Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gujyou dance beginning

The Gujo dance preservation member and the city officer put out the dance shop type used for the growing performance from the storage warehouse, and moved the Gujo dance beginning on the 11th to the vicinity of the turn point of "Cradle festival" at the first day on the fifth in the near future.

About 30 people participate in work. After it brushed away the dust in the storage warehouse in the Sakyo-cho and it polished, even the real thing of the dance was moved to the side of the parking lot of the standby [saseteoku] [kudahiyoshi]-cho.

There is "Dance sink" that moves while growing the Gujo Yahata old public office building memorial front since 7:30PM of the 11th. The dancer dances with [yakatachi] and it walks. The real thing of the dance : in front of the same memorial at 8:00PM. This [yakatachi] is used 32 nights for the period almost at the fair (dance the date) until September 5.

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