Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Michelin guide: Kyoto and the Osaka version also : to the issue.

It was announced that the Japan Michelin tire (headquarters and Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) issued a Japanese version and an English version of "Kyoto and Michelin guide Osaka 2010" to evaluate the restaurant and the hotel by ranking about "Three-star" etc. in October this year on the 6th.

It is the second bounce in the country following Tokyo. Rucksack [nare] Jean = explained, "Paid attention to the second city and Osaka in Japan where Kyoto where the tradition dish was succeeded to and had been developed and a rich, variegated gastronomic culture were brought up" about a total person in charge of the guide who had had an interview on this day.

The investigation is executed according to this company in the autumn of 07 years. It is said that about 1000 shops will be chosen in the future, and the star putting and the publishing shop are squeezed by July.

The shop that refused publishing and the store taking a picture request came out one after another in Kyoto, too. However, [nare] spoke, "Put it regardless of the presence of agreement".

Takeshi on the gate of a detailed specialized magazine on cuisine "[Amakara] [techou]" edit superintendence to the gastronomic culture in Kansai is speaking, "It is interesting that a new evaluation axis joins".

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