Friday, April 24, 2009

4/28 founder in Nagano City Kinasa [okususohana] natural garden festival

About the end of from the middle of May though full-bloomed in May (The founder festival and the Japanese skunk-cabbage festival are schedules of 4/28 in 2009. As for the best time to, everything of the late-May from end of the holiday week is expected) changes depending on the age in the end of April.

Sticking to information

Here and there, there is a marsh where the Japanese skunk-cabbage clusters also in Shinshu though Oze is famous if it is said the Japanese skunk-cabbage. [Okususohana] natural garden blooms especially in a vast marshland of seven hectares 810,000 Japanese skunk-cabbages, and takes pride in the scale called a top of Japan at the time of thaw. As for the flower, eutrophication is lovelier than advanced Oze. 410,000 stocks bloom all over among the trees in "Crowd Japanese skunk-cabbage garden" introduces by "The Japanese skunk-cabbage is seen here" below. It can enjoy both with the bud of a beechen virgin forest.
The divine service is held ahead of the [okususohana] Co. in the event that reports opening a natural garden at time when the Japanese skunk-cabbage starts blooming as for the founder festival and the Shinto music and dancing and the ogress autumn tint drum are dedicated.
Whether one hour when a natural garden is seen and it turnsIt becomes the trekking of four hours. Please the snow must remain in the marshland, too and prepare shoes that are boots or thick and go out.

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