Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nissan Motor Co. is to put SUV on the market the first in the skyline.

Nissan Motor Co. put first sports type multipurpose car (SUV) "Skyline crossover" on the market in the skyline on July 13. Is they the engine displacement 3.7 liters, getting on of five people, and the price 4.2 million?4 million 998 thousand yen.
The skyline is put on the market in 1957, and the domestic number of the total sales is a typical brand of [nissankuruma] by about 3.07 million. The SUV type is turned on for the first time following the sedan and the coupe type at the 12th generation, and it aims at the revival among which the skyline is popular.

Wide spaciousness and height united the practicality of SUV like a good driving environment etc. of the prospect high with the maintenance of the crossover of the traveling performance of the coupe such as smooth acceleration feelings and energetic running. Feeling of luxury is produced by using the material of ..fine quality.. [moto] for the interior of the seat etc. compared with past SUV. Addition Toshiyuki Shiga chief operating officer (COO) did "Car of a new genre to make them unite the grace of the coupe to powerful of SUV" and PR to the device etc. that emitted the warning sound in the symposium on the same day when the brake was automatically controlled and the system and the following distance that returned in the lane contracted too much when coming to seem to begin to see from the lane.

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