Monday, July 13, 2009

Dissolution on the 21st, and election vote on August 30 of the House of Representatives

The update at 12:43 July 13, 2009: Prime Minister Taro Aso at 13:35 July 13 confers on the government government party report in daytime of the 13th.
The schedule of "The House of Representatives dissolved, and voted between the 21st this month and the 24th on the notification on August 18 and 30 of the same month" was shown about [de] and the House of Representatives [era] for the next term, and the leaders of the ruling party or parties' acknowledgment was obtained.

It is thought that suffering a disastrous defeat of the Tokyo assembly member election is received, many people become the putting off theory in the government party, and the Prime Minister could not help also responding though the Prime Minister stares at the movement of "Aso unloading", and was groping for the schedule of the vote in the beginning of August. The focus of attention to come moves to the whereabouts of the Aso unloading in the Liberal-Democratic Party.

The metropolitan assembly member election is not that the Prime Minister ..".. relates directly to national administration by this liaison conference in the regional election.

However, it is incontrovertible to have given the influence that the hurly-burly in the Liberal-Democratic Party is bad for the citizen of Tokyo's judgment.

It was described, I said very much as Liberal Democratic Party President and it thought for two pins".

On that「I want to do my best to the approval of an important bill of the Organ Transplant Law amendment bill and the freight inspection special measures bill this week. It wants to dissolve the House of Representatives the starting week and early on the 21st this month and to ask Makoto. I think that August 30 is the best of the polling day. 」The policy was shown, and the objection did not go out. Representative Akihiro Ota of Komeito emphasized, "Let's did the agreement cooperation in Komeito as the Liberal-Democratic Party and worked hard".

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