Thursday, April 16, 2009

4000 processions before the gate is opened "Pull it out as shown in cherry blossoms" in Osaka and Mint Bureau.

"Pull it out as shown in cherry blossoms" of Mint Bureau (Osaka City Kita Ward) that reported the real thing to Osaka in spring started the 15th. People enjoying the blossoms that were not able to be waited entered the tunnel of the cherry with opening the gate at the inside and 10:00AM to which the going up patch of blue sky extended as for rain from the day before.

126 348 kinds are in full bloom as shown in about 560 meters of Okawa from the this bureau south gate to the north gate it. It is eight blooming this year according to Mint Bureau already. The first day is said that about 4000 people formed a procession to opening the gate as there is a person who queues up at 2:00AM.

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