action of the bird flu by the test on animals. It announced by the one by a joint research with the Toyama University graduate school at the international conference held in Austria.

It is "Fucoidan one" of stickiness element of [mekabu] that infection prevention action was confirmed. When the bird flu virus of the attenuated virulence is injected into the mouse, and the fucoidan was administered for two weeks after one infected week and one week every day, it is said that the virus multiplication in lungs and the airway was greatly controlled.

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. is a food maker known by "Wakame seaweed soup" and "Increasing wakame seaweed [chan]". The research of the fucoidan starts for 01 years, and announces the virucidal effect on influenza and herpes, etc. with the thesis.

[Mekabu] calls the part of "Spore pus" of the fold fold in the place of the foundation of the wakame seaweed "Turnip". The alginic acid, the iodine, and calcium have increased more than the part of the green part and the stalk by as many as 20 percent. Moreover, [mekabuni] is the lipid of 7-8%, and includes a lot of EPA (highly unsaturated fatty acid) necessary for our health in this lipid. The principal ingredient of [numeri] of [mekabu] is an alginic acid, a fucoidan, a called acid polysaccharide, and the fucoidan is especially an element paid attention to recently.

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