Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chubu Centrair International Airport: Singles car "i-REAL" of Toyota is introduced.

It was announced that Chubu Centrair International Airport introduced four getting on next one generation electric-motor coaches "i-REAL" of Toyota into guard and the guide business of this airport with Toyota Motor on the 27th on the 18th. Being daily used is the first though a real eye has participated in various meetings after the Tokyo Motor Show of 07 years.

Toyota of the big shareholder in this airport offers it free of charge. Three uses it to guide one boarding guest in the lobby for the guard of the airport deck.

A real eye is a tricycle into which length before and after is changed. It is possible to run by bringing the front wheel and the rear wheel close in a crowded place, making in the state like the standing getting on, and lengthening the body low in a wide place like the car.

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