Friday, July 17, 2009

Pronunciation device ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. examination

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport started the examination that the gas-and-electric-powered car that hardly heard something in low speed to move by the motor is equipped with the device that sounded the alarm because of a sound that was smaller than the horn. It is because neither the visually handicapped person, the child nor senior citizens notice even if approaching, and there is an accident risk. "Eco-tax reduction" is ..gas-and-electric-powered car.. good in the fair wind sales. It was judged that it was not safely substituted though "Quietness" was a merit.
"Quietness and danger" of the gas-and-electric-powered car becomes a problem also in foreign countries. The Ministry of Transport in the United States also receives the request of the visually handicapped person group etc. and the investigation begins. It becomes an examination problem also in the car standard harmony world forum of the United Nations. Only the world was not led with HV, there were a lot of dangerous, narrow alleys, and correspondence was urged on Japan.
For instance, when starting and low-speed running, the gas-and-electric-powered car of Toyota Motor starts only by an electric motor. As much as 20 decibels or less of the noise are also lower than that of the engine car, it lacks in the residential area because of a usual life sound, and it is erased. It is said that the complaint and about 60 opinions such as "It wants to approach by the car while it doesn't know and is [ha] and to be making" were sent to Toyota etc. in year of 3?4.
Especially, it is serious in a visually handicapped person. It is said that there is daily a case "It was surprised not to notice until the car approached, and for the horn to be sounded suddenly" according to Japan Federation of The Blind though there was no report of having met with an accident.
In the other investigation of Toyota, the playing child felt whether the pedestrian who did not notice ..*.. suddenly entered the course in * parking lot where the person who was talking standing in the presence of the car did not retreat even if the driver tried also to start, and the pronunciation device about 70 percent thought it was necessary.
The gas-and-electric-powered car from which "Chime sound" always rings while running is made to start for 07 years in this company and the effect is verified. There were a lot of opinions with "The sound is unpleasant" though a constant effect was seen, too. There was a point with "It was not thought that it was a car though it heard of the sound" from the visually handicapped person, too.
The engine operates even if it is low-speed because the method is different from Toyota though Honda also is producing the incite of the gas-and-electric-powered car. This company assumes, "It is necessary to advance development while dealing with the problem of silence in the future" though the problem has not occurred at present.
The diplomatic relation ministry started up the study committee that gathered the specialist and the person related to the industry this month. It pursues the subject in the direction equipped with "The second horn" that emits a moderate sound when the driver felt danger and when it starts. However, there is a possibility that driver's "Forget to sound" develops into liability issues, and is an opinion with "It is necessary to emit the sound always automatically".
All electric vehicles that run by the motor are contained in the object of equipment, too. The sound is verified by the buzzer, the melody, and the pseudoengine sound's, etc. besides the chime using the experiment car as a candidate in August. Directionality will be shown about the kind and the union standard making etc. of making the device an obligation by the law and the sound within the year.

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